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Find the best dog product reviews here, everything from dog treats & food to toys, beds, and more!

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Dog Product Reviews

Find reviews on all types of doggie products from safety harnesses, leashes, and collars to dog toys, food, and treats.

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Cat Product Reviews

Get product reviews for all types of cat items from food, and treats to cat specific toys, vitamins, carrying cases and more.


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A long time dog lover and enthusiast, Brett is the owner of a Chocolate Labrador Retriever, Bailey. He enjoys taking Bailey on walks, trips to the beach and hikes. You’ll find Brett & Bailey enjoying the outdoors in the greater Mid-Atlantic and New England regions of the US.

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Bailey & Brett

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  • Furhaven Pet Cat Tree Review

    Furhaven Pet Cat Tree Review

    Cats enjoy being on top of everything. Literally. They love jumping on different furniture around the house. Another thing about them is that they like to scratch. It’s in their nature. They will scratch on anything and everything they want. Good thing there is cat furniture available to satisfy those … Read more

  • AmazonBasics Extra Large Cat Tree Review

    AmazonBasics Extra Large Cat Tree Review

    Cats are instinctive scratchers. It is only natural for them to scratch their claws on wood or on curtains. It’s a way for them to exercise and keep their claws at tip-top shape. Wouldn’t it be easier to have a piece of furniture that could help with that? Well, look … Read more

  • How To Get A Cat To Use A Cat Tree

    How To Get A Cat To Use A Cat Tree

    It is frustrating when you purchase a deluxe item for your feline friends like a cat tree, but they end up ignoring it. They would still instead climb up on your sofa while the climber you just bought gathers dust to the side. Or maybe they seem to like the … Read more

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