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image of a cat hissing on a cat tree

Why Does My Cat Try To Scratch Me When She’s On Her Cat Tree?

Similar to other felines, domestic cats scratch objects in their environments for various reasons. For example, cats scratch objects in order to clean their claws, release pent-up energy, or flex their claws and stretch their bodies, among other reasons. Additionally, similar to other felines, your domestic cat is a territorial creature. This means your cat …

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image of a cat in their cat tree

Why Do Cats Need A Cat Tree?

Cats love high places. They tend to stay at elevated spots for long periods. Out in the wild, they often climb trees and stay near the ends of branches. In the cities, this is nearly impossible to do because domesticated cats live in enclosed spaces. They settle for stairs, shelves, counters, tables, and whatever else …

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Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree

Best Tall Cat Tree For Large Cats

We all want to keep our cats entertained while we are too busy to play with them ourselves. A good cat tree does the job, but the trial and error of finding the right tree for your pet is a hard task, especially if you have a larger cat. It is important to know what the best features in cat trees are so that you can pick the perfect tree for your feline. Here we will review the best tall cat tree for large cats.

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