AmazonBasics Collapsible Cat House with Bed Review

Have you ever thought of getting your cat a place to lounge in? There are many different options today on what you could get. They need their own space in the house. Lest you want them to be hanging out in your bed or couch the whole day. The AmazonBasics

How to heat an outdoor cat house

How To Heat An Outdoor Cat House

There are times that our cats would just like to stay outdoors or we deliberately have them stay outdoors. We get a cat house to keep them safe and warm during times when the weather may be too cold or when the rainy season comes along. However, depending on how

Best Outdoor Cat House Designs

Best Outdoor Cat House Designs

Our cats love to rest and take naps at any time of the day. Sometimes, a cardboard box with a soft towel just won’t cut it. They need something better. They deserve something better. Our outdoor cats need the best outdoor cat house designs of their own where they could

Cozy Cat Furniture Outdoor Cat House Review

Cozy Cat Furniture Outdoor Cat House Review

Some cats love staying outdoors. One problem with that is that you get a wet cat. One solution that most people do is that they get a warm and safe outdoor cat house so their feline friends can stay outside and still be comfortable. One of these cat houses is

New Age Pet ECOFLEX Albany Cat House

New Age Pet ECOFLEX Cat House Review

Having an outdoor cat can be a bit difficult to handle. Luckily, you can find outdoor cat houses for your outdoor cats. Just like the one featured in this article, the New Age Pet ECOFLEX Albany Feral Cat Shelter is a shelter that you can have outside your home or

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