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Getting the best dog products for your pets is a must. Here you will find a collection of guides that the Furry Friends Gear team has created to help you decide which dog products are the

best for your needs. If you don’t see a particular category or product reviewed, contact us and make a suggestion! We are are always looking for product ideas to review.

Dog Apparel


Keep your pup stylish with these fashionable Dog items

dog travel

Carriers & Travel

Travel safe with your pup, check out these carriers & travel items.

Dog Collars

Collars & Leashes

Collars & Leashes for all breeds of dogs. Click the button to read more.

Dog Equipment


Check out all types of dog equipment for your pups here!

Food & Nutrition

Get the latest on dog food and nutrition products and advice.

Dog Grooming


Keep your pet smelling and looking great with these grooming products.

Health & Care

View our reviews of health care products and advice here.

Dog Training

Training & Behavior

Say, Come, Fetch, and more! Check out these training products & advice.


Let Fido have fun & exercise with these dog toys.

Dog Accessories


Check out all the fun, useful & stylish accessories here!

Dog Beds and Furniture

Beds & Furniture

Nothing is better than a great comfy night sleep, even for dogs!

Dog Gates

Gates & Pens

Check out the best dog gates and pens for your pets.

how long do golden retrievers live

How Long Do Golden Retrievers Live?

Do you have a golden retriever or are considering adding one of these exceptional dogs to your family? But how long do Golden Retrievers live? Understanding how long do Golden Retrievers live is an important consideration, and we will do a deep dive into this question in this article. Golden … Read more

Best Dog Bike Trailer: Our Top 10 List

Biking is undeniably a great outdoor activity; it’s one of those hobbies where you get to exercise while having fun taking in the beautiful scenery and the pure air.  But do you sometimes think it would be even more fun with your four-legged best friend by your side inside of … Read more

are golden retrievers smart

Are Golden Retrievers Smart? Find Out How Smart They Really Are Here!

Golden Retrievers are known for the understanding gleam in their eyes and their ability to cater to human emotions, but are Golden Retrievers smart? Many Golden Retriever owners or Golden Retriever fans want to know whether their impressions about the breed’s intelligence are correct. This article will give the answer … Read more

Best Dog Bike Baskets, Our Top 10 Picks for You

Sometimes, you just need to put your dog in the front and ride off. Don’t you agree? But the challenge is always finding perfectly durable, safe, and easy-to-use dog bike baskets. After all, it’s a big job this piece of kit will be doing.  And this is why we took … Read more

Best Tick Removal Tool For Dogs: Our Top 10 Unique Picks

Small but mighty and they do indeed pose a big threat to your precious dog: Ticks.  These little bloodsuckers may be only as tiny as an apple seed, but they can actually carry a lot of infections and diseases such as Tick Paralysis, Rabbit Fever, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and … Read more

Best Dog Paw Cleaner: Our Definitive Guide

Prepare their leash; now they’re wagging their tail. It’s time for your dog’s usual routine! Physical activities are part of our pets’ daily lives. It’s our responsibility as fur parents.   The important thing here is enough daily stimulation for our dog’s overall health. We need to keep them active. … Read more

puppy playpen

Best Puppy Playpen: Top 2022 Playpens Tested & Reviewed

The day has finally arrived and you’re overjoyed to bring your brand-new puppy home for the very first time. The smile on your face is huge and it doesn’t want to go away because it gets bigger every time you look at your brand new gorgeous little puppy. You’re ready … Read more

How To Run With Your Dog

How To Run With Your Dog: Our 5 Tips & Tricks

Are you wondering how to run with your dog? Are you curious if your dog’s breed is good for running? We’ll tell you about the best dog breeds for running partners, how to safely run with your dog, and share other valuable tips and tricks to make this experience fun … Read more

dog bed sizing

What Size Dog Bed Do I Need? Tips & Sizing Chart Included

Are you looking for the perfect dog bed for your pooch? This could be difficult if you’re having a tough time figuring out dog bed sizing and all that it entails. I’ll tell you the right-sized dog bed to get for your dog, share a sizing chart, and other valuable … Read more

why do dogs lick their bed

Why Do Dogs Lick Their Beds? Is It Normal?

Have you ever wondered “Why do dogs lick their beds?” Is this a normal habit or is it something that I should be concerned about? Find out the answers to these questions and more below. Dogs lick beds for a variety of reasons. It’s a natural way dogs discover the … Read more

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