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Get the Best for your Dog!

Getting the best dog products for your pets is a must. Here you will find a collection of guides that the Furry Friends Gear team has created to help you decide which dog products are the

best for your needs. If you don’t see a particular category or product reviewed, contact us and make a suggestion! We are are always looking for product ideas to review.

Dog Apparel


Keep your pup stylish with these fashionable Dog items

dog travel

Carriers & Travel

Travel safe with your pup, check out these carriers & travel items.

Dog Collars

Collars & Leashes

Collars & Leashes for all breeds of dogs. Click the button to read more.

Dog Equipment


Check out all types of dog equipment for your pups here!

Food & Nutrition

Get the latest on dog food and nutrition products and advice.

Dog Grooming


Keep your pet smelling and looking great with these grooming products.

Health & Care

View our reviews of health care products and advice here.

Dog Training

Training & Behavior

Say, Come, Fetch, and more! Check out these training products & advice.


Let Fido have fun & exercise with these dog toys.

Dog Accessories


Check out all the fun, useful & stylish accessories here!

Dog Beds and Furniture

Beds & Furniture

Nothing is better than a great comfy night sleep, even for dogs!

Dog Gates

Gates & Pens

Check out the best dog gates and pens for your pets.

Best Dog Gate For Stairs

I believe safety and discipline are the main reasons for pet gates. These gates will help with many things – controlling behavior, training your pet, helping them with anger issues around other pets, and generally just keeping them out of trouble. There are many designs and brands, and figuring them

Zoom Room Dog Training Classes

Zoom Room Dog Training

Are you looking for a new way to train your dog that’s effective and enjoyable? Do you want to be more involved in your dog training? Or maybe you want to provide your dog with a fun learning environment? The Zoom Room Dog Training could be your answer! So what

Best Dog Bells For Potty Training

Best Dog Bells For Potty Training of 2024

Potty training is an important part of training your dog. Pet lovers know this. Potty training dogs is important for the cleanliness of your household. Training your dog to handle things when it comes to relieving themselves is one of the hardest things to do. Even if it’s hard, it’s

Best Dog Training Collar

Best Dog Training Collar of 2024

Different dogs have different training needs. That’s why no two dog training collars are the same. Dog training in the good old days used to be a simple case of positive reinforcement – or harsh shock punishment. But that’s all changed. Dog training collars now come with a range of

Best Dog Training Books

Best Dog Training Books

Dog training is meant not only for behavioral reasons, but it’s also for the human-dog bond. Yep, that’s right… Everyone dreams of a well-behaved dog, which is not an overnight process. Training is the most important part of owning a dog; it stimulates the mental state and builds confidence. Patience

best dog ramps

The Best Dog Ramp: Our Top 7 Picks

Did you know even a young dog also needs the best dog ramp? You read that right.  Your dogs may be healthy and agile now, but constantly jumping in and out of the car could cause a strain on their bones and joints in the long run. This is why

best underground dog fences

Best Underground Dog Fence, Our Top 7 Picks

Pets are simply the best company, aren’t they? Every dog lover will agree on that one! But naturally – they have a sense of adventure and will sometimes try to get into swimming pools or garage spaces for instance – where they’re technically not allowed to go.  As pet owners,

best hunting dog tracking systems

5 Best Hunting Dog Tracking Systems

Is your worry keeping your adventurous little zoomers from getting the best thrill of their lives? Hesitating on letting your pooches hunt with you?  Then you need to know about the best hunting dog tracking systems!  GPS tracking devices are ideal if you like taking your dog with you on

why do dogs get separation anxiety

Why Do Dogs Get Separation Anxiety?

Messy house, furniture chewed on, puddles of pee everywhere, scratches on the floor, bite marks on the window sills, a noted complaint from the neighbor – these are among the many scenarios most dog owners come home to after their 9-5 job. The suspect? No one else but their adorable

dog separation anxiety

Dog Separation Anxiety: Does My Pooch Have It?

Going to your 9-5 job and getting home to a house full of mess can always be very frustrating. There are puddles of pee everywhere, scratches on the floor, a bite mark on the furniture, household items torn apart, and a lot more crazy situations you can expect from your

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