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January 11, 2023 // 9 minute read

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Are you looking for a new way to train your dog that’s effective and enjoyable? Do you want to be more involved in your dog training? Or maybe you want to provide your dog with a fun learning environment? The Zoom Room Dog Training could be your answer!

So what exactly is Zoom Room Dog Training? 

Don’t worry; we’re here to give you all the deets.

Aside from that, we’re also covering: 

  • What are the objectives of the Zoom Room dog training;
  • What dog training programs does the Zoom Room offer; 
  • What sets Zoom Room dog training apart from other dog training programs; 
  • Other services the Zoom Room offers; 
  • And more… 


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Training Dogs At Zoom Room
Photo by Blue Bird on Pexels


With a motto of “We don’t train dogs. We train the people who love them”, the Zoom Room will change how you see dog training. 

The Zoom Room is an innovative indoor gym for dog training. Here, your dog can learn various skills while having fun in a comfortable environment. 

A dog lover couple from Ankeny, Iowa, Jonathan and Sally Scroggs, founded it in 2007. They did it to fill a niche in the indoor dog training facility market.

What makes Zoom Room unique… 

…is that it involves the pet parents in training. Unlike other training classes, the Zoom Room encourages the active participation of pet parents. This makes it perfect for dog owners who want to be very hands-on in their dog’s education! 

According to the founders, their goal is to help dog owners strengthen their bonds with their four-legged friends. All while the dogs are learning new skills and behaviors. 


The Zoom Room has a unique concept when it comes to dog education. There’s lots of emphasis on positive reinforcement and interactive learning, so your dog can have fun training. It offers various dog training classes on social skills, agility, obedience, dog tricks, therapy dog training, and more. Dogs of any size, breed, age, and skill level can attend the classes and learn the lessons. 

You can also choose between group classes, private puppy training, or Private Remote training at home via video calls. You’ll get lots of schedule flexibility with the Zoom Room, as well, which is great for busy dog owners.

So what are the programs offered in the Zoom Room? 

Let’s find out!

Dog Training Classes 

Dog Being Trained At Zoom Room

The Zoom Room has plenty of step-by-step programs taught by dog experts. They’re designed to help your dog develop confidence while mastering various skills and tricks. 

The curriculums are also designed to involve dog owners in every step of the learning process, so they can deepen their bond with their dogs and better understand their pets’ behavior. Again, the focus is on using positive dog training methods, so better prepare lots of treats. 

Here are the curriculums available: 

Puppy Classes 

Did you know that Zoom Room’s CEO, Mark Van Wye, wrote America’s best-selling book about dog training, “Puppy Training in 7 Easy Steps”? Now you can give your puppy top-notch training when you avail of the Puppy Classes offered by Zoom Room.

Puppy Classes programs include: 

  • Puppy Preschool (for two- to four-month-old puppies) – 
  • Puppy Training (for four- to eight-month-old puppies) 
  • Private Puppy Training (for two- to twelve-month-old puppies)

Obedience Training 

If you want to train your dog how to behave properly, Zoom Room’s Obedience Training classes are perfect. They use reward-based positive training methods, with fun games added to the mix, so your dog can learn basic manners and more in no time. 

Obedience Training programs include: 

  • Private Training 
  • Remote Training
  • Obedience 1: Basic Manners (for dogs aged six months and up)
  • Obedience 2: Stays, Walking & Recalls (for dogs aged six months and up) 
  • Obedience 3: Canine Good Citizen (for dogs aged six months and up) 
  • Rally Obedience (for dogs aged nine months and up) 
  • Therapy Dog Training (for dogs aged nine months and up) 
  • Shy Dog (for dogs aged six months and up) 
  • Come When Called (for dogs aged six months and up) 
  • Loose Leash Walking (for dogs aged six months and up) 
  • Calm Down! (for dogs aged nine months and up) 
  • AKC CGC Test (for dogs aged six months and up) 
  • AKC CGC Urban (for dogs aged nine months and up)
  • AKC CGC Advanced (for dogs aged nine months and up) 
  • AKC Trick Dog 
  • Therapy Dog Practice Test 

Dog Agility Training  

The Zoom Room’s Dog Agility Training is well-equipped with high-quality equipment and an sporty indoor environment. It will teach your dog basic agility lessons, obstacle management, improving footwork, speed, control, and more! 

Dog Agility Training programs include: 

  • Agility 1 (for dogs aged nine months and up) 
  • Agility 2 (for dogs aged nine months and up)  
  • Agility 3 (for 1-year-old dogs and up) 
  • Agility 4 (for 1-year-old dogs and up) 
  • Agility League (for dogs aged nine months and up) 

Enrichment and Dog Tricks  

Teaching tricks to your dog can be, well, tricky. But the Zoom Room’s Enrichment and Dog Tricks workshops are packed with innovative classes to keep your dog up and moving while learning new, fun tricks.   

Enrichment and Dog Tricks programs include:

  • Tricks 1: Learning Dog Tricks (for dogs aged six months and up) 
  • Tricks 2: Advanced Dog Tricks (for dogs aged nine months and up) 
  • Pup-Lates® (for dogs aged six months and up)
  • Scent Workshop (for dogs aged nine months and up) 
  • Advanced Scent Workshop (for dogs aged nine months and up)
  • Urban Herding (for dogs aged nine months and up) 
  • Life Skills Workshop: Practical Canine Care (for dogs aged nine months and up)

Now let’s take a peek inside the Zoom Room!

A Peek Inside Zoom Room

Dogs In Class

The Zoom Room buildings are climate-controlled, ADA-compliant, and eco-friendly, so you can rest assured your dog is in a safe learning environment. 

You’ll also get access to the best dog training gear and various products for the most pleasant training experience and optimal results, such as doggy donuts, other yummy treats, collars, and grooming products. There’s even a “cadaver bar” where your dog can chew on animal parts!

Zoom Room Dog Jumping Through Hoop

Along with that… 

You can book the Zoom Room for a dog birthday party and other dog socialization events, which is a fantastic way to get to know fellow dog owners and their pets. 

The Zoom Room also serves as an indoor dog park and private playground so your dog can play and stay active no matter what the weather outside is.

The Power of Positive Training

Dog Getting Dog Treats While Training

The founders of Zoom Room firmly believe in the power of positive training. It’s the reason why the training programs are built around positive reinforcement training methods, which use a lot of treats and rewards. 

These training methods help deepen the bond and improve communication between dogs and dog owners, as they work as a team rather than as strict teachers and students. The owners also believe that positive reinforcement training methods are the most humane training methods for dogs.  

The good thing is… 

That fact is actually backed up by numerous studies, which is why positive reinforcement training methods remain the gold standard for dog training, according to veterinarians, animal experts, and animal organizations such as the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA).

FAQs ( Zoom Room Dog Training)

Well Trained Dog

Who started Zoom Room dog training? 

The Zoom Room franchise was founded by Jonathan and Sally Scroggs, a couple from Ankeny who love dogs. 

How do I start my dog in agility training? 

You can start by giving your dog basic agility training at home— build some obstacles in your backyard, buy some basic training gear, and most importantly, get them to trust you and help them build confidence. When your dog is ready, the Zoom Room has plenty of agility training classes you can enroll your dog in.

What are Zoom Room’s Prices? 

The prices will vary depending on location. To know more, you can visit the Zoom Room’s website to see if you have a Zoom Room studio near you. Click the “Visit Page” button, and see all the information you need, including prices and schedules.


There’s no doubt that the Zoom Room has truly redefined dog training. Unlike other training programs, the Zoom Room prioritizes the bond and trust between dogs and owners, positive reinforcement, and schedule flexibility. This revolutionary concept has changed and continues to change the lives of many dogs and their owners.

No wonder the Zoom Room continues to thrive! 

The groundbreaking dog training franchise currently has many locations across different US states and plenty more in development. 

Even with its immense success, the founders have always remembered to give back to the community. 

The Zoom Room is also known for working with animal shelters and dog welfare and rescue organizations— if you need one more reason to enroll your dog in Zoom Room classes, this is it. Because who better train your dog than genuine animal and dog lovers?  

The Zoom Room dog training helps ensure your dog will live a happy, active, and healthy life and allows them to reach their potential— with you on their side, of course! 

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