How To Get My Cat To Drink From Fountain

September 29, 2022 // 9 minute read

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A thing about new things in the house with cats is they are curious but reluctant. Get them a new drinking fountain and you will not know how they will react to it let alone if they will drink from it. Have you ever thought “How to get my cat to drink from fountain?” If so, don’t worry, because we take a deep dive into this article to help you figure it out!

This article is all about introducing a new cat water fountain in the home and making sure that your cat drinks from it. If you do not follow these steps or make necessary adjustments to allow your cat to drink from the new water source, it can lead to dehydration and health problems. 

You don’t need to follow all the steps listed below, but it is good to try and follow them when you are all out of options and your cat doesn’t want to drink from the new fountain. 

how to get my cat to drink from fountain

Why Do Cats Need Water?

Cats need water to survive. Just like us, they need water for their body to function properly. Cats as we all know are not the best water drinkers. They are very picky about the water that they drink. 

If you are still using a water bowl for your cat, then you might want to consider changing it up if you notice that they don’t drink as much water as they need to. With, cats we need to do this to avoid dehydration problems such as Diarrhea, Diabetes, Kidney diseases, or Hyperthyroidism. 

Having a proper diet helps to solve most of these issues, but a great amount of water might ensure their safety and health. 

How To Get My Cat To Drink From Fountain: Encouraging Them On

Cats will usually need a little encouragement to drink from a new water source such as a cat water fountain. If you are a cat owner transitioning to a water fountain and are trying to figure out “How to get my cat to drink from fountain”, here are some tips that can help you when introducing a fountain to your cat. 

These steps do not guarantee that they will drink from the new fountain, but they will surely help when trying to make them drink from their new water source. 

thirsty cat approaching water fountain

The Perfect Environment 

Understanding “How to get my cat to drink from fountain” is knowing the importance of creating the perfect environment to allow your cats to get used to the fountain. Forcing them will be not the best idea as you will soon find out. 

1) Keep away from the food bowl: Naturally, cats do not like it when their food is close to their water source. It will also make their food damp and mushy when water splatters onto their food which will result in them snubbing the food altogether.  

Alternatively, the food can contaminate the water source when it gets to it accidentally. And that will happen. 

It is better to place the water fountain in a separate room to avoid these things from happening. The same rules apply to the litter box. 

2) Do not eliminate other sources of water: Do not force your cats to drink from the new fountain by taking away all the other sources of water. This can cause your cat to be frightened or stressed by the fountain and can lead to dehydration, and we know where that could lead us, a trip to the vet. 

Most cats are attracted by splashing water and running water so don’t fear, your cat will get used to it in no time. 

Drinking From The Fountain 

Once the fountain is set in its place, it is time to get them used to the fountain by taking baby steps along the way. Rushing into it will not get you good or better results. Take their lead on when they will be comfortable drinking from it. 

1) Getting used to the fountain: The first baby step that you need to take is to just get used to the fountain as it is. Do not turn it on yet. Just let them get curious as to what this new item in the house is. 

Pour some water into the basin of the fountain to allow them to drink from it without turning it on. This will introduce to them a new source of water that they can use. 

Once they are used to the idea of using the fountains as a source of water, turn it on once or twice a week to start and gradually increase it until they are fully familiarized with the fountain. 

2) The quieter the better: Fountains can generally be noisy and will not attract your cat from drinking from them. A plastic fountain will usually make more noise than a ceramic fountain. 

If your cat gets scared of the noise coming from the fountain, try getting a new fountain that makes less noise. The noise can also be that the water level is very low or the motor hasn’t been cleaned for a while. 

3) Positive reinforcement: Rewarding your cat with a kitty treat after drinking from the fountain can let them know that the fountain is a good spot for drinking. It will encourage them to drink more from the fountain than any other source. 

Never punish your cat for not drinking from the fountain. If you’re trying to understand “How to get my cat to drink from fountain”, but you are punishing your cat for not doing so, your cat will not use the water fountain.

Drinking More Water 

Once they start drinking from it, it is time to give them the opportunity to drink from it more and increase their water intake. Here are some ways that you can ensure they do just that. 

1) Change the water regularly: Changing the water in your cat’s fountain regularly can make them drink from it more as they will recognize that it is clean water that they can enjoy drinking. 

Watch out for signs to change the water like debris, dirt, or discoloration. This is not a self-cleaning device so you would still need to change the water every now and then.

2) Water levels: Keep enough water in the fountain for your cats. The fountain will have some sort of marker to let you know where the water level should be at all times. 

Water fountains that run below the minimum amount of water can overheat and ultimately stop working. Always try to refill the fountain with cold water. 

3) Maintenance: Regular maintenance is required when you have a fountain at home. You may need to disassemble the fountain from time to time to get it clean and running well

Take your time with doing this as this will be the deciding factor as to how long your fountain will last, and how clean the water your cat is getting. 

Uncleaned water fountains get slimy water over time can affect the purity of the water. When your cats drink this water, you are subjecting them to health issues and other problems.

curious cat looking into water fountain

How Monitor Your Cat’s Water Intake 

Monitoring your cat’s water intake doesn’t mean watching them and measuring the water in the fountain. 

What you should measure is how frequently they go to the fountain to drink and how often you refill the fountain. Make sure to refill the water at the same level every time to get an accurate estimate as to how much water they drink. 

5 Signs That Your Cat Is Dehydrated

Here are a few signs that your cat is not getting enough weather. This can be useful when you notice that you haven’t refilled the fountain in a while or you don’t usually see them drinking. This might help you figure out “How to get my cat to drink from fountain”.

Loose Skin 

Gently “tent” your cat’s skin over its shoulders. It means to pull up the skin over their shoulders and release. If the skin comes back quickly, then your cat is hydrated properly. When it slides back slowly, your cat may be dehydrated. 

This is not a perfect test but it works for some. If you are unsure, it is best to consult with your vet about this issue. 

Depression Or Lethargy 

When your cat is lazy or sleepy most of the time, or less active than usual, then they may not be getting enough water. 

Loss Of Appetite

When they lose theory appetites, it is a clear sign that something is wrong, even if it isn’t dehydration. 24 hours usually is the threshold as to when you need to take them to the vet and check what is going on. 


Cats normally do not pant. So if you see your cat panting, it may be that they are overheated which is a sister symptom of dehydration.  

Less Urination

Always check your cat’s urination patterns as they may change if they don’t get enough water daily. 

small white and brown cat drinking from a fountain


Cat water fountains are one of the best products for cats. They have been saving cats’ lives for quite some time now. We hope this article helped you understand “How to get my cat to drink from fountain”!

Do not worry if your cat doesn’t take to the fountain immediately. It can take some time before they do. It happens. Just follow some of the advice above and you’ll be set. 

Never force them to take to the fountain as that can lead to them ignoring the fountain completely and you would have just wasted money if that happens. 

Take your time and don’t be afraid of trying a new water fountain. Your cat will thank you for it.

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