How To Clean A Cat Water Fountain

September 28, 2022 // 6 minute read

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Water is something that every animal needs to survive. Their natural instincts will want to find cool moving water to quench their thirst. As domesticated cats, they will not be able to find any streams of water around your neighborhood, not unless you live near a river, or a lake. 

It is because of these instincts that vets all over the world recommend water fountains for your cats. But do you know how to clean a cat water fountain?

A cat water fountain ensures good hydration levels that will enhance your cat’s health and well-being. Many cat fountain users can give their testimonies about cat water fountains and how they helped their furry friends drink more water.

These cat water fountains normally have filters that purify the water circulating in the fountain. It will filter out dirt, mud, and other objects in the water so your cat will not drink it.

One thing about these water fountains is that they require regular cleaning to maintain the freshness of the water your furry friend is drinking. Some see it as an added chore to their daily routine but doing it will keep your cat’s health in tip-top shape. 

how to clean a cat water fountain

Getting Ready To Clean

Knowing how to clean a cat water fountain and actually doing it are two different things! Cleaning your cat’s water fountain can sometimes feel like a chore. With the help of some tools, you can get to giving your cat cleaner water in no time. 

Some cat water fountains come with brushes to clean the cat water fountain with. Some don’t and that’s okay. 

Some users forgo the brushes that come with them and just use a toothbrush or a plastic mesh scrubber. Whatever you choose to use while cleaning the fountain, make sure that you get all the crevices and spots that you normally couldn’t reach. 

You also need to read the manual that the fountain comes with. We usually don’t but the disassembling and cleaning instructions can help you clean it faster and more thoroughly. You can also use household items like baking soda, vinegar, lemon, and others to help remove stains and smells from the pipes of the fountain. 

Remember to always unplug the device when cleaning to avoid any injury. 

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red and white cat drinking from cat water fountain

How To Clean A Cat Water Fountain: Step-by-Step

Before we get into the step-by-step guide, this is just a general guide on how to clean your cat’s water fountain. It is still best to follow the how-to disassemble and clean instructions that the manufacturer included in the package. You can use it for more specific instructions, but this guide below can help you get the general idea of how to clean your cat’s water fountain:

Drain the Water

If you know how to clean a cat water fountain, then you know that one of the first things to do when cleaning the fountain is to drain all the water from the fountain. This process includes water in the canals and the main tank. By doing this you won’t have to worry about water going everywhere when you clean the fountain and pull it apart. 

Remove the Main Tank 

The second thing to know about how to clean a cat water fountain is that you have to remove the main tank of the fountain so you can access the motor. Once you’ve taken out the main tank, remove the motor. You should be done with the disassembly by now unless you’ve got a more complicated cat fountain. 

Disassemble the Motor

Third, take apart the motor by removing the front-facing panel. Once opened, you should be able to see the motor unit and you should take that out too. This will be easier to remove than the front-facing panel as the panel prevents the water from flooding the motor. 

Rinse the Debris 

The next process you need to know about for how to clean a cat water fountain is to clean the debris of the motor unit. This shall only be done after taking out the rotating motor unit. Clean the rest of the parts as well. Like we said earlier, you can use household products to clean it as well to remove stains and odor. 

Add New Filter

Finally, once you are finished cleaning all the parts of the fountain, reassemble the motor and all the other parts of the fountain. You should also change the filter to keep your cat’s water purifier. 

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How To Clean A Cat Water Fountain: Plastic Cat Fountains 

There are two types of water fountains when talking about the material used. There are plastic fountains and stainless steel fountains. There is some difference in how to clean each fountain because each fountain accumulates different dirt and debris. 

Plastic cat fountains can retain water stains. These stains can turn these fountains into a breeding ground for bacteria so you should remove this every time you clean. The way to do this is by using salt. 

So, disassemble your cat fountain and find the water stains. Sprinkle a good amount of salt and use a plastic mesh scrubber to scrub the salt in the plastic surface until it creates a paste, and scrub until the stains are out. Rinse and let dry before assembling back together. 

black cat drinking from water fountain

How To Clean A Cat Water Fountain: Stainless Steel Cat Fountains 

One of the things that stainless steel surfaces can accumulate is hard water deposits. These can stick to the scratches in the stainless steel they develop with use over time. Acid-based cleaning agents are the best to use in these situations. 

For the cleaning agent, you can use lemon peels, lemon juice, and vinegar. Spray the mixture you created generously on the stains and use a scrubber to remove the stains. Rinse and let dry before using it again.

How Often Should I Clean It?

A regular cleaning schedule is necessary to assure that your cat’s water fountain runs smoothly and keeps circulating clean water. Also, a clean water fountain means that your cat will stay hydrated. Many users report slimy water after slime use and that can be the result of not cleaning the fountain. 

To avoid these kinds of things from happening, always follow the cleaning instructions of your chosen cat water fountain to guarantee that the fountain runs properly. 

It may seem like a simple task to do but many often forget. The fountains are not self-cleaning and it takes certain care for them to provide clean water for your cats. A clean fountain makes a happy and healthy cat.

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