How To Install A Cat Window Perch

September 13, 2022 // 12 minute read

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Cats are curious animals, and that’s already a given fact. They love watching birds, people walking by, cars passing, dogs fighting, and more interesting things. It makes them enjoy their day more, and this is already part of their daily lives. 

Sometimes, this desire of theirs will let them climb on the most uncomfortable areas of your house just to see what’s happening outside. It could be on top of the sofa, on the flat surface below your window, or at the center of your living room where he gets a better view. 

If you don’t do something about it, the time might come that your cat will injure himself. So, as a cat owner, the best thing you can do is support their hobby by buying them their very own cat window perch. But do you know how to install a cat window perch? Don’t worry because we will help you figure it out!

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What is a Cat Window Perch?

As the name implies, a cat window perch is a perch that you can mount on or near your window so your cat can climb up on it and lie down comfortably.  It’s like giving your cat a VIP seat of the view outside. 

We all know how cats love being in high places, and a cat window perch can provide him with exactly that. At the same time, most cat window perches are made with breathable fabric to make your cat comfortable. This is like a haven for your cat, and I’m sure, like me, you would always want the best for your cat. 

How To Install A Cat Window Perch

What are the Benefits of Having a Cat Window Perch?

So, what exactly are the benefits your cat would enjoy if you get him a cat window perch? 

1) Entertainment

Even if cats love the indoors so much, they can get bored, too. They need something to change their behavior in a fun way. One of their greatest entertainments is to watch what’s happening outside. With the cat window perch, you’re allowing your cat to have fun in the most comfortable way. 

2) Warmth

As you can mount cat window perches can be mounted directly on a window, this means you can give your cat full-time access to the sun. There are hammock-type window perches that will provide your cat with a 360-degree sunbath that she can enjoy the whole day. 

3) Safety

Like I said earlier, cats love watching the events happening outside. But they love to do it inside your home because they feel safer. By providing your cat a cat window perch, she feels secure as he is high up on the ground, and no predator will be able to get her from up there. 

4) Privacy

Cats value their personal space a lot. This is why we buy them cat litter, cat beds, and more things that would prevent us from invading their privacy. So, they would very much appreciate it if you give that to them by buying a cat window perch. 

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How To Install A Cat Window Perch

Cat window perches come in many different types. So, installing a cat window perch would highly depend on the design you bought. But, do you know how to install a cat window perch?

Generally, each design is straightforward to assemble and install, which is something manufacturers have considered. Though some designs might require tools, it’s not a lot, and some would only require a bit much of common sense to assemble them. 

Let us try to look at the several types of window cat perches or beds, and let’s see how each of them is assembled and installed. Keep reading to understand how to install a cat window perch.

cat relaxing on a windowsill

Hammock-Type Cat Window Perch

First on our list is the hammock-type cat window perch. This is probably the most commonly bought among cat window perches on the market. This is because they are open on all four sides so your cat can lay down comfortably and stretch. At the same time, they have 360-degree access to the sun. 

How To Install:

Hammock-Type window perches are generally very easy to install. It doesn’t require tools at all and will only take a couple of minutes of your time. 

To start, you should connect the pipes first to create a frame. Then, insert the frame to the given fabric. After that, attach the support cables to the frame then attach the suction cups at the end of the support cables. 

To install the cat hammock, you need to clean the window thoroughly first to ensure the suction cup can grip the window well. After that, dip the suction cups to the hot water, dry it, and press firmly to the glass window. 

Do this for all four cups until the hammock bed is properly mounted. Try to press the hammock to ensure the grip is tight before letting your cat sit on it. 

Pod-Type Cat Window Perch

The next type of cat window perch is the pod-type. Unlike the hammock-type, pod-type cat window perches are enclosed on all four sides, except in the window area where she can still get sunlight. 

This type of cat window perch is best for smaller cats who don’t need to stretch a lot and will be able to turn around if she wants to. It’s also great to make your cat very protected. 

How to Install:

No tool is needed in installing this cat window perch. The frame is readily-made, and you would only need to attach the four suction cups to it. 

Just like the hammock-type, you need to make sure that the window is clean. Then, dip the suction cups in hot water first then dry them before pressing them to the glass window. 

Open-Pod Cat Window Perch

This is like a combination of the hammock and pod-type cat window perch. There’s an opening above but the four sides are covered. Your cat would still be able to enjoy the sun comfortably here, but it may not be the most comfortable for stretching. This is best for smaller breeds of cats. 

How to Install: 

Like the first two, this window perch doesn’t require tools to be installed. The bed is readily made, and all you need is to attach the suction cups. 

Again, it’s important to always clean the windows before mounting any suction-type cat window perch. Then, dip the suction cup in hot water, dry it with a dry towel, then press it gently against the window. This will help in tightening the grip of the window perch and prevent it from falling. 

Climbing Perch

The next type of cat window perch is the climbing perch. 

We get that cat loves watching what’s going on outside. But we also know that they love climbing, too. With this perch, you are combining these two things they love. 

This cat window perch comes with a perching area but also a climbing post. Unlike the other three, you don’t necessarily mount it to the window. You just place it beside the window. However, some also come with suction cups to provide stability. 

How to Install:

This cat window perch already comes with all the necessary tools you need to attach them all together. All parts are readily made already, and you just need to assemble them. 

Start by assembling the base or the scratching post by following the instructions given. Then, attach the cat perch at the very top. After that, position the climbing perch near the window for your cat to use. 

As some climbing perches come with suction cups for stability, make sure you clean the window first before attaching them. Again, dip the suction cups in hot water, dry them, and press firmly. This should help support the climbing perch, so your cat stays safe during his play.

Window Perch Seat

Opposite to a cat window bed, a cat window perch seat won’t allow your cat to lie down if he wants to. It’s just a tray-like seat mounted to a glass window supported by suction cups and a U-bracket. 

This is good for cat owners who already have a cat bed for their cats to use. This way, it could just be a watching area for your feline friend. 

How to Install:

Every part of this cat window perch is ready to be assembled. You just need to attach the bracket to the frame first then add the suction cups. Before mounting it to the glass window, clean the windows thoroughly, dip the suction cups in hot water, dry it, then press firmly, so it holds well. 

Try pressing the cat window seat before letting your cat sit on it. This way, you can test how firm it is, and you won’t risk your cat getting injured. 

Sill-mounted Cat Window Bed

Sill-mounted cat window beds are one of the most effective types of cat window beds. It usually comes with a bolster bed, and plastic arms and is mounted with the use of velcro or screw. This type of cat window perch is not placed directly on the window. Instead, it is placed on the windowsill where you can screw them in place. 

How to Install:

Again, all parts of this cat window bed are ready to assemble. All you need to do now is get the bed frame part and place it on the windowsill. 

Usually, they give you two options: (1) you can use velcro for a temporary hold, or (2) screw the bed on the windowsill for a much more secure and permanent hold. If you choose option one, it’s recommended to let the bed stick for 24 hours before letting your cat sleep on it. 

If you need extra support, this cat window bed comes with extra legs that you can attach, too. 

How To Install A Cat Window Perch: What Not to Do

As you might have noticed, cat window perches are very easy to install. It won’t even take an hour and won’t even require you to use tools. Manufacturers are looking out to give us a hassle-free item for our cats to use. 

However, though installing can be pretty easy and requires only common sense, several people still get some things wrong. So, we’ve also included some don’ts you should necessarily remember to install a cat window perch. Have you ever wondered how to install a cat window perch without causing any problems? Read on to find out.

1) Mind Your Window Glass: If you know that you’re mounting a cat window perch directly to a window, make sure that your glass is not broken, cracked, or faulty. This may not be able to carry the cat window perch and might just cause injury to your cat. 

2) Location: Think carefully about where you’ll place your cat window perch. You mustn’t place your cat window perch above a heater, near an open flame, or anywhere that is particularly hot. This may cause deformities, and worse, you’re also putting your cat in a bad place. 

3) Avoid Accessories: The cat window perch is mainly designed to carry your cat, nothing else. If you hang more things on it, you’re only increasing the amount of weight t carrier and will be the cause that it will fall. If you wish to put a cat toy, you can buy a lightweight one that has suction so that you can mount it on the window, too. 

4) Other Pets: Yes, other pets can use the cat window perch. Some owners even allow their dogs to sit on it. However, you must ensure that you place it on a much lower level as they are not prone to climbing. You must also make sure that their size is like that of the cat and that the cat window perch will be able to carry their weight. 

5) It’s Not for Babies: Some cat window beds come in cradle form. However, please be mindful that these are not for babies. It may look cute, but you would be only endangering your child. 

cute cat laying next to a window at their home

How To Install A Cat Window Perch: Choosing The Right Kind

Choosing the right cat window perch for your cat would highly depend on the following:

  • Your cat’s size and weight
  • The design you prefer
  • The number of cats you have
  • The type of window you have
  • Your budget

In other words, you just need to find that one window perch that would fit your and your cat’s needs. If your cat loves stretching a lot, it wouldn’t be nice to buy him a pod-type or seat-type window perch. If your cat loves climbing, you can buy a climbing perch. 

If you have a fragile window that can’t carry a window perch, then you might prefer the sill-mounted one. If you have a kitten that is still scared and is comfortable being covered, you can buy a pod-type. 

It’s really up to you!


Most manufacturers have really considered ease of installation for the cat owners’ benefit, which is actually really nice. Because truthfully, installing a cat window perch shouldn’t be a challenging task. 

If you value ease of installation, you just need to find the best cat window perch that can offer you that. You can check out here the best cat window perches on the market today. We hope that we answered how to install a cat window perch for you!

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