Cat Window Perch Benefits – Why You Need To Consider A Cat Window Perch!

April 8, 2022 // 12 minute read

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If you’re a cat owner like me, I’m sure you have always caught your cat perching by the window frame to see what’s happening outside. And, you might have wondered about the cat window perch benefits. In this article, we’ll go over 8 benefits of providing your feline friend a cat window perch.

You might have also caught him in the most uncomfortable or inappropriate places such as in the middle of the way, on the thin windowsill, on your favorite chair, or on the top of your couch. 

For this problem, what’s usually offered for cat owners is a cat window perch. This is a bed or seat designed to be mounted on a window so your cat can enjoy her hobby without any problems. 

Cat Window Perch Benefits – 8 Reasons Why Should You Buy One 

A cat window perch usually comes with a breathable fabric so your cat can lie on it comfortably the whole day. It is then supported by strong suction cups and support cables to make it stable. 

It looks pretty simple, and you might think twice before getting one. But you should know that most cat owners already consider this an essential item like the cat litter. Why? 

Well, it’s simply because there are a lot of cat window perch benefits! And, you’ll find that these benefits are not only for your cat but for you as well. Below are eight reasons why you should consider buying a cat window perch: 

#1: It Gives Your Cat a Sense of Security

Cats used to be in the wild. As instincts, there’s this need to find a place to hide while watching things happening around them. They want to feel safe from predators, which might attack upon seeing them. 

By giving your cat a cat window perch, you’re giving them a great hiding spot. For them, they are high up off the ground, so no predators would be able to catch them now. Also, they can watch their whole surroundings and stay alert in case of danger. 

#2: It Provides Your Cat Warmth

Aside from making your cat feel safe and secured, a cat window perch can also make your cat feel warm. 

As we have mentioned above, cat window perches are mounted on the windows. This is also the best area to get full access to the sun. 

If you have a cat that loves sunbathing, a cat window perch is something they would appreciate. With it, your cat can stay in a comfortable place to absorb the sunlight and keep warm. 

This is especially important in winter when it’s a lot colder than your cat can handle. A little sunlight from the window can be a great help to keep her warm. 

#3: You’re Valuing Your Cat’s Privacy

Cats value their space a lot. So, you should know that by getting your cat a cat window perch, you’re showing that you value her privacy. 

Since a cat window perch is mounted on a window, she’s the only one that would be able to access this. At the same time, she can really call this space her own compared to when she’s on top of the couch or the floor. 

The cat window perch would act like her haven, where she can do what she wants. She can use this space to sleep, sunbathe, or bird watching. It’s up to her. 

#4: It Gives Your Cat Great Entertainment

Cats are curious animals. That’s already a fact. They love watching the outdoors to see the birds, other animals, people, cars, and many more things. It’s like their way of letting the boredom pass. 

By giving your cat a cat window perch, it’s also like giving them a VIP seat to a great play. This will allow them to keep an eye on their indoor and outdoor territories in the most comfortable and safest way. 

Benefits of a cat window perch

#5: It Benefits Older Cats

If there’s one thing you should know about cats, it’s that they become less playful as they grow older. Mature cats like lying around instead of playing, so it’s best to give them space where they can rest comfortably. 

For a much older cat, there are cat window perches that come with heated beds. So, while your cats rest on the bed, they can also relieve themselves from any stiffness due to age-related conditions. It can also relieve your cat from any pain she’s feeling. 

#6: It Helps Them Exercise

Aside from relieving older cats from pain, a cat window perch can also be the best way for your cat to exercise. As I’ve already mentioned, cats love lying around when they grow older. But, if you let them use a cat window perch, they will have no choice but to climb up on things; hence, exercising. 

This will help your cats from getting obese and can even help keep their joints and muscles moving. 

#7: It Comes With Extra Accessories

Some cat window perches come with extra accessories that your cat may love. There are those that give toys that can be attached to the window so your cat can play if he wants. There are also some brands that offer extra mattresses to make your cat more comfortable. 

#8: Your Cats Love It

We want nothing but the best for our furry friends, right? And you can give them exactly that with a cat window perch. 

If you check out the many reviews of different cat window perches on eCommerce websites, most cat owners are amazed at how much cats love this item. Some cats even tend to stay there until the sun comes down or even until their sleep. 

If you review the benefits above, there is really no wonder why your cats love this product. It provides safety, privacy, warmth, and entertainment. Plus, it can help keep them healthy. There’s really nothing that you can ask for. 

What If My Cat Doesn’t Like Their Window Perch? 

However, sometimes, no matter how great a product is, there will be cases when your cat wouldn’t like it. This is sad because if this happens, your cat wouldn’t be able to enjoy the benefits. If you happen to have bought a cat window perch and your cat refuses to get near it, try to find out if it’s because of:

  • The Smell: Some cat window perches release an awful chemical smell that your cat won’t like. 
  • The Fabric Material: It can also be because the fabric material is not comfortable enough. 
  • The Stability and Durability: A wobbly cat window perch is something your cat won’t appreciate. 
  • The Location: You may not have placed it in an area where they can get the most beautiful views or great sun rays. 
  • The Design: Know what your cat likes and what he doesn’t like, then try to figure out the best design for him. 

And probably a lot more reasons. Figure out the reason and try to find the best solution for the problem. 

If it’s none of the above, maybe it’s just because your cat finds the object new to their eyes. It could also be because it makes them scared. If this is the case, then introduce the item slowly to them.

Importance of Choosing The Best Cat Window Perch

If you don’t want to be faced with a dilemma on why your cat doesn’t like her cat window perch and that she’s not going to take advantage of the benefits, it’s better to choose the right cat window perch from the very start. 

By doing so, it’s sure that your cat would use the product. To do that, here are some things to consider: 

Size and Weight of Your Cat

You see, cat window perches come in different sizes and weight limits. So, before you buy a cat window perch, you should first measure your cat and get her weight. This will be the basis of how long the cat window perch you’re going to get and its weight limit, too. 

As you know, cat window perches would have to be mounted directly on a window and high up on the floor. If you don’t get the proper weight limit, the perch may not be able to hold your cat well. The cat window perch will then fall, causing your cat to be injured. 

The size should also be big enough to fit your cat well. If you’re buying her a bed-type cat window perch, you need to make sure that he’ll be able to lie down and stretch comfortably. She should also be able to turn around 180 degrees if she needs to. 

You should also take into consideration your cat’s future size and weight. If your cat is still growing, you would want to estimate how big she grows as she matures. This way, you wouldn’t have to buy a new cat window perch that she can use in the future. It helps you save. 

Your Window Type

Next, you also need to determine that the type of window you have can hold a cat window perch. 

If you’re looking to buy a suction-type window perch that you can mount directly on a window, your window must be strong enough to hold that weight and of your cat. If it’s not, it might shatter into pieces, which will injure your cat. 

So, always check in with some experts. If your glass is not strong enough, you might need to upgrade it before buying your cat a cat window perch. But, if you don’t have the budget, you can opt for a different design that won’t require to be mounted on the window. 

Number of Cats You Have

If you’re a multiple cat owner, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’d have to buy one cat window perch for each one of your cats.  You see, some cat window perches can carry two cats at the same time, as long as the cat window perch can carry their weights. 

Try to consider your cat’s bond with each other. The closer the relationships of your cats, the more it’s possible that they’ll share the same space. But if they’re not, you’d probably have no choice but to buy one for each. 

The Design

Cat window perches come in various designs you can choose from. Here are some of those: 

  • Hammock-Type: If you have a cat who loves sunbathing, this will be the best type of hammock for her. It’s open and will give your cat a 360-degree sunbath he’ll surely love. It’s also the best for larger cats who would love to stretch. 
  • Pod-Type: For kittens, you can opt for a pod-type cat window perch so that they feel safer. It’s enclosed on all sides, so access to the sun might be limited. 
  • Open-Pod Type: This cat window perch is a combination of the hammock and pod-type perches. This may not be the best choice for large cats who love to stretch. 
  • Sill-Mounted: If your window type can’t hold a suction-type cat window perch, you can opt for this cat window perch. As the name implies, you can mount it on the windowsill. It’s also usually open on all sides, so your cat can get full access to the sun’s rays. 
  • Climbing Perch: If your cat loves climbing, this will be the best cat window perch choice. It is a cat window perch and climbing post combined. The best thing about this is that the climbing post can also be a scratch post. 
  • Cat Window Seat: Lastly, for cats who still prefer their beds but would like a good view of the outside, you can get them a cat window seat. The tray is circular, so it doesn’t let your cat lie down. 

Always prioritize your cat’s comfortability vs the design. Keep in mind that what may look nice to you or for your house’s aesthetics is not the best for your cat. Try to consider what his needs are and choose that. 

Among these designs, the hammock type is the one most commonly bought. It gives your cat everything it needs – 360 degrees sunbath, privacy, safety, and comfortable space. But, like I always say, what works for most may not work for your cat. 

Materials Used

To ensure that the fabric material is comfortable and the whole cat window perch is stable, check the materials used. For me, better materials mean better quality, and the more your cat would love it. That means strong suction cups, breathable fabric, and stable support cables. 


Lastly, ask yourself how much you are willing to spend for a cat window perch. You don’t have to buy from big brands just to get your cat the best one. There are lots of affordable cat window perches that come in excellent quality. You just have to do excellent research to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth. 

Conclusion: Cat Window Perch Benefits

There are many cat window perch benefits that we’ve listed above. And, you’ll find that your cats will absolutely love their window perch. However, you need to ensure that your cat will also get to use them. 

By using the guide above, you’ll be able to find the best cat window perch for your cat. However, if you can’t find the best cat window perch that your cat will enjoy on the market, you can make your own. There are lots of tutorials on the internet that can show you that. The best thing about this is that you are free to choose the best materials that your cat loves. 

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