Where To Put A Cat Tree For Optimal Use

February 13, 2020 // 4 minute read

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image of a cat tree with a kitten on it

Cats love to climb trees in the wild. That instinct hasn’t gone away even if they have been domesticated. You will often see them climb the high places in your house like the stairs, the countertops, and the shelves. A lot of owners will even provide them with an indoor cat tree to make them happier. However, it is crucial to pick the best cat tree location for optimal use. Below is a discussion of various spaces and their suitability for this purpose:

Living Room

This space is where everyone converges, so it makes sense to have the family cat stay here. After all, living rooms tend to be big enough to accommodate one more piece of furniture. Cat trees have a small footprint relative to their height. This placement also ensures that you can always keep on eye on the cats. You can quickly spring into action if you find them doing something that you don’t want. You can also provide their needs more readily. If you’ve had a tiring day, then simply sit on the couch and watch your cats play for entertainment.

image of a cat condo



If someone in the family is allergic to cats or if your cats tend to prefer quiet environments, then it’s best to keep them in your room. See if you have some space to spare for this. You might have to move things around just to accommodate the cat tree if you have a small room. Look for vacant corners away from your bed so your sheets can stay clean. Provide pet toys for stimuli. Also, you can place the cat tree in front of a window for added visual stimulation.

Laundry Room

While most cats are social, others may like their privacy. These pets will want to stay away from high traffic areas like the living room. You can put them in a room that rarely gets used like the laundry room. Place the tree here so they can have a quiet place to sleep in. Keep the door open in case they want to go out and stretch.


If you have a big bathroom, then this placement might work. It is especially suitable if their litter box is already in this space. Put the cat tree beside this box. Your cats are familiar with the room and will come here frequently anyway. It doesn’t matter if they make a mess since it’s easier to clean the bathroom tiles instead of the living room carpet. They will love this spot if they can have a nice view from a window.


Some pet cats can’t help but to go outside and roam. This should not be a problem if you have a sizeable backyard. They will return after satisfying their curiosity. You may want to place the cat tree in the garage so they can crash here to rest. Playing outside can get tiring, after all. There should be a small cat door that they can use to get in and out. Keep the tree away from your cars and tools.


Things To Consider:

If you have several suitable spots, then let your cats help in choosing the perfect location. See if there are any scratch makes on your furniture and place the tree there. They already love the area and consider this their territory. The cat tree will serve as an alternative scratch post, high perch, and lounging spot.

You can also observe their habits. If they spend lots of time in one room, then follow their lead and make this place even more cat-friendly. For example, place the cat tree near their favorite window so they can look outside from their own observation tower.

Consider the needs of the pets and the family to find the right balance.

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