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How To Get My Cat To Drink From Fountain

A thing about new things in the house with cats is they are curious but reluctant. Get them a new drinking fountain and you will not know how they will react to it let alone if they will drink from it. Have you ever thought “How to get my cat to

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how often to change water in cat fountain

How Often To Change Water In Cat Fountain

Now that you’ve got your cat a water fountain, the main question is “How often to change water in cat fountain?” There are many answers to this question and all of them might be right. Some say that they just top it up when needed but what else does changing

how to clean a cat water fountain

How To Clean A Cat Water Fountain

Water is something that every animal needs to survive. Their natural instincts will want to find cool moving water to quench their thirst. As domesticated cats, they will not be able to find any streams of water around your neighborhood, not unless you live near a river, or a lake. 

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