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Why Do Dogs Get Separation Anxiety?

Messy house, furniture chewed on, puddles of pee everywhere, scratches on the floor, bite marks on the window sills, a noted complaint from the neighbor – these are among the many scenarios most dog owners come home to after their 9-5 job. The suspect? No one else but their adorable

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dog separation anxiety

Dog Separation Anxiety: Does My Pooch Have It?

Going to your 9-5 job and getting home to a house full of mess can always be very frustrating. There are puddles of pee everywhere, scratches on the floor, a bite mark on the furniture, household items torn apart, and a lot more crazy situations you can expect from your

separation anxiety in dogs

How Do You Stop Separation Anxiety in Dogs?

Your dog is whining or crying as you prepare to leave; an overly excited dog greeting you with a messy home right behind him; scratches on the floor and some bite marks on the windowsill, too; your dog won’t stop following you from one room to another; finally, you get

how do you help a dog with separation anxiety at night

How Do You Help A Dog With Separation Anxiety At Night?

It’s late at night, and your dog wouldn’t stop barking, crying, or howling. He has been busy scratching your bedroom door, trying to get in. This can be very frustrating because it could wake you up at night. It can also begin to frustrate your neighbors. However, what you may

Best Dog Surgical Onesie For Post-Op Recovery

Best Dog Surgical Onesie For Post-Op Recovery

Picture this: Your precious little pooch walks out of a back room in the vet’s office and into the lobby after her surgery. She’s definitely missing the spring in her step, but her eyes light up the moment she sees you for the first time. Even better, her tail begins

Best Tick Removal Tool For Dogs: Our Top 10 Unique Picks

Small but mighty and they do indeed pose a big threat to your precious dog: Ticks.  These little bloodsuckers may be only as tiny as an apple seed, but they can actually carry a lot of infections and diseases such as Tick Paralysis, Rabbit Fever, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and

how to help a dog with separation anxiety

How Do You Help A Dog With Separation Anxiety?

As dog owners, you might be familiar with this scene – things scattered everywhere, toys chewed, pee on the corner – this is probably one of the scenes you are greeted with by the time you get home from work. And as much as we love our dogs, this can

can dogs get heat stroke

Can Dogs Get Heat Stroke?

From where we are, the surroundings can get very hot during summer. And during these times, I tend to keep my dog inside at all times because I fear that he will suffer from the dangers of overheating.  This is not me being paranoid. If you don’t know it yet,

Wisedom Dog Toothbrush Stick

Wisedom Dog Toothbrush Stick Complete & Comprehensive Product Review…

I’d like to help you and all of the other dog owners looking for the top chew toys that also clean dog’s teeth. At the moment, I’m going to tell you about the Wisedom Dog Toothbrush Stick, which in my estimation is the Best Dog Toothbrush Chew Toy. What would

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