why do dogs lick their bed

Why Do Dogs Lick Their Beds? Is It Normal?

Have you ever wondered “Why do dogs lick their beds?” Is this a normal habit or is it something that I should be concerned about? Find out the answers to these questions and more below. Dogs lick beds for a variety of reasons. It’s a natural way dogs discover the

best dog beds

Top 10 Best Dog Beds, Our Complete Analysis

Dogs do, in fact, sleep an awful lot. Mattresses rank among the largest purchases most people make in their lifetimes and we have to know what the best dog beds are that will make our four-legged friends most comfortable.  As indeed you would when choosing a mattress for yourself. In

how to wash a dog bed

How To Wash A Dog Bed, A Step By Step Guide

Are you sick and tired of the unsightly look and smell coming from your dog’s bed? It’s important to wash your pooch’s bed regularly to keep it smelling fresh and looking clean. Learn how to wash a dog bed with removable covers, without them, and learn other fantastic tips. If

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