cat wearing a harness with leash

Can A Cat Wear A Harness All The Time? A Detailed Response Here…

Taking your cat outdoors helps provide your cat with the exercise and entertainment they need. And, many cat owners ask “Can A Cat Wear A Harness All The Time?”. In this article, we share some cat walking and cat harness tips. By the way, obesity, boredom, and developmental behavior are

cat wearing an escape-proof cat harness while walking with a leash

How To Leash Train Your Cat

If you plan to have your kitten join you in your outdoor activities, such as a walk around the neighborhood or even a hike along the nearest trail, you will need a cat harness and leash. You will need to know how to leash train your cat and the harness

feline wearing a harness

Should I Harness Train My Cat?

Leash training a cat can bring many benefits, not just to your cat, but to you as well. Without the proper mental and physical stimulation, your kitty becomes more prone to obesity and boredom. Not only that, but your couch might become the collateral damage as your cat tries to

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