Can A Cat Wear A Harness All The Time?

Taking your cat outdoors helps provide your cat with the exercise and entertainment they need. This way, obesity, boredom, and developmental behavior are prevented. It stimulates your cat’s physical and mental well-being while also increasing the bond you have. However, it is vital that you take all measures necessary to keep your cat safe. For example, you will need a few things to keep your cat safe, such as using a cat harness and a leash. This way, your cat gets to experience the outdoors while the risks of just letting your cat out. However, many cat owners ask “Can A Cat Wear A Harness All The Time?”. In this article, we share some cat walking and cat harness tips.

cat wearing a harness with leash

Are Cat Harnesses A Good Idea?

Cats have a delicate throat and neck. Putting a collar on them will, therefore, be detrimental to what you want to achieve. You might end up hurting your cat as they can choke when they tug on the cat leash.

A harness is considered the safer alternative as it is secured around your cat’s girth. It is fitted behind your pet’s front legs and over its shoulders. This way, the pressure is distributed across your cat’s chest and back. Keep in mind that the harness should prevent your cat from slipping out and dashing away from you. It should be snug enough that it is comfortable and secure at the same time.

What Are The Different Types Of Cat Harnesses?

There are three main kinds of harnesses. They are as follows:

H-Style Cat Harness

This one is shaped like the letter H and is typically the most commonly used harness for kittens. It is because this type has the least contact with your pet. It does not need to be put over your kitten’s head as they are usually equipped with side release buckles for easy wearing. This feature makes this harness more desirable for kittens.

Vest Cat Harness

The vest harness is worn like a vest. It has more contact with your cat compared to an H-harness. These are worn by pulling it over your cat’s head and typically fastened on the back. This type might have a bit of a turtleneck effect on your cat, and some cats dislike this. However, since this one has more contact with your cat’s body, the pressure is more spread. This is helpful for when your cat makes sudden movements.

Cat Walking Jacket Harness

Also called the butterfly harness, a walking jacket for cats covers more of your kitten’s body than the first two. This way, there are fewer chances for your cat to wiggle out of it while outdoors. The jacket harness is also perfect if you and your cat live in a place that has cold weather.

How Long Should A Cat Wear A Harness?

Once you’ve found the harness that will work for you and your cat, you need to train your cat to be comfortable with actually wearing it. Therefore, you’d need to know how to train a cat to walk on a leash. Keep in mind that not all cats will like wearing it, and it’s okay if yours doesn’t. Your cat can always have indoor adventurers instead!

But if your cat has taken to wearing a harness, you might also wonder: Can a cat wear a harness all the time? How long can you leave the harness on your cat? The answer is simple: it’s up to your cat. Check how your cat reacts to the harness while they are wearing it.

Does your cat struggle when they have the harness on? Do they try to wiggle out of the harness and get away? If so, you might want to leave the harness on your cat for a few days. This is because wearing it for a few days will help her get used to it so that your cat won’t make a big fuss out of it the next time.

When your cat calmly stays put and lets you put the harness on without a fuss, you can take the harness on and off as needed. A cat that does not struggle means that they have accepted the harness, and it isn’t a big deal whether or not they are wearing the harness. However, it is best to leave it off when not needed. This is because your cat can relax better when the harness is off.

They are also able to groom themselves easier without it.

Why Do Cats Fall Over When They Wear A Harness?

The first few times you put the harness on your cat, you might have noticed that your cat falls over or freezes. Don’t worry! Your cat paralyzed by a harness isn’t hurt. The harness triggers your cat’s survival instinct of what they would do when grabbed by a predator.

The best course of action to take is to help your cat get over this behavioral response. You can utilize toys, treats, and lots of praise to help your cat through it. Praise your cat as you slip them on the harness. Enjoying the process with your feline friend will boost his confidence. Reward him with treats or toys when your cat makes small advances with the harness. This will help your cat be more accustomed to the harness, and they are less likely to freeze when you put it on them. Hence, you will have more success with leash training.


Can A Cat Get Out Of A Harness?

Truth be told, a cat that tries hard enough can get out of any harness. Therefore, you need to find a harness that makes it difficult for your cat to get out of. An adjustable one is a good idea as it allows you to customize it as per your cat’s size and shape. Keep in mind that it needs to have a snug fit. This means that you can insert at least two fingers underneath the harness while your cat is wearing it. This will help achieve optimal security and safety.

The harness also needs to be comfortable. Therefore, it is recommended that you buy harnesses made of breathable and lightweight materials like cotton and nylon. Avoid materials like leather as they tend to be bulky and heavy. A cat that is comfortable with the harness is less likely to wriggle out of it as well.


Cat harnesses are designed to help you in training your cat to go outside. You should always buy one that is made for cats instead of small dogs. This way, you help your cat receive maximum comfort, security, and safety. It will also make it easier for your cat to accustom themselves with wearing the harness. However, it is still recommended that you remove it now and then as it gets in the way of their grooming.

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