EliteField 2-Door Soft Pet Playpen

Best Outdoor Cat Enclosures

Although cats are generally indoor animals, some of them also love to explore the outdoors. This is where outdoor cat enclosures come in. Outdoor cat enclosures, also called cat patios or catio, are designed to protect your cats while they play outdoors. It is created with this thought to ensure

What To Use In An Outdoor Cat Enclosure

The outdoors offer your cat a different type of freedom compared to when they are indoors. There’s no limit to where they can explore. They can freely run or climb when outdoors, which means they also get enough exercise. However, due to the cat’s curious personality, the outdoors can also

How To Get Your Cat Used To An Outdoor Cat Enclosure

With the cat’s curious nature, the outdoors can be a very dangerous place for them. They might get lost, run over by a car, chased by big dogs, and get injured. As much as we can prevent these by just letting them stay indoors, the outdoors provide them with a

Why Use An Outdoor Cat Enclosure

We know how curious cats can be, and most of the time, this leads them to a lot of danger. I mean, that’s basically why we got the saying “curiosity kills the cat,” right? So why use an outdoor cat enclosure… As cat owners, it’s natural that we would get

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