Why Use An Outdoor Cat Enclosure

December 3, 2020 // 12 minute read

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We know how curious cats can be, and most of the time, this leads them to a lot of danger. I mean, that’s basically why we got the saying “curiosity kills the cat,” right?

So why use an outdoor cat enclosure…

As cat owners, it’s natural that we would get worried when they’re outdoors. Anything can happen to them – they might get sick, they might get hit by a car, they might be picked up by somebody else, or they could get lost.

curious cat

This is exactly why outdoor cat enclosures are made. It’s already considered an essential cat product as it aims to protect your cat from the dangers of the outdoors. This way, she would be able to explore it without causing you any worries.

The only concern, however, is that outdoor cat enclosures may cause money. Depending on the type you’d get, it can be expensive. Plus, the bigger ones will also take some of your time just to assemble it. So, is it worth the investment? Besides, you can always let your cat stay indoors, and she’ll be fine.

Well, not really. You see, there are more to outdoor cat enclosures than just keeping your cat safe. We’ll discuss each of the benefits of this item below and also how you can choose the best enclosure so your cat can best reap these benefits.

Why Use An Outdoor Cat Enclosure

Benefits of An Outdoor Cat Enclosure

So, why should you have an outdoor cat enclosure? Below we enumerate the significant advantages of getting or building one:

Keeps Your Cat Safe

The very aim of having an outdoor cat enclosure is to provide a safe environment for your cat. It’s a way for you to create a visible boundary where your cat should and shouldn’t go.

With a cat enclosure, you can protect your cat from:

Animals: When outside, your cat can meet other animals like dogs or even fellow cats, which might get them into a fight. They might also end up getting chased by other predators or get bitten by a snake.

People: Whether we like it or not, terrible people still exist. These are people who love hurting animals who can’t even fight back, and your cat can be their next target.

Vehicles: Cars passing by is also something you need to be worried about. If your cats get curious about something and chase them, they might get too close to the road and get hit by an oncoming vehicle.

Infections/Diseases: You should also get worried about your cat contracting diseases or getting infected by other animals.

These are all things that can happen once your cat is outside. You can certainly watch our cat’s every move to ensure none of these occur, but having a cat enclosure would certainly make that job easier.

Protects Birds and Other Wildlife

Having a cat enclosure will not only protect your cat, but it can also protect wildlife. Cats are known to be from the wild before they were taken in as pets. So, it’s innate in them to hunt and kill.

One of the most common targets is birds. It has been found that in the US alone, cats are the number one suspects of decreasing the bird population. So, to help stop this, it’s only right to place your cats in enclosures so they won’t be able to hunt birds and other wildlife.

Creates A Healthy Environment

Cats are typically indoor pets. They love laying on your couch, napping on the floor, and watching scenes outside your window, but they do need some physical activity.

With an outdoor cat enclosure, you can provide them an environment that will help support their exercise needs. You can place platforms and ramps so they can climb and jump. You can give them lots of space to run around and even put toys inside that will encourage them to move.

Sure, you might be able to provide this to them even when indoors. However, the greatest advantage outdoor enclosures have is the healthy natural environment as they have full access to the sun and fresh air. Getting your cat used to outdoor cat enclosures is important!

Helps Reduce Your Bills

Having a cat enclosure will also help you save money.

Try to imagine this, Every time your cat gets out and comes back with injuries, you’d have to take him to the vet. If he comes home with a disease, you’d have to take him to the vet, too.

However, you won’t have to worry about this if you have a cat enclosure mainly because your cat would no longer be at risk of getting injured or infected. And since your cat also gets enough exercise, there’s an assurance that she’ll remain healthy for long.

Helps Create A Better Relationship With Your Neighbors

Every person will either prefer dogs or will prefer cats, and most people generally like dogs, which might include your neighbor. This is why letting your cat go-around can be very bothersome to them. Added to that, there’s a possibility your cat will go poop in their backyard, which can bring a very bad impression to them. To prevent this, it’s better to create an enclosure that will let your cat stay in your own backyard.

Helps Manage Any Behavioral Issue

Some cats may find it hard trying to get along with other cats. So, creating their own enclosed space is one of the best ways to address this.

With their very own enclosure, cats can get enough exercise. Also, nature can help contribute to making their mental health better, which may eliminate destructive behaviors.

Gives You Peace Of Mind

We don’t know about you, but for us, knowing that your cat will not go beyond the boundaries you set gives excellent peace of mind. You don’t even have to keep an eye on her all the time while you’re outdoors because you’re sure that she’s not going anywhere far. There’s also no guilt in trying to let your cat stay indoors when they can be free in the healthy outdoors.

Things to Consider When Buying An Outdoor Cat Enclosure

Although an outdoor cat enclosure offers you and your cat lots of benefits, you also can’t just simply go in the marketplace and pick the first cat enclosure you’ll see. You need to consider a few things before you even buy to ensure that what you choose is perfect for your cat. Here are those:


Take a quick look around you and try to figure out where you want to install your outdoor cat enclosure. This way, you get to have a visual of how big or what kind of enclosure you’ll build or buy.

You would also want the enclosure to be in a place where your cat can have great access to sun, shade, and exciting views. The enclosure space should also be large enough to provide plenty of room for your cat to roam around.

The Number of Cats You Have

Multiple cats

The size of the enclosure you’ll get will also highly depend on how many cats you have. You would want an enclosure that is large enough to give all your cat enough activity space. Even the portable types of cat enclosures come in different sizes, small to extra large, to provide cat owners choices.

If possible, the size should be able to accommodate a few activity toys and accessories, too. You should also try to consider if you’re getting more cats in the future. If so, you should buy a large one now, so you don’t have to repurchase one soon.

Portable vs. Permanent

Outdoor cat enclosures with a portable-design are lightweight and portable. It’s best for people who love to travel with their cats. It’s also an excellent choice for those living in apartment buildings and just takes their cat out from time to time for some exercise.

Permanent cat enclosures, on the other hand, are designed to stay put in one location. There are some you can buy that you can probably move from one place to another, but due to its weight, you would require help. These types of cat enclosures are best for those who have a large backyard.


The next thing you should consider is the materials used. You would always want to choose a cat enclosure that is made of high-quality materials to ensure that you have a product that will last long.

Ideally, you would want an outdoor cat enclosure that uses breathable materials. This means a mesh or wire mesh that would allow air to come in and circulate properly. If you’re going for a wooden cat enclosure, you would want to make sure that the manufacturer used sturdy wood. If it’s a metal cage, then you would like it to be rust-proof or rot-proof.

You should also make sure that the materials are non-toxic to your cat, especially the paint. And, if possible, go for materials that can withstand any weather conditions.

Set-Up Process

You should also think about how much time you’re willing to put in assembling the outdoor cat enclosure.

There are cat enclosures that can be assembled in less than five minutes. Examples of these are cat tents or cat playpens that come with a pop-up or pull-string system. It’s the perfect choice for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time assembling. The best part about this is that these enclosures tend to be very easy to stow away, too.

However, you should note that easy to set-up enclosures tend to be smaller than those that require assembly. It also tends to be just one platform space. So, if you wish to have a larger cat enclosure with multiple platforms, then you should set aside some time in setting it up.

The Design

Cat Enclosures come in many types, and by knowing what kind of enclosure you want, you easily narrow down your choices. Here are a few types you can find on the market:

Window Cat Enclosure: This is the perfect choice for cats who love to perch by the window. These are cat enclosures you can place outside your windows to create an even bigger and comfortable space for your cat to enjoy watching the outdoors.

Balcony Cat Enclosure: This enclosure is best for those living in apartment buildings. The design of this enclosure covers your entire balcony to protect your cat from falling in case he missteps.

Check out this great IKEA hack to build your very own “Catio”:

Multi-Layered Cat Cages: This is an excellent choice for owners with cats who love to climb. It’s also a perfect option for those who have a small space to build an enclosure but still want to give their cat plenty of activity room.

Free-Standing Cat Enclosure: For those having a large backyard space, you might want to build your cat a free-standing cat enclosure. This is a cat enclosure that is a few steps away from your house. It tends to be bigger and has lots of activity space for your cat. Carrying your cat as you go to the enclosure, as it is not connected to your home,  would probably be the only issue.

Cat Tunnels: This is a great enclosure for cats who love being outside and in tight spaces. It’s also a great idea to add this to your free-standing cat enclosure to connect it to your house.

Want a great idea for a cat walkway (cat tunnel) for outside?

Now, check this out:

Patio Cat Enclosure: If you have a patio, then you can build an enclosure around it. This way, your cat can be outdoors, while you can sit on a chair and spend time with her too.

Cat Tents and Playpens: For a portable option, cat tents and playpens are a perfect choice. These usually come with a pop-up or pull-string system for easy set-up and takedown process. It’s also the best choice for those who love to travel with their cats.

As you can see, outdoor cat enclosures come in many styles. So, try to think about what would match your home in terms of aesthetics, the design that will suit your cat’s lifestyle, and the most comfortable.


Lastly, you should consider how much you’re willing to spend. By setting a budget, you’ll be able to narrow down your choices and find the best among those. If you don’t want to set a budget but still want to save money, consider the factors above, and find the top cat enclosures that offer what you want. After that, choose what will give you your money’s worth.


We know how much you love your cats, and you definitely want to keep her safe. You can do this easily with an outdoor cat enclosure. Added to that, you get to ensure that she remains healthy as she can get her exercise. However, for your cat to better reap all the benefits of an outdoor cat enclosure, try to review what you need to consider before buying or building one.

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