doggie in a sweater

Do Dog Sweaters Really Work?

The debate on the value of dog clothing rages on, and on the question of “Do dog sweaters really work?” The most faithful proponents of it argue that some dog breeds don’t have the natural abilities to protect themselves from extreme weather and temperatures, which justifies the use of clothing. … Read more

doggie in a sweater

URPOWER Dog Seat Cover Review

Does your dog enjoy car rides like mine does? Taking a trip with your furry friend is really something special. However, getting them to stay cool, calm, and collected inside the vehicle can sometimes be the hardest thing about taking these trips. And when they are not all of these … Read more

Doggie World Dog Car Seat Cover Review

Our furry friends love going on trips. They’d give anything just to go with you to the beach, to the park, or even just stay in the car with you wherever you go. A problem that many faces are the amount of hair and scratch the back seat accumulates over … Read more

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