How Often To Change Water In Cat Fountain

Now that you’ve got your cat a water fountain, the main question is “How often to change water in cat fountain?” There are many answers to this question and all of them might be right. Some say that they just top it up when needed but what else does changing

why won't my cat sleep in their heated bed

Why Won’t My Cat Sleep In Their Heated Bed?

Cats are known to love warm places, which is why we often find them by the window sills, a sun puddle on the floor, a pile of clothes from the dryer, and more. But when it’s winter, sometimes these warm areas are not enough to keep them warm.  It’s a

why do dogs get separation anxiety

Why Do Dogs Get Separation Anxiety?

Messy house, furniture chewed on, puddles of pee everywhere, scratches on the floor, bite marks on the window sills, a noted complaint from the neighbor – these are among the many scenarios most dog owners come home to after their 9-5 job. The suspect? No one else but their adorable

Best Dog Surgical Onesie For Post-Op Recovery

Best Dog Surgical Onesie For Post-Op Recovery

Picture this: Your precious little pooch walks out of a back room in the vet’s office and into the lobby after her surgery. She’s definitely missing the spring in her step, but her eyes light up the moment she sees you for the first time. Even better, her tail begins

Best Dog Bike Baskets, Our Top 10 Picks for You

Sometimes, you just need to put your dog in the front and ride off. Don’t you agree? But the challenge is always finding perfectly durable, safe, and easy-to-use dog bike baskets. After all, it’s a big job this piece of kit will be doing.  And this is why we took

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