Why Won’t My Cat Sleep In Their Heated Bed?

September 15, 2022 // 10 minute read

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Cats are known to love warm places, which is why we often find them by the window sills, a sun puddle on the floor, a pile of clothes from the dryer, and more. But when it’s winter, sometimes these warm areas are not enough to keep them warm. 

It’s a good thing that there are now heated beds designed to keep cats warm when they need it most. However, although most cats love the warmth these beds offer, there are a few more cats who are not using them. Have you ever wondered “Why won’t my cat sleep in their heated bed?”

If so, you’re not alone!

Most cat owners are trying to figure out why their cat won’t sleep in their heated bed and are doubting if the investment is still worth it. If you’re one of those cat owners, then this article might help. 

Here, we’re going to share with you five possible reasons your cat is not sleeping in her heated bed and how you can make her sleep in it.

So, if you think this will help answer the questions you have, let’s dive into the article below.

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Why Won’t My Cat Sleep In Their Heated Bed? 5 Possible Reasons

There are lots of possible reasons why your cat is not sleeping in her heated bed. We’ve done our research and found these five possible reasons why your cat is not using her heated bed: 

1) It’s Not Comfy

One of the possible reasons your cat is not sleeping in her heated bed is that it’s not comfy enough. 

You see, it’s not enough that your cat’s heated bed is warm enough. It should also be comfortable. Some cats would love to have great support, especially cats experiencing general body pain. 

A comfortable bed is one of the best things that will offer support to your cat. This may mean ample amounts of padding, probably more blankets your cat can bury into, and all-around more support. 

2) It’s The Wrong Size

Next, it can also be that you’ve chosen the wrong size.

You should remember that your cat should be able to position herself comfortably on the heated bed. This means that it should be enough for her to lie down, relax, and change positions without any problem. Are you wondering if this is actually a reason for “Why won’t my cat sleep in their heated bed?”

Well, yes, it is! If you choose a bed that’s smaller or larger than what she needs, she may not use it. A large bed may not help her feel safe, and a smaller bed will not allow her to position herself well. 

3) It’s In The Wrong Place

To help answer “Why won’t my cat sleep in their heated bed?”, you must think of the location. It’s not always that the bed is the problem. Sometimes, it could also be where you’ve placed it. 

You see, most cats already have a preference for where they want to sleep. This can be under the windowsill where the sunlight can enter, at the corner of the room, near a vent, under your work table, and more. Because of this, it’s not easy to get your cat to sleep somewhere she’s not used to, even if this bed happens to be comfortable enough. 

So, before you even buy a heated bed, observe where your cat loves sleeping first and try to understand why she loves to stay in that location. Once you figure this out, look for a comfortable bed for your cat to sleep in that is appropriate for that area. 

4) It Doesn’t Smell Right

One of the most common cat owners’ complaints about a heated bed they bought is the chemical smell from the manufacturing. If humans find this smell terrible, try to imagine how a cat would feel about this. If you ask yourself “Why won’t my cat sleep in their heated bed?”, it may be due to the smell!

It’s undeniable that a cat’s sense of smell is indeed more sensitive than ours. And if a heated bed smells bad upon delivery, there’s a high chance your cat won’t use it. 

So, if your heated bed smells upon delivery, you might need to wash it first to ensure that your cat will use it. Don’t even try to let her use it without washing it because this might only make her lose trust to use it even after it’s washed. 

Just a gentle reminder, though, to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on washing to ensure that you don’t damage the material. 

5) It’s Not The Right Style

“Why won’t my cat sleep in their heated bed?”It could be because she doesn’t like the style!

Again, when it comes to cat products, always think about what your cat will like. Set aside what would be aesthetically good and think about your cat’s comfortability. 

If your cat would prefer some privacy, then you should go for a pod-type heated bed. If your cat prefers to snuggle under blankets, a heated bed for cuddling would be the best. 

why won't my cat sleep in their heated bed

How to Get Your Cat To Use a Heated Bed

As you can see, most of these reasons are almost similar to when your cat doesn’t want to use an ordinary cat bed, and it’s easy to fix this. 

First, you just need to find out the answer to “Why won’t my cat sleep in their heated bed?” From there, address this problem with the following solutions: 

  • If it’s because it’s not comfy, you can layer some blankets to make it more suitable for her. If it’s the other way around, try to find something that will make the bed tougher. 
  • If it’s because of the location, change the bed location to where your cat would love to position herself. 
  • If it’s because of the smell, wash the bed before your cat even gets to use it. 

Now, if you have chosen the wrong size of bed or the wrong style, this is probably harder to solve. You might need to buy a new heated bed that would be a great fit, which would mean spending more than usual. 

So, the most important thing you can do is to make sure you choose the right heated cat bed from the very beginning. This way, you’ll be able to prevent future problems. Here’s what you can do: 

Choosing the Right Heated Cat Bed

Cats are picky and have different preferences. So, you can’t just buy the same heated bed your fellow cat parent recommends or the first heated bed you see on the market. You need to consider these things first: 

1) Type

Generally, there are two types of heated cat beds: electric and non-electric types. 

Electrically heated beds, as the name implies, require electricity to function. This means they need to be plugged into an outlet to produce heat and warm your cat. This makes the bed unfit for outdoor use. 

Non-electrical heated beds can be categorized as self-warming beds and microwavable beds. 

  • Self-warming beds use heat-reflecting technology to warm your cat. So, whatever is your cat’s body temperature, the bed just reflects it back to her. It’s also the ideal heated bed for indoor and outdoor use. 
  • Microwavable beds need to be microwaved first before your cat gets to use them. This means you need to be at home for your cat to warm herself. 

When choosing the type of heated bed, make sure to consider what’s the most ideal for your place. Try to weigh in the pros and cons of each bed type, too. In order to avoid asking yourself “Why won’t my cat sleep in their heated bed?”, try to determine what type of bed will work best.

2) Style

Once you’ve decided on the type of heated bed, you need to think about the style next. As mentioned above, you should consider your cat’s comfortability here rather than the aesthetics. Observe your cat for a few days and try to think about what her preferences are. 

For example, does she like snuggling under pieces of blankets, or does she want to see things around her? Does she prefer privacy or staying on a mat? By answering some questions, you might be able to find out the best bed design for your cat. 

3) Size

You should also measure your cat to know the right bed size to get. Remember, your cat should be able to lie down comfortably and stretch her body as she pleases. If she would like to change positions, she should be able to do this easily. If you find yourself wondering “Why won’t my cat sleep in their heated bed?”, it might be due to the fact that the bed is too small or too big.

You can also try to figure out first your cat’s favorite location. This way, you can get a bed that is just the right size for your cat and also where you’ll put it. 

4) Amount of Padding

Support is essential when it comes to heated beds. So, make sure that there’s an ample amount of padding on the bed you’ll buy. Again, it should only be enough that it’s comfy but not too comfortable. 

5) Your Budget

Lastly, think about how much you’re willing to spend. This is optional but will help you narrow down your choices and make finding the right bed easier. If you’re questioning “Why won’t my cat sleep in their heated bed?” after you’ve spent a lot of money, you’ll definitely get more frustrated!

cay laying down in cat bed

Why Won’t My Cat Sleep In Their Heated Bed? Conclusion

All in all, the reason your cat won’t sleep in his heated bed comes down to the kind of bed you got. If they are not comfortable with it or not pleased with it, they really won’t use it. 

By having the guide above on choosing the right heated bed, you get to ensure that you don’t make the mistake of buying the wrong heated bed for your feline friend. This way, no money would be wasted. We hoped we helped you find the answer to “Why won’t my cat sleep in their heated bed?”

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