How Does A Heated Cat Bed Work?

September 13, 2022 // 9 minute read

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Cats always love to nap or stay in warm spots in our homes. This can be on the window sills, on the patio, on the floor near the window where the sun’s rays can hit her, at the back of the appliances, by the vent, and more other areas. 

Although this seems to be no problem at all, finding a warm spot can be challenging for those living in cooler areas. This becomes even more challenging when the winter season comes. 

Fortunately, there are now heated cat beds made to provide warmth for your cats during these times. But the real question is, how does a heated cat bed work? And is it safe for your cats to use them? 

In this article, we’ll be sharing with you the following: 

  • The mechanisms of how a cat bed heats up
  • Safety measures or tips when using a heated cat bed
  • The benefits of a heated cat bed
  • How you can choose the right heated cat bed

Now, let’s dive into the article. 

small kitten laying on a blue blanket

How Does A Heated Cat Bed Work? Our Explanation

A heated cat bed’s primary purpose is to provide warmth for your cat during the cooler months. This warmth also helps soothe your cat, particularly senior cats, who are likely to suffer from arthritis and general body pain. 

But what kind of technology is used to make this happen? 

Well, it varies. 

You see, there are three main types of heated cat beds – the self-warming, microwavable, and electric types – and each works differently. 

Self-warming Cat Beds, also called Thermal Pet Beds, uses heat-reflecting materials to warm your cat. This means that whatever the temperature your cat releases will be reflected back to her. So, there is no chance that the heat the bed generates is greater than what your cat needs. 

In other words, these beds function without the use of electricity. It’s also the type of heated cat bed you can bring outdoors to warm your cat as she enjoys the view outside. 

These beds are naturally soft and cozy for your cat. On top of that, it’s also one of the safest as it doesn’t include any electrical wirings that your cat can chew on.

Microwavable Cat Beds are probably one of the most affordable cat beds on the market. As the name implies, these beds need to be heated in a microwave first before your cat can use them. 

Because of this, the bed doesn’t retain heat for a long time. And if it’s too cold in your area, then there’s a high chance that heat will dissipate in a short period. 

These beds are not for you if you’re not frequently at home because your cat won’t be able to warm themselves alone in this cat bed. But when it comes to safety, these beds are also one of the best as there are also no wirings your cat can chew on. 

Electric-type Cat Beds utilize electricity to warm your cat. These beds usually come with heated pads hidden underneath the padding with long cords that you can plug into an outlet. 

When it comes to providing your cat consistent warmth, these beds are an excellent choice. However, they can also pose a lot of danger to your furry friend. 

One reason is that the cord can strangle your cat if you don’t monitor her well, and if your cat is a chewer, she might get electrocuted.  The second reason is that the heat may rise higher than what’s needed, causing burns to your cat. 

For this type of bed, it’s highly recommended to get one that is thermostatically controlled so that heat is maintained at only what’s needed. You can also get one where you can easily adjust or has a timer, so it doesn’t stay on for too long. 

If you get this bed, you should also note that it’s not the type of bed you can bring outdoors. 

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Safety Measures To Remember

Now that we answered “How does a heated cat bed work?”, it’s also best to remember the safety measures once you get one, most especially if you get the electrical type. 

As you probably know by now, there are also risks and dangers when getting a heated cat bed. However, if you’re careful and if you monitor your cat, then you really shouldn’t worry about it too much. 

Here are some things to note down: 

If you’ve chosen a heated cat bed that comes with a heating pad, always test out the temperature first. Try to place a pillow on top of the bed and after a few minutes, remove it. Touch the pillow, and if it’s too hot for you, then it will be too hot for your cat. 

If it’s too hot, place more pads on top of the heating pad to ensure that your cat won’t get burned. Continuously monitor the padding and ensure that it’s not shifted to a different area and that your cat is already burned. 

You should also observe if your cat loves chewing. If she does, then an electrically-heated cat bed won’t certainly be the best choice for her. You should instead go for a self-warming bed. 

In other words, your cat’s safety will also highly depend on the type of heated bed you choose. This is why we included some tips on how you can choose the right heated cat bed. 

How To Choose the Right Heated Cat Bed

Understanding “How does a heated cat bed work?” involves knowing that choosing the right heated cat bed for your cat is not easy. You need to consider temperature, comfortability, and more. You have many choices on the market, especially since these beds are one of the most sought-after cat products. 

Like we always say, there’s not only one product that is made for all cats. So, you can’t pick the first heated bed you see on the market. And, as you probably know, cats are picky. 

If you want to know the answer to “How does a heated cat bed work?” when it comes to choosing the right heated cat bed, you need to consider these things: 

close up of a grey cat laying down

1) The Type of Heated Cat Bed

As we mentioned earlier, there are three types of heated cat beds – self-warming, microwavable, and electrical-type. 

These three have their pros and cons, so we highly recommend weighing in on what would work best for you and your cat. Always consider safety and comfort. 

If you’re looking for something your cat can use outdoors, go for a self-warming bed. If you want something budget-friendly, then a microwavable type would be best. But if you want consistent heat, go for an electrical type. 

2) The Style of Heated Cat Bed

Other than the types, heated cat beds also come in various styles. This refers to the form of the design of the bed. 

In this area, we recommend considering where your cat would be most comfortable using. Don’t focus too much on aesthetics. 

For example, if your cat is more comfortable being snuggled under some blankets, then probably a bed that will cuddle her would be perfect. If your cat values her privacy, then perhaps a pod-type heated bed would be the best. If your cat wants to be cuddled but still enjoys seeing what’s around her, you can go for a round plush bed. 

3) The Amount of Padding

Although the primary purpose of a heated cat bed is to provide warmth, support is very important, too. And this is where padding comes in. 

Ensuring that your cat’s heated bed has an ample amount of padding is necessary, especially if you have a senior cat who needs overall support. For electrically-heated beds, this padding will also serve as a barrier between the pad and your cat. 

4) The Size

Next, you need to consider the size of the heated cat bed. Your cat should be able to lie down and change positions comfortably. 

Measure your cat lying down and ensure that the bed dimensions you’re buying are enough for her size. You should also consider where you’re putting the bed and make sure it fits in that area. 

If you’re planning to buy one bed for two cats, choose a larger-sized bed. But you need to make sure both your cats would be happy to share beds. 

5) Your Budget

Lastly, think about how much you’re willing to spend on a heated cat bed. This is not required but will definitely help you a lot in narrowing down your options. 

scottish fold cat in an orange bed

Why Is a Heated Cat Bed Important? 

Now, you might be wondering, why should you know all of this. Well, simple, it’s because cats love heated cat beds. And as cat owners, making your cat happy is important. Knowing the answer to “How does a heated cat bed work?” will help you understand why they are important, too.

After all, a heated bed is not just made to provide warmth in the winter. It’s pretty useful throughout the year, especially for senior cats who are suffering from body pain. Also, if your cat is going through therapy due to an accident, it helps a lot in soothing the pain. 

In other words, these beds provide your cat with a warm and cozy place to stay not only for the cooler months but also for the whole year. It’s truly a great investment, and you shouldn’t worry about the dangers and risks. 

If there’s one thing that you should always remember when getting one, you should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Follow the right way to use it, how you should keep it, and what monitoring you need to do. 

If you need help in finding the best-heated beds, you can check out our list here.

cute cat sleeping on a blanket

How Does A Heated Cat Bed Work: Our Conclusion

After reading this article, you should be able to answer “How does a heated cat bed work?” As you can see, it really is quite simple. However, it’s important to understand all of this when purchasing the best product for your cat!

Thank you for taking the time to read our post!

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