why won't my cat sleep in their heated bed

Why Won’t My Cat Sleep In Their Heated Bed?

Cats are known to love warm places, which is why we often find them by the window sills, a sun puddle on the floor, a pile of clothes from the dryer, and more. But when it’s winter, sometimes these warm areas are not enough to keep them warm.  It’s a

how does a heated cat bed work

How Does A Heated Cat Bed Work?

Cats always love to nap or stay in warm spots in our homes. This can be on the window sills, on the patio, on the floor near the window where the sun’s rays can hit her, at the back of the appliances, by the vent, and more other areas.  Although

cat losing fur in heated bed

Cat Losing Fur In Heated Bed: Why Is This Happening?

Seeing that your cat is losing fur can be nerve-wracking. The first question you’d probably have is “why”.  Honestly, there are tons of reasons and possibilities why your cat loses fur. But, if it so happens that your cat started losing fur just after you’ve bought a heated cat bed,

AmazonBasics Collapsible Cat House with Bed Review

Have you ever thought of getting your cat a place to lounge in? There are many different options today on what you could get. They need their own space in the house. Lest you want them to be hanging out in your bed or couch the whole day. The AmazonBasics

Cat Beds in all shapes and sizes

How To Choose A Bed For Your Cat

Cats sleep most of the day. They can sleep up to 15-20 hours a day. It is only important that we give them the space that they need to feel most comfortable when they sleep or take a catnap. Having a cat bet has a lot of benefits that can

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