Are Long Car Rides Bad For Dogs?

May 8, 2020 // 6 minute read

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If you are on this page, you are probably wondering if taking them with you on a long road trip is bad for them. Well, let me tell you this. The simple answer to that question is no. I believe that there are times that you really just have to bring your furry friend along. Either you are moving, or just going to see grandma and grandpa across the other side of the state. Taking them with you is no problem as long as you follow some simple rules to keep your pup safe while traveling. Another thing that we find helpful when traveling is using a dog car hammocks. Check out this article to learn more about if dog car hammocks are safe.

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Traveling With Your Dog

Traveling with your furry friend is not the easiest thing in the world. You need to prepare a lot of things. You have to pack his toys, his food, his bowl, and a whole lot more. It’s like having another child! But why do dogs love traveling? The easy answer is that they love being in a pack. They love the feeling of being together as a family, as one unit. So where ever you go, he goes. There’s no escaping that. Believe me, I’ve tried and failed numerous times. So what do you actually need to be able to travel with your furry companion? Time and Patience will be your new best friend. That’s the best that I could ask that question. Read more as I give you tips on traveling on long car rides with your dogs.

Top Tips For Taking Your Pooch On Long Car Rides

There is a lot of things that you can do and prepare before going on a road trip with your pup. You need their essentials like food, water, bowls and maybe setting up a dog car hammock in your back seat. Whatever you do, make sure the essentials are part of the checklist that you are making of the trip. Here are now some tips that can help you out:

1) Make Them Comfortable

You always have to make sure that your furry friend is comfortable about where he is in the car. Try to give him a spot where he can sit and lie down the whole trip through. Another thing to make them comfortable is by rolling down the windows a bit to give them some fresh air and give them something to smell from the outside. You could roll down the whole window to pop their head out from time to time and feel the wind in their face. That’s only if you are sure that they won’t jump out of the car. One of the trips that I always make before going on road trips is the vet’s office. Making sure that your dog is safe and does not have anything physically wrong with him, then we’re good to go!

Check this video out of why dogs love sticking their heads out the car window!  It’s an interesting story!

2) Take A Break!

One of the most valuable things you can do for your furry friend is taking breaks during the long car rides. Taking a break will allow the dog to stretch their legs, do their business, and just exercise and keep the blood circulating. There are a lot of things you can do while taking a break, you can give him water, feed him, or even rent a motel and sleep in for the night. Driving with a dog can be so tiring. There are a lot of dog-friendly motels around the country. Taking a break is essential to let your dog keep moving and not be bored inside the car. Yo do not want an anxious or nervous dog on the way to your destination. So take a few minutes, an hour or even 12. Take the time to breathe and relax. It will benefit all of you.

Treats And Toys

Always remember to pack your pup’s favorite toys and treats. This will help with the anxious dod that some of us have. Knowing they have their favorite toy bear or chew toy with them makes them feel more secure and relaxed. It will also keep them distracted and interested in a couple of hours along the way. Giving your dog treats during the car ride gives them the feeling that they are safe and you are rewarding them for such a good dog that they stay well behaved during the long trip. It is a part of positive reinforcement that you reinforce the positive behavior that you want your dog to keep. These will for sure assist you in your road trip!

Aside from all of this giving your dog some love during the car ride is also essential. If you are the one driving just talk to them or call their name just to make them feels secure that you are there for them. It’s going to sound a bit weird, but you are the only one in the car. I do it, too. All the time!

Keeping Them Safe

As dog owners, keeping our furry friend safe is all that matters. Knowing that they are safe and comfortable during these car trips is the best thing that we can do. That’s why you need your essentials, toys, and treats to keep your dog the most comfortable he can be while you are going on an adventure. Whether your dog is comfortable sitting beside you in front of the car, or in a carate in a trunk, As long as they are happy and comfortable, you should be happy and worry-free too!

Our Final Thoughts

Traveling on long trips with your furry friend can be a stressful event. However, if you are prepared with everything that you need, there really is nothing to worry about. Remember to always check on your dog’s status whenever you go on road trips with them. Checking in can really make a difference. If you’re still worried about taking your furry friend along, see a vet and check on his condition and if he’s fit for travel. I’ve known lots of dogs who absolutely love going on road trips to the beach and basically anywhere! So how about you? When is your next road trip with your furry friend?

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