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November 8, 2020 // 10 minute read

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Training your furry friend is a daunting task. You’re going to be needing all the help you can get. One of the tools that you could use is a Dog Treat Pouch. Good thing you are reading this now because we have got a list of the 5 Best Dog Treat Pouch in the market today.




Paw Lifestyles Dog Treat Training Pouch

Best Overall

Doggone Good Rewards Pouch


Chuckit Treat Tote

Best Value
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5 Best Dog Treat Pouches

We’re assessed many dog pouches, most of which are designed to help ease dog training. After all, positive reinforcement is the best method when training your dog and part of that is quickly rewarding desirable behavior. Below, you will find 5 of the best dog treat pouches that prove to be very useful when training your dog.

Best Overall: Paw Lifestyles Dog Treat Training Pouch

Paw Lifestyles Dog Treat Training Pouch

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The Paw Lifestyles Dog Treat Training Pouch is the best one out of the list of training pouches. It can carry everything that you can think of. It can carry treats, toys, kibbles, and even poop bags. It is also equipped with d rings for you to clip on accessories that you need for training like clickers and portable water bowls.

Choose from 3 ways to wear the treat pouch for convenience. The straps are fully adjustable and very light to carry. Lined with a neon green lightweight and waterproof nylon fabric to make sure that your treats are dry and safe to consume. It even has compartments that you can use to carry your own things like your keys and your phone.

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Quick Glance

What's Good

  • Neon green lightweight and waterproof lining
  • Adjustable waist and shoulder straps
  • Extra compartments
  • D-Rings to clip on accessories
  • Drawstring feature; Easy to open and close
  • Poop bag carrier

What's Bad

  • Zippers are too small for some phones
  • Waste bags are only available from the back of the pouch
  • Durability could be improved on’

Runner Up: Doggone Good Rewards Pouch

Doggone Good Rewards Pouch

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The Doggone Good Rewards Pouch is made from 600 denier polyester “backpack” material so you can rest assured that this is one durable training pouch. It has a magnetic closure that allows you easy access when training your furry friend.

It has a roomy main compartment that is well-shaped to easily reach for treats. It is lined with gray interiors to enhance visibility when picking out treats. It comes with a waist strap to allow you to be hands-free when training your pooch. The training pouch has a zippered back compartment to store all your things like your phone, keys, and money.

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Quick Glance

What's Good

  • Jackpot Inner pocket for high-value treats
  • 3 ways to wear the pouch
  • Grey interiors for visibility
  • Extra compartments
  • Multiple color choices
  • Magnetic closure

What's Bad

  • Durability problems for some users
  • Not as big for some users
  • Magnets do not work for some users and sometimes the magnets don’t line up perfectly

BEST VALUE, NO FRILLS: Chuckit Treat Tote

Chuckit Dog Treat Training Tote

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The Chuckit Treat Tote is simply designed for convenience. It has a drawstring opening for ease of access to the treats. It can hold up to 1 cup of treats at a time. That is not a lot, but it is enough for short training sessions.

This durable pack-cloth treat bag is water-resistant to keep your treats as dry as possible. It is made small and discreet to keep your dog’s attention on you and not the treats. Clip this on your belt or pocket so you can have your hands free for training. This tote is available in various colors and sizes.

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Quick Glance

What's Good

  • Easy-open pouch with a drawstring lock
  • Clip-on feature
  • Holds 1 cup of dog treats
  • Available in various sizes and colors
  • Very affordable price

What's Bad

  • Small opening on the main compartment
  • Durability concerns for some users
  • Drawstring problems and fraying

Best Features: LANNEY Dog Treat Pouch

LANNEY Dog Treat Pouch Review

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The LANNEY Dog Treat Pouch is made with 600D Oxford material and is coated with PVC. The inner lining is made with high-quality nylon that can be pulled out for easy cleaning. It has double stitching for durability and is abrasion-resistant. You can easily open and close the bag with a drawstring that has a one-push cord lock.

The main pouch is very spacious and can be extended to put kibble, treats, and snacks. There is an enlarged zipper pouch that can be used for mobile phones and other accessories. Additionally, you get a small zipper pouch in the back for smaller items, 2 waste bag dispensers, and D-rings where you can hang clickers and collapsible water bowls.

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Quick Glance

What's Good

  • Made with premium oxford cloth
  • Easy access with an adjustable drawstring opening
  • Large capacity with multiple compartments
  • Multiples ways top wear the pouch

What's Bad

  • Accessories that are advertised are not included in the initial price.
  • Straps of the pouch are too thin for some users and fray easily.

Easy Treat Access: eBasics Dog Treat Pouch

eBasics Dog Treat Pouch

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The eBasics Dog Treat Pouch is the most professional looking out of all on the list. It has a simple, sleek black design that is ergonomically shaped so you can reach in with ease. It can carry up to 3 cups of treats so you will not run out while you’re out for a training session outside.

You can easily close and open the treat bag with its magnetic seal. It is also equipped with a zipper compartment on the front for all the small accessories that you may need in your session. It is made of 900 denier polyester fabric. You can easily wipe off the dirt from the bag or hand wash it and air dry for better results.

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Quick Glance

What's Good

  • Easy-open using magnets
  • Zippered front pocket
  • Adjustable waist belt up to 50 inches and Clip-on attachment
  • Made with 900 Denier Polyester material
  • Easy cleaning

What's Bad

  • Waist belt clips too fragile and non-removable
  • No D-Rings
  • No cross shoulder strap for those who prefer wearing it that way

What Are Dog Treat Pouches For?

Before we move on to the products, you might ask “Why do I need a treat pouch and what can it help me with?” Well, funny you should ask.

Dog treat pouches are small bags that carry your treats for you while you train your pooch. It allows you to have your hands free for any purpose you may need them for. Dog treat pouches are great for when you are taking walks with your dog, training them on loose leash walking, and other behavior issues.

Some dog treat pouches can carry more than just treats. They can also carry toys, some extra kibble, and collapsible food bowls. Who could imagine a small pouch would be able to carry so many things.

Training your dog is not only whenever you feel like it. It is continuous, every day, every minute that you are with your dog. All the behavior issues that your dog has are due to the lack of training. Positive reinforcement is usually the type of training associated with using dog treat pouches. Every time that your dog does something that you want to reward him for, you will always have treats on you to give them the reinforcement that they need.

What Makes A Dog Treat Pouch The Best?

Well, that is a loaded question. Considering something the best is subjective. It is up to you to decide that. The 5 products on this list may not be the best for you but could be the very best for others.

It is up to you to decide what is best considering your needs. Based on how you would use it, you may find that the features of one, is not what at all what you need, but the features of another are all that you are looking for.

So when looking for the best, look for what is best for you, your needs, and the needs of your dog.

Things You Might Want To Consider

Before you go and purchase a pouch for yourself, there are some things that you might want to think over.

One of them could be the size of the pouch. Some trainers like it when the pouch is small, discreet, and non-distracting. While others prefer ones that are a little bulkier with more compartments to place accessories and tools in.

Another is the opening of the pouch. There are many different types of pouches and openings that you can choose from. Some find that it is easier to use drawstring openings because it completely locks the bag and their pooch cannot sneak a treat or two while they are not looking. Some prefer magnets because they are easy to open and close while training.

Lastly, you should consider the number of treats that it could hold. Sizes vary on some of the items that we have on this article and you want to choose the right size for what you need. Some pouches can hold 1 full cup of treats or kibbles, and the biggest one could hold up to 3 cups of treats.

Like I said above, when purchasing a treat pouch, consider your needs. You will be thanking yourself for the time that you took to consider all of these things and choosing the right treat pouch for you.

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