Do Dogs Enjoy Car Rides?

dog in car ride
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My dog loves going on car rides. You could see him enjoying the wind in his face. His head pops out right away sticking out his tongue, breathing in the fresh air. Although one question seems to turn up. Do dogs enjoy car rides? Most of the time, dogs would love to join you in the car and just go wherever you go. Why though? Sometimes, you have to take your dog with you on longer trips. Not to worry, we just have got the thing. Click here to find out if long car rides are good for dogs.

If your dog is like Bailey, the love to stick their heads out of the window during car rides:

Why Do Dogs Enjoy Car Rides?

Why do dogs always enjoy getting in the car with you even if they don’t have to? There are a lot of reasons why our furry friends love jumping in the car. Let’s take a look at some of them

The Pack Mentality

Dogs love the feeling of being in a pack. They always want to go where everybody goes. As the alpha of the pack, I’m assuming you are, he always wants to be by your side. If you’re getting in the car, he’s getting in the car. It is part of a dog’s natural instincts to follow the leader. His home is where you are. Being with the pack gives him security knowing that you’re by his side. He won’t be a nervous nelly if you are by his side.
dog in car ride

Going On Adventures

One thing that I’m very sure of is that your dog loves going on new adventures. They love going to places that they haven’t been to before. They love meeting new people they haven’t met before. All these visual stimulations excite them. A car ride to them means that they are going to experience something new. Being cooped up at home bores them. So as soon as you take them to the car, they know that they will get to experience a plethora of unique sights and smells.

All in Sync

It is in their nature to hunt. Hunting doesn’t necessarily mean killing prey. It’s is about working together as a team to take down the target. Moving in a synchronized manner, much like how you move in a car. It gives them that sense of togetherness that you can only get when hunting.

Reinforcing Car Riding Behavior For Dogs

As a puppy, you should already get them riding in the car. Start with shorter trips and gradually increasing to longer ones. Some of the things that you should look out for when taking your dog on car rides are motion sickness and anxiety. It is true that some dogs do get sick while in the car. As much as they don’t want to leave your side, this could lead to some behavior issues whenever getting in the car. The best thing to do is taking small steps by going on short trips and check where his limit is. You can also train him to stay in one section of the car with the window open just enough to let some air in.

Anxiety during car rides can also be troublesome. Any bad experience can ruin car rides for any dog. A bad trip to the groomers or the vet can definitely do this. One of the best things to do is to reinforce positive behavior in the car. When he is a good boy and sits still, give him a reward. When he endures a trip that he does not get sick, a treat is indeed the best for that. The trick here is for him to like car rides. Some naturally do, and that’s great. However, there are some puppies that need a little help when it comes to these things

Are We There Yet?

Sometimes, your short trips become longer trips, just because. As long as you take proper breaks in between and take a little time to stretch the legs, drink plenty of water, and adequate potty breaks, no car ride is too long.  If you are thinking of going on a road trip with your dog, or if you are moving to a new city and will need to drive with your dogs for hours, go ahead. You don’t need to worry about your dog excessively. As long as you are prepared and know what to do to keep your dog happy, then it is fine to take them with you. Be ready for your dog to ask you, “Are we there yet?”

Our Wrap Up

Your dog will be happy with you no matter what. Getting in a car is no problem and they would most likely enjoy it. Once you see the unbridled joy on the face of your little pooch, you will never question yourself again. As dog owners, our top priority is safety. Do not force your dog in the car, if he doesn’t want to. Look for training tips on how to let your dog enjoy car rides.

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