How Can I Tell If My Dog Likes Car Rides?

May 8, 2020 // 5 minute read

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No doubt that most dogs love going on car rides. Maybe a trip to the park, or a trip to the beach. Any adventure you offer, they will take. Except maybe the vet’s clinic, but some dog even enjoys going there. There are telltale signs when your dog is a happy camper and loves what he is doing. Although, how do you know if your furry friend enjoys riding in the car with you? In this article, we tackle what signs tell us that your furry companion likes car rides. Does it matter where he sits? Find out where your dog is the safest when riding in your car here.

Why Your Pooch Loves Car Rides

dog loving a car ride

To dogs, car rides mean adventure. I remember my first dog getting so excited whenever anyone says “Let’s Go!” For him, it’s a sign that tells him that we are riding the car and going somewhere. Why do they like it so much though? Some research says that our furry friends like going on these car rides because their olfactory senses get tickled and they get excited. It means that when they go with you they get an overload of smells that make them hyperactive and excited. It’s equivalent to you getting a present or a surprise. You get overwhelmed with feelings and you just don’t know what to do. This is how dogs feel whenever they go out of the house and experience new things.

Fearsome Furry Friends

As most dogs love to go on these car rides, there are some fearful doggos that really do not want to go. It’s a struggle to even get them to go out the door. You try to bait them with their favorite treats and yet that still doesn’t work.

Negative Experiences

With dogs like these, something must have happened for them not to want to get in the car. And it’s not because of something you did, it’s just sometimes, they experience trauma and associate bad experiences to the car.

Car Sickness

Another reason for them to be fearful of car rides is that they get car sick. Car sickness in dogs happens all the time. It’s the motion that makes them feel sick and eventually throw up in the car. That’s why they have that fear of going into the car because they know that they won’t feel good after.

Unfamiliar Feeling

Going into the car can feel so weird for some dogs. They don’t know why they are in this unfamiliar place and what’s going to happen. Some dogs get anxiety from this unfamiliarity. It turns them fearful of taking car rides because of the uncertainty.

However difficult it is to have dogs that are fearful of car rads, there are just some times that you need them to go with you in the car. It doesn’t mean that they’ll forever be that way. There is still a way to turn these negatives into positives. Always try to make sure that the car rides are enjoyable for them. Give them treats and a lot of love while in the car so they know that they are doing just fine.

Signs That Your Dog Enjoys Car Rides

And then there are dogs that are really excited about getting in a car and can not wait to go. These dogs are the best companions to bring along when going to hikes and long trips. Amazingly, there are some signs that you can watch out for to know that your dogs are enjoying the ride over to paradise.

Couldn’t Wait Any Longer

This is a very telling sign that your dog is very excited. The moment you say the magic words, he gets excited (sometimes a little too excited) and just runs around the house or the garage waiting for the car door to open. Zoomies are amazing to watch. This is when your dog has too much energy and excitement that he cannot contain it anymore and runs around like a bunny and exasperates all his energy. He for sure is one excited pooch.

Tail Wagging

Very obvious and very easy to tell. One of the best ways to see if your dog likes car rides is if his tail is wagging continuously. If you have a furry friend with a longer tail, he will not care if he knocks over a few items because he is so happy. If your pooch has a short tail, his little tail and cute behind will shake until there is no tomorrow. This is a telltale sign that your dog is happy to be in the car with you.

Getting Vocal

Sometimes when they get really excited, they start to bark to tell you how happy they are. These barks are non-stop and will hurt your eardrum. You have to watch out though because sometimes this means you might have an anxious dog. A lot of things can make them anxious but sometimes they just know that something bad might happen. Often dogs bark when they are excited and ready to go and it’s their way of telling you.

Check out this video of Gohan, a Siberian Husky who absolutely loves car rides. He cherishes every minute of it.

Our Final Thoughts

Most definitely, dogs have different reactions when it comes to car rides. Most of the time it is really obvious that they like taking a ride in your car. There are the rare time that they are very cool, calm, and collected. It doesn’t mean though that they don’t like it. It is always best to train your furry friend while they are still puppies so they get used to the feeling of being in a car. Once you do that, you will have no problems taking him on all types of adventures that you will plan. So, where will it be next?

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