Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Shampoo

Best Dog Shampoo For Labs

It is no secret that dogs enjoy rolling around in mud, puddles, and dirt. Even if that’s the case, being covered in layers of dirt and sludge isn’t an interest we share with them. So it’s bath time for our four-legged friends. Here will take a look at 15 shampoos and give you our recommendation …

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Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Oatmeal and Tea Tree Oil

Best Dog Shampoo for Huskies

Dogs are furry animals that need occasional bathing. Some of my friends tell me they only do so when their dog starts to stink or when he or she looks filthy. I beg to disagree. Like humans, dogs that don’t take a bath as often as they should are likely to suffer the consequences, including …

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