eBasics Dog Treat Pouch Review

October 9, 2020 // 8 minute read

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Having a training pouch can really help make your life easier as a trainer. You get to train your furry friend hands-free and carry all the things you need all in one bag. No more need for extra bags for toys, treats, and kibbles when you have a dog training pouch. Good thing we are featuring a popular product that can do all of that. The eBasics Dog Treat Pouch.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Training Pouch

When purchasing a training pouch you have to make sure that what you are buying is what you need. You have to consider a couple of things before deciding which one to get. Here are some of them:

Treat Capacity

Before anything, you should consider how much time you train with your dog and what type of training you are going to be doing. This will then determine how much treats or kibble you need for a particular training session.

When choosing a bag, consider how much treats one bag can carry so you can prepare before going out for training. This will then give you the opportunity to train without thinking about running out of treats for your pooch.


It may seem like a small thing to consider but you also want a pouch that isn’t too bright or would attract the attention of your dog. If it is too much, they may focus more on the treat bag rather than what you are trying to teach them. There are designs that are very simple and sleek that can look like a simple pouch on your waist. It doesn’t attract attention but still works just as great.

Another thing to consider about design is the durability of the pouch. Consider also what material is used to make the pouch. Changing pouches is not a thing so you’d want one that will last you for a long while.

eBasics Dog Treat Pouch Overview

eBasics Dog Treat Pouch

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The eBasics Dog Treat Pouch is the most professional looking out of all on the list. It has a simple, sleek black design that is ergonomically shaped so you can reach in with ease. It can carry up to 3 cups of treats so you will not run out while you’re out for a training session outside.

You can easily close and open the treat bag with its magnetic seal. It is also equipped with a zipper compartment on the front for all the small accessories that you may need in your session. It is made of 900 denier polyester fabric. You can easily wipe off the dirt from the bag or hand wash it and air dry for better results.

Quick Glance

What's Good

  • Easy-open using magnets
  • Zippered front pocket
  • Adjustable waist belt up to 50 inches and Clip-on attachment
  • Made with 900 Denier Polyester material
  • Easy cleaning

What's Bad

  • Waist belt clips too fragile and non-removable
  • No D-Rings
  • No cross shoulder strap for those who prefer wearing it that way

Features & Benefits Of The eBasics Dog Pouch

This product has various features and benefits that we are sure you and your dog will love. A few of these are as follows:

Spacious Main Compartment

eBasics Dog Treat Pouch has a very roomy main compartment where you can fit at most 3 cups of treats or kibble. This is very important for some users because carrying that much treats and kibble can really save you a lot of time not having to refill it every time that you train your furry friend.

It has a black lining on the inside to see the treats better when trying to reach in deep. This way you get to know if you are running out of treats.

Waist Strap and Clip-On Attachment

The eBasics Dog Treat Pouch is equipped with an adjustable waist strap that allows you to clip it on your waist while you train. This gives you the opportunity to have a fun, enjoyable, and hands-free training session with your pooch.

If you do prefer to just clip it on your belt or your pants, this tote also has a clip-on attachment that allows you to do that.

One thing about this, however, is that the waist strap is non-removable. It can also be used as a shoulder strap but it is troublesome for some because of the length of the strap.

eBasics Dog Treat Pouch review

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Front Zipper Pouch

The front zipper pouch of the eBasics Dog Treat Pouch is spacious enough to store small items such as clickers, leashes, or your keys. Unlike other treat pouches, the eBasics Dog Treat Pouch only has this front compartment, while the others have more on the side and behind the bag.

Magnetic Opening

If you are looking for a treat bag that is easy to access, then the eBasics Treat Pouch may be a treat for you. The opening of this treat tote uses magnets to close and open the pouch. With this, getting treats in and out of the pouch has never been easier. It also has a sizable opening that works great with trainers who have bigger hands than most.

Easy To Clean

One thing about treat pouches is that it is sometimes difficult to clean. The eBasics Dog Treat Pouch, though, is lined with a special material that makes cleaning feel like a breeze. You can just wipe it clean or hand wash the pouch for the best results.

eBasics Dog Training Treat Pouch

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What Others Say About The eBasics Dog Treat Pouch

While looking over the best treat pouches that money can buy, I found some reviews of the eBasics Dog Treat Pouch that you might want to see.

Review Of eBasics Dog Pouch - Lynette S. Matheson

Lynette thinks that this pouch is perfect for her. She says that this is the perfect size for her to train her new puppy. She says that it is well-made and says that every pet owner should buy this for themselves.

eBasics Pet Treat Pouch Review - John

John, however, has something to say about the eBasics Dog Treat Pouch tote. He thinks that the strap is too short to wear over the shoulder. In any case, he still uses it with the clip instead of the strap.

eBasics Dog Treat Pouch Review - AJ

AJ is ecstatic that he bought this treat pouch. He is also training his puppy and it works great for him. He loves the magnetic opening.

Other Options To The eBasics Dog Treat Pouch

If you are looking to compare how this dog pouch fares against others of its kind, we have listed three alternatives below to help you:

Chuckit Treat Tote

The Chuckit Treat Tote is simply designed for convenience. It has a drawstring opening for ease of access to the treats. It can hold up to 1 cup of treats at a time. That is not a lot, but it is enough for short training sessions.

This durable pack-cloth treat bag is water-resistant to keep your treats as dry as possible. It is made small and discreet to keep your dog’s attention on you and not the treats. Clip this on your belt or pocket so you can have your hands free for training. This tote is available in various colors and sizes.

Doggone Good Rewards Pouch

The Doggone Good Rewards Pouch is made from 600 denier polyester “backpack” material so you can rest assured that this is one durable training pouch. It has a magnetic closure that allows you easy access when training your furry friend.

It has a roomy main compartment that is well-shaped to easily reach for treats. It is lined with gray interiors to enhance visibility when picking out treats. It comes with a waist strap to allow you to be hands-free when training your pooch. The training pouch has a zippered back compartment to store all your things like your phone, keys, and money.

LANNEY Dog Treat Pouch

The LANNEY Dog Treat Pouch is made with 600D Oxford material and is coated with PVC. The inner lining is made with high-quality nylon that can be pulled out for easy cleaning. It has double stitching for durability and is abrasion-resistant. You can easily open and close the bag with a drawstring that has a one-push cord lock.

The main pouch is very spacious and can be extended to put kibble, treats, and snacks. There is an enlarged zipper pouch that can be used for mobile phones and other accessories. Additionally, you get a small zipper pouch in the back for smaller items, 2 waste bag dispensers, and D-rings where you can hang clickers and collapsible water bowls.

Our Final Thoughts

We hope that you have enjoyed our eBasics Dog Treat Pouch review. Overall, the eBasics Dog Treat Pouch is a great treat pouch to use for dog training. It has a very spacious main compartment to hold all the treats and kibbles you may need. It also has a waist strap that keeps your hands free to do your training. If you are looking for a treat bag that is simple and easy to use, you’ve got it right here.

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