How Does A Dog Seat Belt Harness Work?

May 8, 2020 // 4 minute read

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I love taking my furry friend on long road trips. It is one of the times that we get to bond, just the two of us. Of course, taking a trip that long cannot be that easy. One of the things that I use is a dog seat belt harness. It has a lot of benefits and that can keep your pooch safe in the seat of your car.

dog seat belt

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Car Safety For Dogs

The most important thing when traveling with your furry companion is his safety. Most dog gears are now focused more on the safety of your furry friend. They are created and produced with the safety of your dog in mind. The dog seat belt harness is part of the category that can keep your dog safe in the car. It may or may now work for certain dog owners, but there is no harm in trying out new products.

Dog Seat Belt Harness: How Do They Work?

A dog seat belt works like your regular seat belt but it’s for your furry friend. It connects to your seat belt attachment in your car. It also connects to your dog with a harness that fully hugs your dog for safety. Normal harnesses will not work with the dog seat belt because they are too frail and thing and can cause injury to your furry companion. Some results from using normal walking harnesses with the car seat belts did not turn out so good. Try to get a harness that fully supports your dog.

To know more about dog safety in cars and how they test the dog gears, check this cool video out!

Why Seat Belt Harnesses?

Dog seat belt harnesses have a lot of benefits for the safety of your dog. Not only does it keep your dog safe, but it also keeps him secure in your car. Here are some of the reasons why you should use a dog seat belt harness.


You can make sure that your dog is safe when using the seat belt harness. In an unfortunate event that an accident occurs, your dog will not be thrown off. It keeps him buckled right in his seat and it keeps him safe.


While on your road trips, you may find yourself stepping out of the car quite often. The seat belt harness keeps your dog in his place without the worry of him running off in the middle of nowhere. It also keeps him secure from all the bumps that you may encounter from the road.


One of the reasons that your dog likes to ride in the car so much is because they like that all their senses are being activated during the trip. They get to smell and see new things while on the road. If you use a crate to travel with your furry friend, you are limiting his excitement and wonder while on the road. With the seat belt, he gets to experience all that and still be controlled in one portion of the car.

These are just some of the benefits of riding in the car with a seat belt on your dog. There are a lot more than you can find out once you get your own set. Everyone’s experience is different. Some may like it, some may not. At the end of the day, it is up to you on what works for your dog. Finding that amazing spot of being safe and comfortable in the car is the best thing that you can offer your furry friend.

Our Final Thoughts

Safety is the top priority on any trip. Whether it be with a doggo or no doggo. In this day of new advances and innovations, we get to experience these new things that can keep us safe and still be comfortable. The same goes for the safety of our dogs. A lot of different companies now produce dog gears that think of your dog’s safety first and include their comfortability in their design. The dog seat belt harness is one of those innovations that keep your dog safe and secure but still gove them the sense of adventure that they look for every time that they go out for a car ride with you. Make every adventure and car ride count. Always be safe and have fun on your road trips!

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