How To Get A Cat To Use A Cat Bed

December 9, 2020 // 6 minute read

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Most cat parents love getting their furry friend on the bed and in the sheets with them. That statement is not true for some people, though. Some cat parents don’t appreciate waking up to scratches from their favorite feline.

If you are the type to not want your cats to be on the bed or on the couch, then this article is for you. We will be discussing some ways to introduce your cat to their own bed and not have those rude awakenings in the morning.

Choosing The Right Bed

Cat enjoying time in her own Cat Bed

There are many choices to be made when you are going to purchase a cat bed. This is because as much as possible, we want the best for our cat. What’s best for them is also what they need.

If you have a senior cat at home, the best cat bed for them would be a bed with an orthopedic pillow plus a heated bed. This helps relieve the joint pains they feel even just for a moment while sleeping or lounging on the bed.

There are cats who like to be stretched out while they are sleeping. This can be troublesome for those owners who allow their cats in the bed with them. They take up so much space! A good solution could be a larger cat bed for them so they can stretch themselves out and still feel cozy.

Some of our cats love to hide in small enclosed places. Sometimes impossible to find. A hooded cat bed, a cave-like bed, or a box-type cat house will give them a chance to hide and feel “safe” inside the bed as they sleep.

Lastly, if your cat loves bunching up like a ball when they sleep, there are beds that are round-shaped that will allow them to cuddle up and feel warm as they rest and lounge.

No matter the type of bed that you choose, make sure that it will fit what your cat needs based on how they sleep or rest.

Tips And Tricks

Now that you have got the right kind of bed for them, the problem that you face now, is getting them to use it. As we all know, cats are very apprehensive when it comes to new things. Here are a few steps and tricks that you can use to get them to use the very new bed that you got for them so it doesn’t go to waste.


Where does your cat sleep?

Place the bed where your cat sleeps. IF you have had them for a while now, you must know where they love to lie down and rest. If not, then observe where they most take their naps and sleep and place the bed there. It is one of the best spots to put it in.

Low traffic Areas

Cats love their alone time. Try placing the bed in areas of the house where they would get the peace and quiet that they are searching for. If the bed is placed in high traffic areas, they will likely not use it as they will feel that they are seen and won’t be able to sleep or rest.

A good view

They love watching everything. Often you would see them perched on top of your highest piece of furniture watching you or watching what’s happening what was happening in the world outside through a window. A good view near their bed would certainly appeal to them when you pick a spot to place it in.

Elevate, Elevate, Elevate

As said above, cats love to watch. Being perched in a high place allows them to see the world from a different angle. Elevating their resting area will be a good decision on your part as they would eventually spend most of their time there.

Move it around

If none of the options above has worked, try moving the bed around in different areas where your cat loves to spend their time. Don’t give up, try to find the place where they feel comfortable resting on the bed.

Make The Bed Appealing


If your cat still seems disinterested in the bed you got for them, sprinkling some catnip in the bed can make it more appealing to them, and will likely go near it if not get in the bed altogether.

Cloth and Fabric

As we know, our cats love our familiar scent. Placing a piece of clothing or fabric that smells like us will get them to use the bed more. The type of fabric will also matter as they would like to feel comfortable in the bed. I mean, who wouldn’t.

Multiple Beds

Cats sleep in multiple places around the house throughout the day. Having multiple beds around the house gives them an opportunity to sleep in a cozy, comfortable bed anywhere he goes in the house.

The use of different kinds of beds will also help. If you are tight on budget, a cardboard box with an old sweater or blanket will do. It is a great way to provide your cats with multiple beds without breaking the bank.

Heated Beds and Pads

Getting a heated bed for your cat can help them be more comfortable most especially in the colder seasons of the year.

However, some cats really like their regular bed and would be too much of a hassle to switch beds. What you could do is get heating pads and place them under your cat’s beds to make them warmer during these seasons.

Make It Work For You

Always try to make it work for you and your cat. Whatever choice of cat bed that you get for them, make it work because they are not cheap.

Not only that, cats will give your cat a place for them to sleep comfortably in their own space instead of trying to squeeze themselves in your bed taking up space in your very own comfortable bed.

Try out these tricks above and see what works for your cats. Once they do, they will never leave their bed.

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