How Do I Put A Dog Hammock In My Car?

May 8, 2020 // 4 minute read

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Dog hammocks are the best thing to happen to mankind since sliced bread. I know that because I have been using it for quite some time now. Dog seat hammocks are the best for traveling with your furry friend when going on long trips most especially. The features that it comes with just makes me love it even more. There are also some accessories that go great with the dog seat hammock like the dog seat belt harnesses. If you would like to find out how to these dog seat belts work, click here.

dog car seat covers

Getting The Right Size

One of the most important things when getting a dog hammock for your car is getting the correct fit for your car. The best-fitting hammocks are the ones that are snug to the backseat fo your car. Most of these hammocks come with different features depending on the brand that you choose. Some of them even have side flaps or car door flaps to protect your car doors and protect your dog.

The proper way to measure your car for a dog hammock is by measuring the length of your car from end to end of the car seats. Then, measure the width from the back headrest to the front headrest and let it drape down to get the correct measurements. A well-fitted dog hammock can best secure your pooch on longer car rides.

If you want to know what to pack on your road trips with your furry friend, check this video out!

Tips To Make Your Pooch Comfortable With The Hammock

Getting your pooch comfortable with anything is very difficult unless you have the best dog ever! But for slightly more complex pups, here are some tips to get them accustomed to the hammock and love it each time he uses it.

Unpacking the package

One way to make them comfortable with the hammock is by introducing the hammock to your pooch once you open it in your house. This will pique his curiosity and will not have to worry once you set it up in your car.

Treats and Positive Reinforcement

Treats are the best way to make you pooch love the hammock. When starting to introduce your furry companion to dog hammocks, positive reinforcement is the way to go. This is true for any behavior that you want to keep from your pooch. By giving treats to your pup in the car with the hammock, you are telling him that this is a good and safe place for him. This will make him more comfortable and fall in love with the hammock the more you use it.

Gradually Increase the Distance

If you are taking your furry friend on a longer trip the first time out, you are setting him up for failure. And we do not want that. We want him to succeed in all aspects of life. Try to take shorter trips first before going on four to six-hour drives. It is better to make them comfortable in the dog hammock and going on drives in the dog hammock.

Continuous Training

Now that you have your hammock and have made your pooch more comfortable with it, now it’s time for the hardest part. Dog training isn’t some one-time thing. You have to constantly be training to teach your dog the behavior you want him to do. Once you start, you cannot stop because it will just be letting yourself and your dog down if you stop. Constant training can help your furry friend be more comfortable with taking your road trips with the dog hammock. Once he is comfortable and relaxed you can give him treats or any reward that you use to keep the behavior reinforced.

Our Final Thoughts

Putting a dog hammock in your car could be the best thing that you can do. It is one of the greatest accessories available today. It helps with the security and safety of your dog (and your car). Getting the right fit for your car is vital to have clean car interiors and safe travels. Make sure to also follow the measuring guidelines of the brand that you are choosing to purchase so that you know what size to get when the time comes. And finally, remember to always keep training so that you can enjoy your road trips with your furry friend. One key to training is to take it slow and make sure that you don’t force your pooch into anything. Take it at the pace that he is running on and go with it.

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