Where Is The Safest Place For A Dog In A Car?

May 8, 2020 // 5 minute read

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Traveling in itself is a tedious task. What more if you bring your furry friend along. I’ve taken a lot of road trips with my dog and I always find myself looking for better ways to travel with him.

Fido on a car ride

One might ask, Where is the dog safest when traveling in a car? There are a lot of different ways of keeping your furry friend safe in a car. One of them is with a dog seat hammock. Find out more about how to measure your car for a dog seat hammock here. For now, let’s find out where your dog should be situated when traveling in a car.

Dog Car Accessories: Where Should They Be?

Nowadays, there are a lot of ways for your dog to travel safely. I’m going to share with you some of the safest and most common ways that you can travel with your furry friend. They all might now work for you, but maybe one of them will.


One of the most common ways to transport your dog in the car is by placing them in the crate. These crates are usually placed in the trunk of your vehicle. You would want to have an SUV or a pickup truck to fit the crate in.

  • Pros – Crates keep your dog in one place and not moving around the car which could be dangerous for you and him.
  • Cons – Very little space for your furry friend to move around in. You would also need a big trunk space to fit the crate.

Dog Seat Hammock

Dog seat hammocks are oversized seat covers meant to keep your dog in the back seat. Some of the features of the dog seat hammock are flaps near the car door, it is an easy on and off, and a mesh cover towards the front seat so your dog can still see you as you drive. This basically turns your back seat into a big crate.

  • Pros  – Big space for your dog to be comfortable in where they can still lie down.
  • Cons – Not too safe because your dog can move around freely. Not suitable for hyperactive dogs that can jump over the mesh barricade to the front seat.

Dog Seatbelt

These seatbelts are like normal seatbelts that you can connect to your dog’s harness or collar. These seatbelts also connect to your car’s seatbelt lock. If you have a dog that would not stop moving in the car, this could be perfect for you.

  • Pros – Can handle rowdy dogs that won’t stop moving in the car.
  • Cons – Could cause stress to your dog’s throat and body.

Here is a video od some traveling tips with your dog and how to properly secure them in your car.

Tips For Traveling With Your Furry Companion

Schedule multiple stops

When traveling with a dog, it is best to schedule multiple stopovers so you can take care of some business for your dog. They can go potty during this time, or they can also be fed. These breaks can also be just for stretching and making sure that they are comfortable in the car. Give your furry friend some time to move his legs around rather than being cooped up in the car for hours.

Pack enough food and water

One of the most important things that you can do is to pack food and water for your furry companion. This will keep him hydrated through the trip and he can eat when he is hungry. This is also one of the most commons things that owners forget to pack.

Never in the front seat

Whatever you do, do not place your dog in the front seat of your car. This is a very dangerous thing to do. Airbags, in case of an accident, will not work the same for you and for your dog. This can cause more injury to them in the unlikely event that it happens. With some of the newer models of cars today, some of them have airbags for the backseat. The only safe place for them now is in the middle rear seat.

Give them treats

Giving them treats and positive reinforcement can do wonders for your car ride. This will make them comfortable enough to ride your car without forcing them. This will also make them want to ride with you more in the future. This also can be a way to calm down an anxious dog in the car.

Our Final Thoughts

The safest place in the car for your dog varies with the type of gear or accessories that you use. Just know that when you travel with your furry friend, making them comfortable and safe is the best possible way to travel with them. If they are comfortable and relaxed, they will not make a fuss and that will be less stressful for you in the long run. I suggest that you use safety gear when traveling with your dog for extra safety. Traveling without it can lead to a lot more injuries. Drive safe and enjoy your road trip!

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