Measuring Your Car For A Dog Seat Hammock

May 8, 2020 // 4 minute read

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Car safety is one of the things that we as dog owners need to think about. I often go on road trips and bring along my furry friend for company. There are a lot of car products that can protect of furry companions when we take a ride in the car. You have crates, dog seatbelts, and tethers. What I normally use is a dog seat hammock. Dog hammocks are great and they have a lot of different features to help you when traveling with your furry friend. In this article, we will talk about how to measure your car for a dog seat hammock. If you would like to know how to put a dog hammock in your car, click here.

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What is a dog seat hammock?

Before we get into measuring your car for a dog seat hammock, let’s first talk about what a dog seat hammock and how it can help you with all your car rides! So a dog seat hammock is basically a heavy-duty sheet that you cover your back seat with. It is made with different types of material depending on the brand that you are buying. They are made to keep your car interiors clean and create a comfortable space that your furry friend can stay in while you are driving to your destination. These are a great product that can help any dog owner who is having a hard time trying to get their pooch to relax in the car.

To learn more dogs and their anxiety during car rides, take a look at this video. These training techniques can be used with any car gear like the dog seat hammocks.

Key features of a dog seat hammock

Dog seat hammocks can do wonders for those who spend a lot of time taking their furry companions everywhere. Below are some important features that you need to know before getting yourself a hammock of your own.


Depending on what brand you purchase, most of these hammocks are waterproof and water-resistant. You need not worry about spilling water or your furry friend having an accident in the backseat because you know that the hammock can handle it. Plus, it’s easier to clean!

Seatbelt Openings

We know that when you travel, it’s most likely with a bunch of different people. These car hammocks can still provide protection and safety even if there are some other human companions in the back seat. There are small openings where if fitted right, can still provide seatbelt protection for your human companions

Mesh Window

Most of these dog seat hammocks have a mesh window where your furry friend can still see you while you are driving. Unlike using the crates that you place in the trunks of your vans, these hammocks can provide your pooch a view where he can still see you and not be anxious.

Anti-slip Material

Most of our dogs, especially mine, are very spirited when they are in the car. They tend to move around a lot and take a while to find a spot they can be comfortable in. These hammocks offer anti-slip materials so when your dog is standing or walking about in the backseat, you can avoid them slipping and taking a tumble.

Measuring your car for a dog hammock

The best-fitting dog seat hammock should snuggly fit onto your back seat. The best way to measure your car for it is to measure your backseat from end to end. You can measure from each of the car doors or just the ends of your seats depending on how much coverage you need. To measure the width of the hammock you need, measure from the top of the back headrest to the front headrest, and letting it drape down on the car seat. Make sure to always countercheck with the brand that you’re going to purchase. Some of these brands have their own ways of measuring depending on the features of the hammock. Start measuring now and enjoy the amazing features of a dog seat hammock.

Our Final Thoughts

Getting the right measurements for a dog seat hammock is one of the easiest things. Taking time in doing this can really be a great help when you think of the safety and security of your furry friend in the car. Purchasing one these can be beneficial for those who want to keep a clean car and allowing your pooch to stay comfortable in the car while going on your road trips.  Turn your backs seat into a bigger, better, and more comfortable crate for your furry friend and start your new adventure today!

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