Paws & Pals Soft-Sided Pet Carrier Review

May 14, 2020 // 9 minute read

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The prospect of bringing my dog with me on my frequent travels did not cross my mind at first. My instinct was to leave her behind, usually to my mom’s care or a dog daycare near my house. I miss her even when I am only out for a couple of days.

But my perspective changed when I learned about the Paws & Pals Airline Approved Pet Carrier. I never was a fan of putting dogs on a carrier because it usually leads to discomfort and panic. But some things are meant to alter what we believe.

Paws & Pals Airline Approved Pet Carrier With Dog

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What You Should Factor in Choosing a Pet Carrier

The main reason why you are not that enthusiastic about the prospect of traveling with your dog is that you find it highly inconvenient. How are you supposed to carry him with your luggage? What if he panics while you are on the plane? Those things are likely to happen if you do not have the luxury of bringing a small dog carrier.

A pet carrier is designed to make it a lot easier and stress-free for you to take Fido on your next destination. You may not admit it, but you feel guilty when you leave your loyal buddy behind every time you need to go out of town. I used to leave my dog to my neighbor’s care back in the day, but I felt it was not right. It was unfair for a pet who wants nothing else in this world but to be with you all the time. The pet carrier gives your small dog the chance to be as comfortable and secure as possible when you are traveling by land, sea, or air.

But not all pet carriers afford the reliability you expect. Before you buy one for the first time, you at least should have a clue or two on what to consider.

Focus on the Size

Figuring out the ideal size of your small dog carrier requires more than just identifying which one is small, medium, or large. You must be knowledgeable enough about the factors that can affect your pet’s comfort level. While you are searching for something for your small dog, be sure to choose a carrier that is large enough for your pooch to stand with enough room for his head. The dog must be able to move freely and can lie down in its usual position when resting.

Airline-Approved Design

An ideal small dog travel carrier comes with an airline-approved design. The weight and size must be within limits laid out by airline companies. If you choose to buy a carry-on type (typical for small dogs), then be sure it can fit underneath your seat. Don’t forget to ask the airline before booking your travel if they allow flying with a dog and if any specific rules come along with it.

Quality Matters

If you travel a lot, you should emphasize the quality of the small dog carrier. One reason why I chose the Paws & Paws pet carrier is that the material construction impressed me the moment I saw it for the first time. I was not a fan of the bright yellow color that’s reminiscent of a cab, but everything about it appeared premium, including the zippers, mesh, and straps.

You need a durable and reliable pet carrier, especially if you travel a lot with your pet. Do not make a compromise on quality just because you want to save money. Even if you’re bringing a small dog with you, the carrier will bear the weight of the animal. It means that the handles, base, and support components must all be resilient to stress and weight.

Paws & Pals Airline Approved Pet Carrier Review

Paws and Pals Pet Carrier

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Fortunately, there is an abundance of premium quality pet carriers out there. The Paws & Pals Airline Approved Pet Carrier offers a bevy of conveniences and features that possibly allows it to stand out from other small pet carriers within the same price range. It is available in a handful of color options to fit you and your dog’s style. But more important than aesthetics is the product’s collection of security add-ons, which I will expand later.

Quick Glance

What's Good

  • Perfect fit for small dogs and cats
  • The fly-free design keeps pets calm
  • Significantly lower price than the competition
  • Has a bevy of security features

What's Bad

  • Sturdiness is an issue
  • Zippers do not slide easily
  • Plastic components have a strong smell

Compact Yet Durable Construction

Paws & Pals Airline Approved Pet Carrier Features

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Paws & Pals describes its airline-approved pet carrier as a compact product that promises durability and resiliency during extended trips. It has a breathable and water-resistant material construction to withstand the usual wear and tear and provides comfort for the pet at the same time. The size is reasonable enough to fit just about anywhere. It does not take up that much space, either.

Reinforced Frame

The purpose of the reinforced frame is to provide premium structural integrity to the carrier, allowing it to withstand harsh conditions, even extreme weather. If you are planning to use it during night trips, then the reflective strips will come in handy for better visibility. I am quite appreciative of the reflective strips because aside from being the only pet carrier I know to have this feature; it has a practical purpose. I drive a lot at night, usually traveling alone with my dog. The lack of sufficient lighting inside the car makes it difficult to locate my dog in the backseat. The strips solve this issue.

Paws & Pals Airline Approved Pet Carrier Dimensions

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Premium Comfort

You will love the Paws & Pals pet carrier if your dog finds it difficult to calm down and relax during long trips. It does not matter if it’s merely a visit to the vet, road trip, or a plane ride; this product comes with all the right components to make it as comfortable as possible. The highlight feature for comfort is the fluffy fleece bed that gives your pet a nice surface to lay down as you travel hundreds of miles.

Safety Components

This pet carrier designed for small dogs comes with a handful of features designed for added safety. I believe that the most significant is the buckle that allows you to strap the carrier to the seat belt so that your dog is safely in place during road trips. You do not worry about the possibility of the buckle giving in to the bumps and high speed because it appears to be sturdy and resilient.

Soft-Sided and Machine Washable

The product is made from materials that are convenient to clean and machine washable. There is a removable cushion on the shoulder strap that allows you to wash it separately. Meanwhile, the sides are soft-sided and reinforced with mesh screens so that you can monitor your dog inside without the need to open the entryway.


The concept of a fly-free pet carrier like this one from Paws & Pals relies on keeping your dog as calm, happy, and relaxed as possible. It is no secret that traveling while placed in a confined space will put some pets in distress. It is why I chose this airline-approved carrier because I felt that my dog would be comfortable in it right away. It did not disappoint.

What Others Think About The Paws & Pals Pet Carrier

I made sure I read a handful of reviews about the Paws & Pals airline-approved carrier before I bought it. It was not a hard decision for me, and the reviews below are proof of its reliability:

Although BlueDeb did not consider this product first, he is happy he went for it.

BlueDeb Paws & Pals Soft-Sided Pet Carrier Review

Gwen1493 wanted something comfortable for her 18-lb dog and got more than what she expected.

Gwen1493 - Paws & Pals Soft-Sided Pet Carrier Review

Laugh_a_little gave it 4 out of 5 stars, maybe because her first dog didn’t like it.

laugh_a_little - Paws & Pals Soft-Sided Pet Carrier Review

Alternatives to Paws & Pals

AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier

With the recommended maximum capacity of 22 lbs, this pet carrier from AmazonBasics falls within the same category to that of Paws & Pals since they both are intended for small dog breeds. Another similarity is the removable fleece pad that’s machine washable. I insist on avoiding the use of a strong detergent since it might cause some deterioration of the material. The pet carrier is unique for its rugged design. Go here to see more of the AmazonBasics pet travel carrier.

Henkelion Dog Carrier

Like the Paws & Pals pet carrier, this one from Henkelion is airline-approved. Its design leans towards added safety and protection to your dog, highlighted by the adjustable shoulder strap. It makes this dog carrier flexible because it allows for a hands-free carrying option. It is arguably a worthy competitor of Paws & Pets’ pet travel carrier. You can get more information about the Henkelion dog carrier here.

Elite Soft-Sided Pet Carrier

This pet carrier shares a handful of similar qualities to the Paws & Pals dog carrier, including the fact that it has soft-sides and a removal fleece bed cover. It is also made from waterproof material. The Elite soft-sided carrier is best used for small dogs as it can only hold up to 22 lbs of weight. Get to know this product more by visiting this link.

Our Final Thoughts

It may not be the priciest and most premium pet travel carrier you can buy online, but the Paws & Pals airline-approved small dog carrier has the tools to compete. I chose it over other prospects because it provided the solution to my problem.

You could explore more expensive options, but this one fits the bill if you are looking for something that does not cost a lot but provides a ton of reliability and value.

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