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November 18, 2019 // 10 minute read

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I hate having to leave my pets home alone – the constant worry of how they’re doing, the fear that they’ll resent me for leaving, wondering if my house sitter is feeding them in just the right way. Worrying about my pets began to become too distracting for me, I found my work suffered while I was traveling because I was too focused on them. I knew I needed something to help ease this stress, thus my PetChatz review of the PetChatz HD and PawCall digital daycare dog video camera system.

Having a product like the PetChatz HD and PawCall would have helped so much back when I was constantly traveling for work. The access to your pets that it helps provide is astounding and lets them know that you’re not really gone, even when you’re miles away!

PetChatz Dog Video Camera ReviewCheck Amazon's Price

PetChatz Dog Video Camera Review: What You Should Consider Before Buying

For anyone who stresses about leaving their pets at home as you travel and find yourself away from home constantly, PetChatz HD is a product you should highly consider. PetChatz allows pet owners to stay connected with their pets even as they’re away from home. The worry of how your pet is doing when you’re not there becomes a thing of the past with this pet camera.

It’s important to understand, prior to buying this product, whether this pet camera is right for you. If you’re someone who often travels and has to leave their pets being, buying a pet camera could be a smart option. If you stress constantly about how your pets are handling being alone and want a way to reassure them that you’re not really gone, you might want to consider PetChatz.

PetChatz and PawCall Video Camera For DogsCheck Amazon's Price

For people who don’t often travel, and when they do, they are comfortable knowing their pets are doing alright, perhaps you’ll want to look into a pet camera that doesn’t feature the bells and whistles that this one does. This product is for customers who miss their pets greatly and wish for a way to interact with them from a state away!

When I was traveling and stressed about being apart from my dogs, I knew I needed something more than a simple pet camera. That’s why I bought the PetChatz and PawCall – the added features made my time apart from them so much more bearable.

PetChatz Dog Video Camera Review

PetChatz HD is a digital pet camera that doubles as a treat dispensary. It employs a fully functioning two-way video chat option, as well as the ability to listen to your pets and speak to them. All this from miles away from home! The PawCall is a device that allows your pet to call you when they begin to miss you. They simply place their paw on the device, and you’ll receive a call just as any other phone device.

This is best suited for people who find themselves traveling often and leaving their pets at home. If you struggle to say goodbye to your furry friends – even for a couple of days – the PetChatz Digital Daycare grants you access to them no matter how far away you are.

PetChatz HD and PawCall Digital Daycare Dog Video Quick Glance

What's Good

  • Two-way video chat
  • Treat dispensary
  • PawCall feature
  • Sound/motion-triggered

What's Bad

  • Often overpriced
  • Connection issues

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Features of PetChatz HD and PawCall

PawCall featuresCheck Amazon's Price

Two-way video chats

The standout feature of this product is the ability to video chat with your pets while you’re away from home. Seeing them and watching how they’re doing is great and helps ease your mind while you’re traveling. Something that this pet camera offers that many competitors don’t, is the two-way video chats. Most pet cameras are one-way video with two-way audio, but the PetChatz HD offers high-quality video on both sides of the camera so your pets can see you and hear you. This provides comfort to both you and your pets while you’re not home.

Keeping in contact with your pet both through audio and visual methods is important. This allows your pets to stay calm when you’re away as they know you’re still with them. The peace of mind that this provides you is worthwhile as well. No longer will you be distracted from work or vacation, worrying about how your pets are doing – simply call and talk with them, remind them you aren’t gone forever!

Brain games

This pet camera has the name “Digital Daycare” for a reason. This product is so much more than a pet camera – it operates with the goal of keeping your pets happy while you’re away in mind. The ability for them to see you, an aromatherapy feature to help calm them down, games that allow them to keep stimulated with treat rewards, and pet-to-parent messaging so you can always be in contact with each other.

The aromatherapy feature has come in handy for me, especially with my dogs. By dispensing calming smells that I tend to often wear, I can keep them calm while I’m away as they smell me even when I’m not there. This, combined with the two-way video chatting has kept my dogs happy and placed me right there next to them even when I was in a different country.

PawCall Works With PatChatz Video CameraCheck Amazon's Price

Treat dispensary

The quickest way to making your pet happy while you’re not there, is to reward their good behavior with treats. PetChatz HD comes with a built-in treat dispenser so you can toss treats out to both entertain and satisfy your pets. This feature helps to draw them into the pet camera in the first place and makes them feel more comfortable with the device. Your pets know what the treats mean, and when you’re not there, rewarding them for their good behavior and patience can be difficult.

It’s recommended that you use mostly dry treats for this device as wetter foods can clump and clog up the dispensary machine. Plus, the dry food is easier to toss out which can be more entertaining for your pet as they attempt to jump and catch the treats! The more they run, the more they’ll want your treats so have your digital daycare stocked up and full.

Sound/motion triggered

An issue that arises with many pet camera devices is knowing when your pet is ready to video chat. Often times you’ll call in, and they’ll be off sleeping in a different room making the video call feature useless until they’re ready for you. You can combat this issue with the sound/motion triggering feature. This addition will notify you as to when your pets are in the proximity of the device and when you should try to call them.

You’ll receive a notification whenever your pet activates the camera and is ready to speak. Another major feature implemented by PetChatz is the PawCall device. This is a separate device that acts as a phone dial for your pet. All they have to do is step on the PawCall and the PetChatz camera will call your phone. This way, whenever your pet is lonely, they can call you and demand attention and a snack!

PetChatz Video Camera RecordingCheck Amazon's Price

Pet-safe design

Keeping your pet safe is the number one priority of this device. For that purpose, safety precautions have been implemented to avoid any accidental harm. The device is completely rounded and avoids sharp corners so your pet can’t cut themselves when walking past the device. It can withstand more than 100 pounds of pressure which means it won’t fall off the wall and land on your pets.

From the device, no harm will come to your pets. Not only will you be able to chat with them to make sure they’re doing alright, but you have the safety guarantee that this device will not cause any harm to them either. Pet safety is the reason you bought the device and should be the priority of the developers themselves.

PetChatz & PawCall Reviews around the web

Customers who have purchased the PetChatz device cannot get enough of it and it’s clear to see why. I was skeptical at first myself – it promises a lot of features and many of them seem far-fetched to work out well. However, once I get the product and set it up, my worries went away quick. Many customers who have the PetChatz HD have similar things to say.

Quality Alternative Options

Looking for more options? View our review round-up of dogvideo cameras with treat dispensers.

Petcubes Bites 2 WiFi Pet Camera With Treat Dispenser: Petcube is the pricier all-around dispenser surveillance camera that connects pet-owners with their beloved pets while they’re at work or traveling. The Petcube has it all: 1080P recording, night-vision, treat dispenser, recording/live-streaming, iOS/Android support, motion detection, sound detection, and large storage compartment. Click here to read our complete review of the Petcube WiFi Pet Camera.

SKYMEE Dog Camera Treat Dispenser – This product brings high-quality video feed and the ability to dispense treats to your pets no matter how far away you are. The ability to share any saved moments from videos to pictures is accessible with this product as well. It comes at a much higher cost, however, but with the added features, the price makes sense.

TOOGE Pet Camera – For your basic video feed needs, the TOOGE Pet Camera is a quality option. You’ll find that many competitors on the market will spend their focus on fancy additions and cool gimmicks, but TOOGE puts their full effort in on the video feature. This offers pet owner’s access to their pets when they’re away for an affordable and reasonable price! TOOGE has you covered if you’re looking for a simple and effective pet camera.

Furbo Dog Camera – Two-way audio, fun treat tossing capabilities, and an incredibly high-quality video feed are all features of this product. Furbo leads the way in the pet camera industry and their products showcase as to why this is. The Furbo Dog Camera offers all that the competing products do and more – for a higher price of course.

mobile app compatibility for PetChatz and PawCall dog video cameraCheck Amazon's Price


PetChatz HD is one of the most advanced pet cameras on the market. The added features and quality that goes into this product make it well worth the price tag. For pet owners like myself who often travel and miss their pets, this is an amazing device. I wish I had something like this Digital Daycare when I was traveling more often. The PetChatz HD and PawCall devices are some of my favorite pet camera products available today.

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