PetSafe Easy Walk® Dog Harness Review

April 3, 2020 // 6 minute read

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Taking your furry friend for walkies is good for him and your health too! That is unless your dog likes to pull his or her leash. The pressure your pooch exerts with pulling on his or her collar can cause neck problems. It can also put a strain on your arms, shoulders, and back. But don’t worry! No-pull harnesses like PetSafe Easy Walk® Dog Harness can help greatly reduce or even get rid of your dog’s pulling behavior.

What To Consider Before Buying A Dog Harness

If you are questioning “Will a harness stop a dog from pulling?”, then you have come to the right place. Harnesses, in general, are a great tool for dog walking because the strain on your dog‘s neck is removed. They also offer more control. Anti-pull harnesses are also a real lifesaver when you have a dog who likes to pull on their leashes. They help manage this behavior so that you and your dog can enjoy comfortable and safe walks.

Harnesses come in many styles. They are designed for different uses as well. So before you purchase a dog harness, here are a few things you should ask yourself first:

  • Can the non-pull dog harness withstand extensive use? You will be using it a lot, and it should be able to hold up with the activities your dog will be doing. Therefore, the harness should be durable.
  • Is the harness adjustable? All dogs are built differently so you will need to find the best no pull dog harness for large dogs if you have a great dane and a small harness if you pootch happens to be a terrier . The harness must be adjustable, at least around the neck and chest. This allows you to fit it to your dog snugly.
  • Will your dog be comfortable while wearing it? The harness should be made of breathable material. This way, your dog remains comfortable and cool even if he or she wears it all day.
  • Is it affordable? A harness is an investment. Make sure you find a good one at a reasonable price.
  • Does it come in the style I want? Although utility should be your main goal when choosing a harness, it doesn’t hurt to have one that’s also stylish.

PetSafe Dog Harness

PetSafe Easy Walk Dog HarnessCheck Amazon's Price

The PetSafe dog harness was created by a veterinary behaviorist more than 15 years ago. It has a patented no-pull design, with a front chest leash attachment that helps you steer your dog. The strap on this front leading dog harness rests on the chest so that the pressure isn’t on your dog‘s delicate throat, preventing gagging or choking. Also, this easy over the head dog harness is easy to put on your dog and comfortable to wear. The harness aims to make walking an enjoyable and stress-free activity for your dog. Click here to see Amazon’s current pricing for this dog harness.

Quick Glance

What's Good

  • Comes in eight sizes and eight colors
  • Adjustable straps help even distribution of pressure
  • Made of soft, easy-to-clean nylon
  • One-year chew damage replacement warranty

What's Bad

  • Materials used aren’t as durable as some reports of seams ripping
  • It tends to chafe your dog’s armpits as there is no padding
  • Some users report having sizing issues

Features & Benefits

PetSafe Easy Walk Pet HarnessCheck Amazon's Price

PetSafe EasyWalk is a veterinarian, and trainer recommended harness. It is made by one of the most recognizable pet brands in the world, with nearly 30 years of service. Find out what else this dog harness can offer you below:

Lightweight Option

This product is made of nylon, making it an easy to wash and lightweight option. It also has a strap design that provides less coverage. This way, your furry best friend remains cool and mobile.

No-Pull Design

The PetSafe Easy Walk® harness is designed to curb light to moderate pulling. It has a front chest Martingale loop that will gently steer your dog back towards you when they pull. The strap sits across your dog’s chest so that the pressure isn’t placed on his or her throat.

Color-Coded Straps

The cute dog harness comes in various two-toned colors, such as black/silver, apple green/gray, red/black, and fawn/brown. The dual color straps help you distinguish which part is top and bottom, making this product easy to use.

Quick-Snap Buckles

This easy dog harness has two quick-snap buckles located on the shoulder and belly straps. This allows for easy on and off wearing.

User Reviews

Easy Walk No Pull Dog HarnessCheck Amazon's Price

If you want to know how this front clip dog harness fares with other users, don’t fret! We have compiled a few user reviews for you, so you’ll know how other users found the PetSafe EasyWalk Dog Harness. Check them out below:

How Does It Compare?

Other dog harnesses are available on the market. Before you purchase anything, it always helps to know how the product you are eyeing will compare to its competition. Here are a few other dog harnesses to help you:

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness No-Pull Pet Harness

Rabbitgoo No-Pull Pet Harness is an easy to wear option that is made of breathable and durable material. It has reflective straps to keep your pooch visible during low-light walks. Aside from the front chest, this product also has a leash attachment at the back. It is a little bulkier than PetSafe Easy Walk® as Rabbitgoo has built-in heavy padding. This also only comes in four sizes.

WINSEE Dog Harness No Pull

The WINSEE Dog Harness is a more affordable alternative to PetSafe Easy Walk®. This product has front and back metal D-rings to help reduce or eliminate leash pulling. It also has reflective straps, lockable snap buckles, and a fabric handle on the back. This dog harness also comes with a dog collar.

Bolux Dog Harness

Unlike with PetSafe Easy Walk®, the leash attachment in Bolux Dog Harness is located at the back. This design distributes the pulling pressure to the body to avoid choking. The harness is also equipped with a nylon handle, adjustable chest strap, and reflective stitching. Check out our detailed review of the Bolux Dog harness here.


Don’t worry if it takes you a while to choose the right harness. After all, different dogs require different types of harnesses. When you find the ideal harness for your pooch, you can look forward to using your PetSafe dog harness to explore the outdoors with your dog.

Click here to check out the PetSafe Easy Walk® Dog Harness on Amazon >>

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