Should I Pick Up Dog Poop Before Mowing?

April 20, 2020 // 6 minute read

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mowing lawn and picking up dog poop with poop scooper

If there’s one thing that I don’t like doing as a dog parent, it is cleaning up dog poop, especially if it’s in my backyard.

It’s a messy job, and pretty sure most of you can relate to this. Even if you have the best equipment for dog cleaning, it’s hard picking up dog waste on the grass. And when the grasses in the backyard started growing tall, it’s hard to see the dog poop, which makes this duty even harder.

In fear of having to step on it, and also to save time trying to find dog poop to pick it up, most dog owners skip the pick-up process and proceed to mow. But is this the right way to do it?

The answer is a definite NO.

I, for one, don’t do this. Yes, it makes the job easier, that’s a fact. But, remember this, there will be more underlying issues if you don’t pick up dog poop before mowing.

So, why you pick up dog waste before mowing? There are some pretty strong reasons to do so.

Reasons Why You Should Pick Up Dog Poop Before Mowing

Below, we outline three significant reasons you should pick up your dog poop before you mow your lawn,

Dog Poop Is Not Removed By Mowing

You might think that running poop down with lawnmower is an easy way of cleaning up. But just because you don’t see it anymore, it doesn’t mean it’s no longer there. It’s even worse because mowing has spread the waste across your lawn even more.

Imagine how dangerous or gross this would be letting your dogs and children play in the backyard with little bits of poop spread there.

Remember this, mowing squishes poop and shreds it, but, it doesn’t vacuum it. Which means the waste stays where it is. Worse, it can even affect the equipment’s performance itself, and not to mention, an unpleasant smell.

Dog Poop Is An Environmental Pollution

As much as you may not like it, dog poop is more than just a gross mess that you want to disappear quickly. It’s already considered a pollutant by the Environmental Protection Agency since 1991.

It was found that two to three days of poop droplets from a hundred dogs is actually enough to close any water source temporarily. Plus, dog waste carries a lot of harmful bacteria or parasites that can pass to other dogs or even humans.

That’s how dangerous dog poop is if you don’t clean it up. Which is why states even created a law for responsible dog cleaning. And that means picking it up to prevent it from spreading.

Dog Poop Is Not A Substitute For Fertilizer

Some dog owners don’t clean up dog poop because they believe that it’s a fertilizer. And if you think that too, that’s wrong.

As mentioned above, dog poop is a pollutant. Not picking it up and spreading it across your lawn is already dangerous. Also, it has high contents of nitrogen that, in no way, will be helpful for your soil.

It’s the exact opposite as it will make your soil highly contaminated and harmful bacteria will spread. In the long run, your backyard will be an unsafe place for your dogs and children. We don’t want that.

Also, high loads of nitrogen can lead to soil imbalance, which will decrease any nutrients found there. This will cause your grass to turn yellow, or worse; it can die.

using a pooper scooper before mowing


How Do I Pick-Up Dog Poop?

Well, it’s not as complicated as you think. With the right materials, you’ll keep your lawn healthy, safe, and poop free.

All you need is a pooper scooper.

Probably one reason why dog owners don’t pick up dog poop is the fact that it strains the back. Plus, picking up dog poop with your plastic-covered hand can be disgusting. Not to mention that you’d need to get in close contact with the fecal matter.

Well, a pooper scooper is a great gift for you. It has this extended reach that you won’t be needing to bend over and strain your back to clean up the dog mess. Added to that, you won’t even have to keep in close contact with the poop. They usually come as jaw dog pooper scoopers or poop scoopers that have a rake and bin.

So leave your lawnmower and start picking up dog poop first. With the right pooper scooper in your hands, cleaning dog poop will surely be a breeze.

How Do I Choose The Right Pooper Scooper?

dog running through yard after owner used pooper scooper

You can’t pick out the first pooper scooper you see on the market and scream, “this is it!” There are also a few factors you need to consider that will influence and aid your buying decision.

The first thing you’d have to consider is the weight of the pooper scooper. It mustn’t be too heavy for you. Remember, you want to be able to carry it easily wherever you go, so portability is critical.

The next thing you need to consider is the handle length. If you don’t want to strain your back so much, make sure that the handle length fits your height, so there’s no need to bend over anymore. You can also purchase a pooper scooper with an adjustable handle to solve your problems completely, plus, anyone in your family can use it comfortably.

Another thing is durability. Generally, pooper scoopers are made of heavy-duty plastics. This is because they are durable but at the same time lightweight. Stainless steel pooper scoopers are not entirely advisable for use as they can be heavy and easily rusts.

You should also consider buying a pooper scooper made of non-stick material so that it’s also easy to clean up after use.

Lastly, the scooper size. You’d want to pick up as much waste as possible in one go, so you should go for a pooper scooper with a large scooper size. I also advise thinking about the size of your dog. If your dog is big, you can expect that their poop is big too, so you need a large sized scooper.


Final Thoughts On Picking Up Dog Poop Before Mowing

Dog poop cleaning is not a fun thing to do. No matter how much we love our dogs, it’s one chore that’s messy, and we wish to skip.

But I wish that this article has emphasized the importance of picking up dog poop before mowing. We have pooper scoopers available on the market that you can use to make this job a breeze. So, pick that dog poop first before you proceed in clearing up your lawn.

Keep yourself, your dogs, and your family safe.

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