VARRAM Pet Robot Review

June 4, 2020 // 8 minute read

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My dog is one of the most important aspects of my life. He gives me endless moments of joy, from being my exercise partner all the way to being my snuggle buddy at night. Since he is a labrador, he tends to experience pretty intense separation anxiety when I leave for work for the day. So, I decided to help him out by looking at a treat-dispensing fitness robot. I figured that this type of device would make the long hours at work seem a little more manageable for both of us. One product that I found particularly interesting was the VARRAM Fitness Robot. Not only does it dispense treats but it also plays with my dog. Below is my VARRAM pet robot review.

VARRAM Pet Robot Review

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Things To Consider Before Buying A Pet Fitness Robot

As with all products, pet fitness robots come with different features that might or might not work for you. Since this is a pet fitness robot, it drives around your house playing games with your dog. It’s the perfect combo of toy and treat dispenser. Your dog will, more than likely, follow it around the house. Therefore, make sure you pick a fitness robot that offers features or games that your pet would find interesting.

Also, make sure that your dog is the type of dog that needs interactive play during the day. For example, my friend has an English Bulldog that would prefer laying around on the couch and sleeping all day. In her case, a pet camera may be a better fit. My lab has a bottomless stomach and a strong desire for play. Therefore, a fitness pet robot really fits the type of breed that I have.

Since you can access your fitness robot through your phone, it is vital that you choose an appropriate time and place to interact with your pet. For example, driving while using the pet fitness robot is not advisable. I tend to spend my lunch hour with my dog and that seems to work well for me.

Pet fitness robots work well for those, like me, who spend the day away from home but eagerly come back home to their dog when the workday is done. The pet fitness robot is a pet device that is meant to break up those long hours. However, it is not meant to replace you. You shouldn’t buy one thinking that you can take off for a few days while leaving your pooch at home. With or without the pet fitness robot, leaving for a few days should involve a pet sitter so your fur baby isn’t left alone for too long.

VARRAM Pet Robot

The VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot is a smart robot that is designed to interact with your pet. Since it has different play modes, it prompts your pet to play with it, giving your pet the exercise and mental stimulation it requires. This pet fitness robot is smart and avoids obstacles, preventing it from getting stuck. It works on different surface areas from carpets to hardwood flooring. It drives in various patterns that your pet will find difficult to predict.

It also rewards your pet with a treat. The app is controlled via your phone where you can set a daily exercise and treat schedule. You can also engage in manual play from a remote location, using your Android or Apple phone.  With its sensors, it tracks your dog’s activities so you know how much exercise your dog has had while you are away. This fitness robot helps your pet both physically and mentally.

Quick Glance

What's Good

  • 16 different play modes
  • Avoids obstacles
  • Durable design
  • Waterproof

What's Bad

  • Some dogs might not pay attention to it
  • Moves slowly which may cause your pet to lose interest
  • Some dogs learn the “treat-dispensing” sound and only approach it when hearing this noise

VARRAM Pet Robot: Features & Benefits

As I mentioned earlier, I found the VARRAM Fitness Robot. I was interested in this device because, not only does it allow me to check in on my dog, but it also has features that would work with my lab’s personality.

Avoids Boredom & Loneliness

My dog is young and still has a lot of drive. He gets pretty intense separation anxiety that can lead to some destructive behavior. He can’t go a full day without some form of interactive play. Otherwise, I would come home to the remains of something he got into but shouldn’t have. Since I want to keep my house intact, this pet fitness robot seemed to fit the bill.

VARRAM Pet Robot Features

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Various Play Modes

The VARRAM has a smart robot that offers 16 different play modes. This helps keep my boy busy. When I am gone, he doesn’t get bored. Since he is a labrador, he needs constant exercise. The VARRAM helps me provide that for him when I can’t. It also monitors and keeps track of his daily activities. This prevents him from getting overweight, which is common for many labs who don’t get enough exercise.

Durable & Water Resistant Design

The fitness robot is durable. It is made from polycarbonate material, making it virtually unbreakable. This is vital because my dog is large and really enjoys chewing on his toys. Something that wasn’t durable would break after the first use. It’s also water-resistant which is necessary because my dog tends to leave a pool of slobber on everything he plays with. It rewards your pet’s interactions, prompting your dog to keep engaging with it.

Works On Various Surface Areas

The VARRAM Fitness Robot works on carpet, hardwood floors, tile, and many other surface types so you won’t have to worry about it getting stuck on an area rug in the middle of playtime. It’s smart enough to know to avoid obstacles like furniture.

Set Daily Schedules & Manual Play

You can also schedule playtime and treat dispensing time by using the easy-to-use phone app. It even has a sleep time. This way, you can give your pooch a break to take a nap. If your dog is like mine, he won’t stop unless he is prompted to. During my lunch break, I can control the VARRAM for direct play with my dog.

As mentioned earlier, this device is not meant to replace you. You cannot expect it to provide your dog with the necessary play and exercise that many breed types require. It is only meant to give your fur baby a means to play while you are away.

VARRAM Pet Robot Motions

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Long-Lasting Battery

One concern that many may have with a product like this is how long the battery will last. The VARRAM has a large capacity, rechargeable battery. It can last for 4 hours of continuous play or for 2 hours per day for 2 days. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the battery dying after the first hour of your pooch playing with it.

Other VARRAM Pet Robot Review Opinions

Of course, before buying any product, I want to make sure that I am getting my money’s worth. So I decided to check out a few reviews first. Based on the reviews that I found, it seems that many other pet owners found this fitness robot very useful. Below are some reviews that stood out to me:

James Ju found that the VARRAM Fitness Robot helped cub his dog’s separation anxiety and was easy to use:

James Ju - VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot Review

Ashley Miller found that her Husky really enjoys the VARRAM Fitness Robot and that it is durable enough for her energetic dog:

Ashley Miller- VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot Review

Michael MC found that this smart robot is an affordable way to keep his dog busy during the day:

Michael MC- VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot Review

Our Wrap-up

I really was glad to find the VARRAM Fitness Robot. It has really helped out because I no longer worry about my dog’s separation anxiety and loneliness during the day. I know that I am doing my best to provide him with the mental and physical stimulation he needs when I have to go to work. If your dog is like mine, where he gets into a destructive mode when I am gone, then it is vital that you address it. Furthermore, even if my dog didn’t destroy things, I certainly don’t want my dog to feel lonely or depressed either. Leaving your pooch in a kennel all day can just feel like torture for them. Furthermore, options like doggie daycare aren’t really an economical choice for many of us. Therefore, having an affordable distraction is the best way to help them through it.

VARRAM Pet Robot Pricing And Availability

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