AmazonBasics Extra Large Cat Tree Review

April 14, 2020 // 7 minute read

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Cats are instinctive scratchers. It is only natural for them to scratch their claws on wood or on curtains. It’s a way for them to exercise and keep their claws at tip-top shape. Wouldn’t it be easier to have a piece of furniture that could help with that? Well, look no further. The AmazonBasics Extra Large Cat Tree is here.

Excessive Scratcher

Is your cat an excessive scratcher to the point that you’re out of furniture that he hasn’t scratched? Has your cat ever toppled over anything important while jumping on some of your furniture? That’s what cat trees are for. Today, we are looking at one cat tree that would be great with larger cats. These cat trees provide scratching posts, perches, and condos that your cat can thoroughly enjoy while playing in their own personal playground. Before making the leap to purchase let’s take a look at some things that you might want to consider before jumping in headfirst.

  • Design – What kind of design do I need? Would a condo be what my cat needs?
  • Size and Shape – How big or tall of a cat tree would fit in my house?
  • Material – What kind of material will give my cat the best comfort?
  • Added Features – What more can this cat tree offer me?

You’ll never really know what the best one is until you actually try it. For now, we have to rely on the reviews we find online or from other users’ comments about our featured product. Let me share with you all of that and more, to assist you in making a great choice for your new cat furniture.

AmazonBasics Extra Large Cat Tree Overview

AmazonBasics Extra Large Cat Tree

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The AmazonBasics Extra Large Cat Tree is a multiplatform playground with scratching posts and cubby holes. Its tiered platforms will provide the space for your cat to play, climb and relax in one area. They say that this product can help prevent your cat from scratching your most precious furniture at home.

Quick Glance

What's Good

  • Natural color tones will go well with your existing decor
  • Natural Jute Fiber scratching post to promote claw maintenance
  • Interactive play design to stimulate your cat’s mind

What's Bad

  • Not great for extra-large cats
  • Stability issues
  • Setting up was not that easy for some users

Key Features Of This Tall Cat Tree

There is a lot that can be benefitted from the AmazonBasics Extra-Large Cat trees. I will be going through them one by one so you can definitively decide if this cat tree is for you and your cat.


This cat tree is the perfect playground for your kitty from AmazonBasics. Mounted with 2 perches to let your cat enjoy being on a higher pedestal to observe and watch you. It is also equipped with a cubby hole that your cat can go in and relax on the soft fabric that covers the whole cat tree. It is held together by a wide base and poles that are also for scratching. They are wrapped with jute fiber to promote good claw maintenance for your cats.

Size and Shape

AmazonBasics Cat Tree with Platform, Scratching Posts, X-Large Size

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Standing at only 49.6 inches, this cat tree may be for large cats. It is tower-shaped, supported by a high base and supporting poles. I have read reports of its instability and non-sturdiness. There were also users that commented that their larger cats do not enjoy being on it because it is too small. I do not know how true these claims are but I know that you should consider measuring your cat first and check the specifications of this cat tree to ensure that this is big enough for your larger cats.


Constructed with sturdy chipboard to support your cat’s weight and playfulness, your cat is bound to go on this cat tree more than ever. It is cover in natural plush fabric to give your cat extreme comfort as they relax on the perches of the tree or inside the cubby. Its scratching posts or covered in natural sisal and jute fiber to aid your cat’s scratching desires. Although I have seen comments that the fabric covering the tree is not as comfortable for the owners. But who’s to say what your cat likes.

AmazonBasics Cat Tree with Platform

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Added Features

As with all the cat trees, this cat habitat is equipped with condos and scratching posts. Not all of these cat trees have a step ladder for their cats to climb on. I know cats can jump very high and just not use the step ladder at all. However, a cat step ladder may still be used by those cats who would love taking steps up some ladders. It is also fitted with some ball toys hanging from one of the perches to stimulate your cat and give them the time of their lives on this cat habitat from AmazonBasics.

What Others Say About AmazonBasics Cat Tree

If you are not sold with the idea of this cat tree, let me show you some of the user comments to assist you in making the right choice for you.

Dova - AmazonBasics Tall Cat Tree Review

Her 13-pound cat took a liking to it right away and she loves the stability for the height. She wants to change the fabric, but like what she said, it’s just preference.

Holly - Amazon Basics Cat Tree Review

Holly’s cat loves to sit on the perches and watch the birds outside her window. Although, she pointed out that a bigger cat might be a little snug in the perches and the cubby.

Matthew - AmazonBasics Extra Large Cat Tree Review

He was skeptical at first but his cat started loving it immediately. His cat started jumping on it and also went hiding in the cubbies straight away.

Alternatives To AmazonBasics’ Extra Large Cat Tree

So how does the featured product compare with the rest of the competition? I have 3 other alternatives for this product and see how great they match up against each other.

Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree

Made from durable and highly compressed wood, this product promises to keep your cat extra comfy with the faux fur covering the whole tree. It is also equipped with multiple scratching posts that are wrapped in sisal rope for the resemblance of trees outside to make them scratch for the satisfaction of their instincts. This cat tree will make your cat active and relaxed at the same time.

VESPER Cat Tree Scratching Post with Condo

This sleek design will fit great in any part of your home. It has two platforms to raise your cat high in the sky. It is fitted with a cat cause cave to give your cat a relaxing getaway. One of the notable features of this cat tree condo is the memory foam that comes with it. It is not the most affordable out of all the cat trees featured but it is the most beautiful and functional.

FEANDREA 67 inches Multi-Level Cat Tree

This cat tree stands tall at 67 inches making it one of the tallest cat trees features on this website. It has multiple levels and perches to give your cat the choice on what level he would like to be perched on. It also has 2 cubbies that your cat can hide in and relax. Scratching posts are covered in sisal ropes for cat claw health. Stable enough to house multiple cats.

Final Thoughts

This cat tree is a great fit for those owners who don’t want the super tall cat trees and finds that an average height would be better. Although after reviewing this product I find that for larger cats, this would not likely work. What I would leave you with is that you have to invest in things like this rather than go for a lower-priced one and buy another after a few months.

To find out what other cat trees might be perfect for your larger cat, click here.

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