Why Do Cats Need A Cat Tree?

February 10, 2020 // 4 minute read

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image of a cat in their cat tree

Cats love high places. They tend to stay at elevated spots for long periods. Out in the wild, they often climb trees and stay near the ends of branches. In the cities, this is nearly impossible to do because domesticated cats live in enclosed spaces. They settle for stairs, shelves, counters, tables, and whatever else they can find. This is a non-ideal solution which often results in falling objects and messy hair everywhere. Instead, why not opt for a cat tree? In this article, we discuss what some of the cat tree benefits you will gain by investing in a cat tree for your cat.

Why Do Cats Need A Cat Tree?

Cater to their instincts by providing a cat tree so your pets can enjoy the following:

Increased Territory

A lot of apartments have small floor areas so there is limited space for cats to play. Being horizontally challenged shouldn’t be too much of a problem as long as you can maximize the vertical space. Expand upwards if you can’t expand sideways. A cat tree gives them increased territory without taking up a lot of floor space. It has several levels and different perch designs. Your cat will have multiple options for sleeping, resting, and grooming. If you have a few cats, then each of them can find their own spot.

image of a cat enjoying his cat tree


A Safe Space

Cats are wired to be highly observant. They have sharp senses to survey their environment and become aware of everything that is going on. They can spot predators from far away so they can hide or run if they need to. They can also find unsuspecting prey that they can pounce on as soon as they get an opportunity. Indoor cats may not have to fear for their lives but they can still use the tree to get away from other cats and other disturbances.

Reduced Anxiety

Some cats are more anxious than others. They run away when they hear a sudden noise. They become agitated when another pet approaches. They may hide under chairs and beds. They find their way to hard to reach corners of the house. It can be difficult searching for them afterward. If there is a cat tree, then they might be able to feel safer despite being out in the open. They can go high up where they can monitor the situation and feel more confident.

cat sleeping on cat condo

Established Order

Having multiple cats in a house can sometimes be chaotic. They can fight each other for dominance and make a ruckus every once in a while. You can avoid commotions by giving them an alternative way of establishing a hierarchy and maintaining order. With a cat tree, the ones with higher status can claim the top spot and signal their authority in a clear manner. Others will inevitably fall in line. Owners can enjoy peace and quiet around the house.

Scratch Posts

Cats have another curious habit: scratching every surface that they can get their paws on. This strengthens their claws and cleans their nails. This can be annoying if it ends up damaging upholstered furniture and other precious objects around the house. It might end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs. Get a cat tree with built-in scratching posts so that your pets can do what they need to do without harming the interiors. It’s a big win for everyone.


Encourage Play

Despite their domestication, cats still have a wild side that is eager to come out. They find it fun to play around while running, jumping, and climbing. However, it’s not so fun for owners to see cats knock over figurines and other displays on shelves. Cat trees make it possible for pets to play to their heart’s content. These items are built to withstand the demands of multiple felines. The artificial trees won’t get damaged easily so owners can let their pets play stress-free.


Given all of their innate behaviors, it is clear just how much cats need a cat tree. It is not a luxury for pets but a necessity that caters to their instincts. A cat tree is immensely beneficial for owners and their furry friends. Therefore, be sure to invest in a cat tree for your feline friend to make them happier and healthier.


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