Best Dog Products

Getting the best dog products for your pets is a must. Here you will find a collection of guides that the Furry Friends Gear team has put created to help you decide which dog products are the best for your needs. If you don’t see a particular category or product reviewed, contact us and make a suggestion! We are are always looking for product ideas to review. 

Dog Equipment Reviews

Petcube Interactive WiFi Pet Camera Review

Petcube Bites Review

Is there anything that makes dog-owners happier than returning from an 8 hour work day (or longer) just to see your dog jumping up and down, frantically wagging its tail, welcoming you and signaling it

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Dog Carriers & Travel Product Reviews

Henkelion Dog Carrier

Best Pet Carriers For Small Dogs

Whether it’s taking your dog to a vet appointment or traveling in an airplane across the country, your dog needs a pet carrier that will provide comfort and protection. Investing in a pet carrier is

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SUPSOO Dog Car Seat Cover

Best Dog Seat Hammock

A dog generally is a better travel companion compared to other pets. You can take them out to play at the dog park, go on a hike, or out to the beach. They can jump

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Dog Measurement Guide

How To Measure Dog For Travel Crate

Before buying a travel crate for your dog, it is critically important that you understand how to measure dog for travel crate correctly to ensure that you buy the correct size crate. This is important

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Petmate Sky Kennel Portable Dog Crate Travel

Best Dog Travel Crates

When we travel by air or by car, we want the best possible comfort during our journey. The worse the comfort of what we’re traveling in, the worse the experience. So why not provide our

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Dog Collars & Leashes Product Reviews

WINSEE Dog Harness

Best Dog Harness To Stop Pulling

Dogs are unlike any other pets because they require occasional strolls and walks, beyond the confines of your backyard. Make your dog walking experience a pleasure by using the best dog harness to stop pulling.

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Dog Apparel Reviews

Fashion Focus On Pet Dog Clothes Knitwear

Best Small Dog Sweaters

Even under a nice coat of fur, your beloved pooch can still shiver when harsh weather conditions strike. It’s always a good idea to be equipped with a stylish and warm sweater for their outside

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Grooming Product Reviews

Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Shampoo

Best Dog Shampoo For Labs

It is no secret that dogs enjoy rolling around in mud, puddles, and dirt. Even if that’s the case, being covered in layers of dirt and sludge isn’t an interest we share with them. So

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Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Oatmeal and Tea Tree Oil

Best Dog Shampoo for Huskies

Dogs are furry animals that need occasional bathing. Some of my friends tell me they only do so when their dog starts to stink or when he or she looks filthy. I beg to disagree.

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Dog Health Care Reviews

Arm & Hammer Super Treadz Gorilla

Best Dog Teeth Cleaning Toys

We all remember our parents telling us how important it is to brush our teeth twice a day when we were kids. It’s become normalized to keep good oral habits nowadays. Yet, not many people

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Dog Toy Product Reviews

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