Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree Review: Is It Worth It?

April 14, 2020 // 9 minute read

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Scratches – cats just love ‘em. I can still remember the shock I got (and hefty repair bill!) when my tiny kitten scratched the leg of my dining chair into oblivion. I searched for solutions and found that cat trees are made for this particular problem.

When it comes to cat trees, the Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree is a popular choice, and I wish I knew about it sooner!

Things to Consider Before Buying a Cat Tree

Cat trees are amazing products for keeping your little fluffball active and engaged.

Cats inherently love to scratch to sharpen their claws, and they will do it elsewhere if you don’t provide them a dedicated scratching area. Cat trees provide a safe scratching space for cats without wreaking havoc to the rest of your furniture.

Cat trees also give them a high point where they can climb to feel safer and observe their territory.

If you place it near a window, cat trees will keep your cat entertained for hours. Many cat trees also have perches or hammocks where your cat can snooze off after playing.

There are a few factors to consider when buying a cat tree:

  • A cat tree will take up space. Be sure you have space or you’re willing to spare some.
  • Choose the right size. If you have a kitten, choose a cat tree that’s big enough to accommodate your kitty once it grows into an adult.
  • You have to like how it looks. Cat trees are technically a piece of furniture, so choose one with a color and style that will go well with your personal taste.
  • Know what your cat likes to do. Some cats love jumping to high places, so it’s best to get them cat trees with heights. If your cat prefers cocooning and lounging around, it’s better to choose an enclosed, tube-like condo where your cat can feel safe.

Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree

Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree

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Go Pet Club has been manufacturing pet furniture in the United States since 2003. Pet owners love them because their pieces of furniture are durable and have enough variety to suit the needs of different pets.

The Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree is made of compressed wood wrapped with faux fur finish known to keep cats warm. It has multiple scratching posts covered with sisal ropes, a hammock, a cave, a basket, a ladder, and four platforms.

It comes in several and can be assembled with included tools and instructions.

Because this Go Pet Club cat tree comes with a perfect mix of scratching posts, height, perches, toys, and even a condo, it has something to offer to cats with different personalities and preferences.

Quick Glance

What's Good

  • Sturdy structure supports the weight of multiple adult cats
  • Has a lot of features for cats to enjoy
  • Compact and fits into small spaces
  • Offers a variety of colors
  • Easy to assemble on your own

What's Bad

  • The hammock and the cave may be too small for some adult cats
  • The fabric tends to shed
  • Loose hooks are unsafe for cats and may cause the structure to be wobbly. They can be remedied by tightening or covering the hooks.

Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree: Features and Benefits

Let’s now dive deeper into the unique features of the Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree so you can decide for yourself if it’s right for you and your feline friends.

Condo for Shy Cats

Go Pet Club Tall Cat Tree

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Shy cats tend to love hiding away in enclosed structures. The roomy condo of this cat tree is perfect in this case. The condo is 12.5” high and has a 10.5” diameter, so it’s big enough to accommodate an adult cat. The condo is also covered in faux fur, making it comfy enough for your cat to take an uninterrupted nap.

Multiple Scratching Posts w/ Sisal Ropes

Because I wanted to save money, the first cat tree I ever bought had cardboard scratching posts. It came apart after about two weeks. Scratching posts covered with sisal ropes tend to be more durable and look less worn than other materials. Most indoor and outdoor cats also love the posts’ rough texture.

Also, if the sisal ropes start to wear out, you can easily replace it with your own ropes that you can buy at the local crafts store. This way, you can use the cat tree for much longer.

Basket, Hammock, Perches, and Ropes

If your cat is a ball of endless energy, the Go Pet Club will keep him entertained for hours. He can fiddle with a cute hanging rope, climb up to the highest perch, and nap in the basket and hammock. The Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree offers enough stimulating features to keep your cat busy and safe for hours.

Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree for Large Cats

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Made of Compressed Wood Covered w/ Faux Fur Finish

Compressed wood is a durable material known to last for years despite constant heavy use. Faux fur is also soft and safe for your pets, although it may sometimes shed and spread throughout the house.

There are a few things you can do to minimize shedding. You can brush it with a dog comb or a scrub brush which will not only remove shed fur but also cat hair.

Compact Size

The Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree measures 38″ W x 27″ L x 62 “H. At first, it might seem too big, but many customers loved how its compact size easily fits into a corner of their living room.

Five Different Colors

You can choose from five lovely colors (black, blue, beige, gray, and brown) so it’s easy to match your existing décor.

Easy to Assemble on Your Own

The package comes with the tools and instructions you need to assemble the cat tree. Although the instructions only come with illustrations without texts, it’s still easy to figure out and follow along.

Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree Review

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The average assembly time is 20-30 minutes if doing it on your own. You may ask a friend to help out to finish faster.

Do note that even though the cat tree is naturally sturdy, it’s common for pet owners to overlook how important it is to keep every nut and bolt secure and tight. Use pliers to tighten hooks and screws to keep the cat tree stable and avoid freak accidents for your cats.

What Other Cat Owners are Saying

I searched for reviews from other users around the web, and a lot of them had positive things to say about the product. Many of them love the fact that the cat tree can accommodate multiple large cats on the heavier side and how their cats enjoy playing and hanging out in the cat tree.

Davinah said that one of her cats spends a lot of time in the basket. It is a little snug but she seems to enjoy being cradled. The hammock and hide-out space on the second level are not useful as they fit small kittens best.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Review From Davinah

Archer like the price of this cat tree for what he got:

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Review

Camille was happy with the assembly instructions stating that the assembly was pretty easy and feels sturdy enough for my 8 lb cat.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree review by Camille on Amazon

Quality Alternatives To The Go Pet Club Cat Tree For Large Cats

You can also consider the following alternatives:

VESPER Cat Tree Scratching Post with Condo

If you prefer non-carpeted cat trees, you might want to consider this cat tree by VESPER. It’s a wooden cat tree with height, rope-covered scratching posts, soft memory foam cushions for comfy catnaps, a cube cave, and two platforms. It provides enough space for cats to play and hang out. Many users love the classy wooden finish of this cat tree that makes it easy to coordinate with our pieces of furniture.

FEANDREA 67 Inches Multi-Level Cat Tree

The FEANDREA 67-Inch Cat Tree is ideal if you have three or more adult cats. It has two roomy condos (as opposed to the Go Pet Club cat tree’s one condo), three perches, and multiple platforms – more than enough space for several kitties. It also has three dangling ropes, a sisal-covered slope, and lots of sisal-covered posts to add more fun for your fur babies.

Furhaven Pet Cat Tree

The Furhaven cat tree is taller than the Go Pet Club 62-Inch cat tree by around 7 inches. It also has more features to play with like a hanging prey mouse toy, a dangling rope, two puffballs, and a cat IQ busy box. If your cat is very playful, this is a great choice.

The Verdict: Is the Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree Worth It?

Contrary to what many people assume, cats need a lot of stimulation to stay physically and mentally active. They also need a safe space where they can retreat and have some privacy. When left on their own, our feline friends’ sharp claws will find their way to our expensive furniture (and burn holes in our pockets!)

The Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree can solve these problems by providing your cats a safe area to play, hang out, climb, and scratch. This cat tree is sturdy and stable, has cozy napping spots, and scratching posts to satisfy their scratching needs.

Click here to check out more options for tall cat trees.

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