How To Get A Cat To Use A Cat Tree

February 21, 2020 // 5 minute read

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cat climbing a cat tree

It is frustrating when you purchase a deluxe item for your feline friends like a cat tree, but they end up ignoring it. They would still instead climb up on your sofa while the climber you just bought gathers dust to the side. Or maybe they seem to like the packaging better than what was actually inside it.
Before you think that your new purchase is a waste of money, there are a few things you can try to coax your cats into using their new cat tree. In this article, we will help you understand your pet better. This way, you can strategize on how to get a cat to use a cat tree.

Reasons Your Cat Needs A Tree

There are several reasons as to why you should buy your car a tree. These are listed below:

Verticals & Horizontals

Unlike humans, cats are not limited to moving through life horizontally. They make use of both vertical and horizontal elements of their surroundings. Having vertical aspects in the environment is more than just a luxury for your cats. They depend on vertical areas for comfort, safety, and enjoyment. Having a cat tree is one of the easiest ways to broaden your cat’s vertical territory in your home.

Help Timid Cats

If you own a fearful cat, a cat tree will help your cat feel safe while out in the open. A cat has the visual advantage when on an elevated perch. This means that your pet will be able to see any oncoming opponent as your cat will see more of the environment. Your cat will feel safer this way as the cat knows that he or she won’t be ambushed from behind.

Harmonious Living

Do you have two, three, or maybe more feline friends at home? If the answer is yes, then purchasing a cat tree is an excellent idea. The relationship between a couple of cats can be tense. With a cat tree around, the higher-ranking cat can perch on the highest level to let other cats know who is in charge. Claiming vertical territory may decrease physical stand-offs and confrontations between your cats. It also allows your cats to be close together without maintaining order.


Five Strategies To Teach Your To Love Her Climber

There are a couple of things you can try to teach your pet to love his or her new climber. Here are five things you can try:

Choose The Location Carefully

Place the cat tree on the part of the house that your cat spends a lot of time in. It should also be easily accessible to your cat. For instance, if your cat sleeps on the living room couch, then it is best that you put the cat tree next to the sofa or at least in the same room. It shouldn’t be placed in a niche as your cat should be able to see what is happening around the room. Better yet, the cat tree should be placed where your cat can see all entrances in the room.

Make It The Center Of Attention

Praise, pet, or give your cat affection whenever he or she is on the cat tree. This is one of the best ways to encourage your pet to use the climber, especially if you have a close relationship. If your cat loves being petted, save the affection for when your cat is perched on the cat tree. Then lessen the attention you give when your cat is on the ground or in other climbing areas.

Move Your Cat’s Toys

Building a positive association with the climber right away will help entice your cat into spending time with it sooner. Situate your cat’s playtime around the climber. Place ropes, feather toys, and other toys that can be used to coax your cat into exploring and climbing the cat tree.

Pique Your Cat’s Interest

Trail treats and catnips from the floor to the cat tree until the top to encourage your cat to climb on the top. You can also try letting your cat eat his or her dinner in the climber. This way, your cat will spend more time in the cat tree and get more comfortable in it quickly.

Make Your Cat Comfortable

Ensure that the cat tree is built sturdily. Wobbly ones make your pets feel unsafe, and they are unlikely to use the structure if this is the case. You should also try and make the cat tree an inviting place for your cat to rest in by putting soft bedding on some parts. This will encourage your cat to settle in and relax in the cat tree.



Cats are natural climbers. If you notice that your indoor cat does not enjoy lying on a cat tree, then there are a few reasons that are preventing your cat from doing so. For instance, your cat might be too stressed. A cat is a curious animal. However, if your pet is too afraid of the cat tree itself or the objects around it, it certainly will not come near it.

A cat tree must be a haven for your furry friend, so make sure that your cat feels secure and comfortable in the structure you bought. Otherwise, it will end up gathering dust in a forgotten corner of your house.

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