How To Train Your Cat To Sleep In Its Own Bed

December 9, 2020 // 6 minute read

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Now that you have your cat bed, It is now time to let them use it. Do not be surprised if at first, your cat will not sleep on it or even attempt to. That’s perfectly normal as cats are very cautious when it comes to things like these.

In this article, we will be talking about how to train your cat to sleep in its own bed and other things you can do to introduce the bed to your furry friend and what to do to train them to use it. This will not always be an easy process and you will be repeating the same process if ever you get a different bed in the future.

These are all simple and basic steps that you can follow if you are having trouble getting your cat to use their new bed. This may or may not work for you and you can also try new things that would work for your cat.

Cat that is trained to sleep in his own cat bed
Why Cats Like Sleeping In Your Bed

Let’s first talk about why your cat loves sleeping in your bed. Some of us like the idea of having the cat in our own bed, while others just don’t like the extra body count on the already small space we have on our bed.

Cats are very independent animals. They spend around 15 hours sleeping during the day. We must not find it strange that they look for different areas and spaces in the house to sleep where they can be comfortable.

Some cats even choose to sleep on furniture especially high dressers and the like because of the height it gives them. We all know that cats love staying in high places perched while resting and watching people. They also like high places when sleeping because they feel more secure in their nature that they will not be hunted by their “predators.”

Cat sleeping in owners bed

In any case that your cat really wants to sleep on your bed, there might be deeper reasons that they want to be there:

  • Your cat feels very safe with you and is looking for protection in your bed.
  • You are essentially part of their pack, so sleeping near you is only natural.
  • Height is another factor in this to be safe from predators.
  • Body heat is a thing and cats will look after yours when you sleep as our body temperature goes down as we sleep.
  • They could also just be missing you if you spend most of your time away from home.

Still, with all these valid reasons, some cat parents still prefer their furry friends to sleep in their own bed for their own reasons.

Introducing The Bed

Let’s now talk about how you are to introduce your newly purchased cat bed to your very curious cat. There are certain things that you want to do before actually training them to use it. Here are some reminders that you want to remember:

A clean bed

Make sure that the bed that you are using is clean. I know it is not a cheap piece of furniture and not everyone can afford to buy a new bed. It’s completely fine if it is a hand me down from other furry friends. Just make sure that it is clean before you use it for your cat.

Toys and Treats

With the use of treats and toys, make the bed a space they can call their own. If they like toys and like playing with toys, you can fill the bed with soft toys to keep them company while they nap or sleep.

Treats are also very effective and can be used as a training tool to get them to get used to it, but more on that later.
Do not use force

Whatever you do, do not force your cat onto the bed. It will only make them not use it more. Do not throw your cat onto the bed and say “sleep” – that is not an effective way to do it. It will take them quite some time to get used to it so let them take that time.

Train Your Cat To Sleep In Its Own Bed

Now It’s time to get to the actual training. Here are some things that you can do to get your furry friend to use their cat bed for sleeping or napping.

Fixed Place

Place the bed in an area of the house where they usually take their naps or sleep aside from your bed of course. This will allow them to see the bed and hopefully be curious enough to try it and end up using it every day.

High Places

We recommend placing the bed in an elevated area such as a shelf or a chair where they can feel secure as they sleep. Make sure that it has sufficient support to avoid any accidents.

Play Time

While your furry friends are awake, the best way to get them to sleep in their bed is to play with them. Tire them out while they are awake so they can sleep better at night and the bed will be an option for them then.

Praise and Positive Reinforcement

This is probably the most important part of the training process. Every time that you see your cat on the bed or even just touch the bed, a treat is always appropriate to let them know that they are doing the right thing. Some praise and some cuddles will also be appreciated.


The most crucial thing to know in learning how to train your cat to sleep in its own bed is that patience is the key. You have to be able to wait for your cat to accept the bed and for them to fully understand that the bed is for them to sleep on.

This will be easy for some cat owners, but the opposite for others. If you find yourself being the latter, it’s completely fine and they will get it eventually. Do not give up right away as you know how cats are temperamental that way and they will come around.

The last tip would be to try using different beds that you think would allow your cat to feel safe, secure, warm. If the price is the issue, a cardboard box with a bunch of blankets will work as well. We all are just trying to provide for our furry friends.

Whatever you do, make sure you keep your cats safe and secure in their own home.

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