How To Wash A Cat Bed, Helpful Tips Every Cat Owner Should Know

December 9, 2020 // 5 minute read

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When choosing a cat bed an inevitable question that comes up is how to wash a cat bed. Washing your cat’s bed is a necessary part of owning a furry feline. This is most important for those who have heavy shedding cats, hairless breeds with oily skin residue, or a cat with health problems.

It is very important to know how to wash a cat bed for your cat’s health. Many cleaning products are actually harmful to your cats. You have to know which ones to use and which ones to avoid.

We will go through the steps on how to properly clean your bed from before you put it in a washer to drying it completely. We will also give you tips on how to wash a cat bed even without a washer.

how to wash a cat bed

Step 1 in How To Wash A Cat Bed: Pre-Cleaning

One of the reasons to clean your cat bed is to eliminate the cat hair and dander from the cat bed. No matter how much you try to groom your cat, there will always be hair on the bed or hair around the house. Here are some steps you could take or some products that you can use to remove the hair before placing them in the washer:

A good shake

Giving the bed a good shake can help remove hair on the bed. You can also hang it up outside to give it a good smack to let hair fall to the ground. Sweep it up and throw it in the trash to clean the surrounding area.

Sticky Lint Remover and Sticky Tape

By using sticky tape or any form of duct tape to remove the hair that sticks to the bed. Clearing out the hair in the bed before placing it in the washer. You don’t want hair to be clogging your pipes. This will hurt you more in the long run.

Vacuum it

A pricier option that works very well and will save you time is a handheld vacuum to remove all the hair. It will make your life easier especially if you have multiple shedding cats and you have a house full of cat dander and hair.

If you have a regular vacuum for the house, you can also use that with the brush or crevice tool that it comes with.

Dryer Before Washing

Placing the bed in the dryer before putting it in the washer can also be helpful. Put the bed in the dryer for 15 mins with low or no heat air-dry setting will fluff up the bed and remove the hair. Make sure the dryer lint catcher is cleaned before you start. Stop the cycle midway and clean the lint trap again then tumble until finished.

How To Wash A Cat Bed

Keeping your bed in shape is very important for the bed to last and for your cat’s health. There are a few steps to keep your cat in tip-top shape by placing it in the washer and dryer. Always make sure that your cat beddings are machine washer safe. Most of them usually are but the mattresses are not the same. Here are some of the things you can do to keep your cat healthy by making sure that your bed is clean:

Remove all dirt and debris

Make sure to remove all the dirt and debris of food waste or vomit from the bed before putting it in the washer to keep your pipes from clogging and making sure that your bed comes out clean.

Separate Washing

Do not mix any of your clothes when washing your cat’s bed so as to not get any of the remaining dirt on the bed. Also, separate the bedding and the mattress before placing it in the washer to make sure that they are clean when they come out of the washer.

Cold Water

Make sure that you use cold water to wash your cat beds for the main cycle. If you have a bed that is heavily soiled, pre-soak the bed before starting the cycle and use a stain remover for the final wash.

Detergent and Softener

Using detergents and fabric softeners that are pet safe. These can help with removing the pet hairs as the softened fabric will lead to the hair being pulled off by water more easily.


Use a low heat setting with your dryer and some dryer balls to collect extra hair that is not removed with washing. If you need to do another cycle, make sure to still use the low heat cycle and remove the hair in the lint trap before you start another one.

No Machine Washing

You can basically wash your bed anywhere where there is running water. May it be in the sink, the tub, or a large bucket. Wash the bed with some detergent and cold water. Soak and wash it with your hands and rinse thoroughly. If your bed is not dryer safe, you can hang it up on a clothesline to let it air dry.

What Products To Use (How To Wash A Cat Bed)

Always use products that are safe for pets. Cats are very sensitive when it comes to scents and smells. Try to avoid the following scents as they might try to avoid their bedding or even make them sick.

  • Citrus
  • Lavender
  • Eucalyptus
  • Mint

Try to also avoid using essential oils when washing their beds because they are toxic to cats. The same goes for products containing ammonia.

Your best bet when how to wash a cat bed is to really use products that are pet-safe and pet friendly. There are many products that can be used for this and you can find them in your local pet stores and groceries. You can even get it online.

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