Best Dog Clippers for Thick Hair

Best Dog Clippers for Thick Hair, 2024 Buyer’s Guide & Our Top 3 Favs

If you have a dog with thick fur, you’ve likely encountered challenges grooming your pet at home. Chow Chows, Newfoundland, Collie, Bernese Mountain Dog, and Old English Sheepdogs are among some of the top breeds with thick, rich fur that’s often left to professional groomers to tackle during a routine

Best Dog Clippers for Shih Tzu

Best Dog Clippers for Shih Tzu, A Detailed 2024 Buying Guide & Top 3 Recommendations

Shih Tzus are wonderful dogs known for their affectionate nature and happy, outgoing personalities. They have a thick, hair-like coat of fur that’s beautiful with regular upkeep and care. While many pet owners try human hair clippers to trim their Shih Tzu’s coat, this often results in uneven layers and

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