PPOGOO Pooper-scooper

PPOGOO Non-Breakable Pet Pooper Scooper Review

Cleaning up dog poop can be messy, and I don’t like the idea of picking up dog waste with a plastic bag covering my hand. Although pooper scoopers are beautiful, I find the one I’m currently using does not work well on pavement. Plus, it breaks easily, so I needed

Dogit Jawz Pooper-scooper

Dogit Jawz Dog Pooper Scooper Review

I love dogs. I love walking them in the morning so that I can get some exercise too. However, I don’t like cleaning up their waste. It’s so much hassle, and it’s a mess. I also don’t like the fact of needing to bend over as it strains my back.

Petmate Pooper-scooper

PetMate Swivel Bin and Rake Pooper Scooper Review

I’m pretty sure you can relate if I say that cleaning up a dog’s poop is not a fun job. It can get pretty messy, especially if you don’t use proper equipment. This is why pooper scooper really comes in handy. However, I’m not content with the current one I’m

Nature's Miracle Pooper-scooper

Nature’s Miracle Non-Stick Advanced Jaw Scoop Review

Picking up dog wastes is undeniably a messy job. And for someone like me who is easily grossed out from picking up with plastic, pooper scoopers are indeed a gift. Unfortunately, even if I happen to clean up my dog’s waste easily, the next problem I face is cleaning up

Bodhi Pooper-scooper

Bodhi Dog Complete Poo Pack Review

I walk my dog every morning. It’s the usual routine, which includes cleaning up dog poop too – this part of the routine is what I dislike. It’s a messy job, even with the current pooper scooper I’m using. Plus, I always find it hard looking for the materials I

Petmate Pooper-scooper

Best Dog Pooper-scooper Product Review

Imagine this: your family members are playing out in your yard and someone yells that they’ve stepped in poop! That’s definitely not an ideal situation for anyone involved. To make sure this horror never happens, you want to make sure you actively scoop up your dog’s business with the best

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