Best Outdoor Cat House Designs

August 20, 2020 // 7 minute read

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Our cats love to rest and take naps at any time of the day. Sometimes, a cardboard box with a soft towel just won’t cut it. They need something better. They deserve something better. Our outdoor cats need the best outdoor cat house designs of their own where they could rest, chill, and even play.

In this article, we will discuss the different cat houses that are available for you and your cat in the market. We will talk about outdoor cat houses that can help protect them from the rain and keep them dry. Cat houses that can keep them warm during colder months and the different and crazy designs that some cat and pet companies think of.

Keeping Your Cats Warm

Being outdoor cats, we can not easily provide them with the heat that we have inside our homes. The best that we can do is get them cat houses that have heating features to keep them as comfortable as they can be when they are inside their cat house.

Here are some examples of types of cat houses that can keep your feline friends warm in the outdoors.

Insulated Outdoor Cat House

An insulated outdoor cat house can help your cat keeps warm during colder seasons, especially winter. Most cat houses are lined with insulation to keep your cat’s body heat trapped inside the house and make it comfortable to stay in.

There are many benefits to having an insulated cat house aside from retaining heat inside the cat house. One of them is that it also keeps them dry inside when it rains. Having an insulated cat house means that there will be no moisture that will seep in the cat house, thus keeping them inside the house because we all know how our cats hate getting wet.

Most cat houses now have built-in insulations when you buy them. However, if ever you choose to do a DIY project of your own, there are some choices that you may need to make. We’ll get to that later on in this article.

Heated Outdoor Cat House

Amazingly, aside from insulation, there are now cat houses that come with heaters and heated beds inside the cat house. These cat houses need to be plugged in for it to work. There are numerous cat houses that have heaters and heated beds. Probably one of my favorites is the K&H Outdoor Multi-Kitty A-Frame Cat House.

Best Outdoor Cat House Designs

This cat house provides you with an option to have the cat house heated or otherwise. What’s great about this cat house is that it comes with a heated cat bed that your cat can enjoy sleeping in when the winter winds arrive.

Weathering The Storm

One of the main concerts for cat owners across the globe is rain. Our cats hate the rain so much that they need to find a place for them to hide from it. Weatherproof means that these houses are resistant to the effects of bad weather, most especially rain.

Weatherproof outdoor cat houses are only one of the many things that can keep your cat safe from the rain. What they do is that they are sure that the rain does not go through the material that makes up the cat house.

This is particularly very important when you live in a city where rain and snow are almost always there. Before you go and get a cat house for your furry friend, make sure that that house can withstand the terrible weather that may come.

Large Outdoor Cat House

Sometimes, one cat is not enough, speaking for myself of course. What choices do we have when we have more than one cat at home?

Large outdoor cat houses for multiple cats are available in pet stores and online stores as well. These houses can accommodate up to four cats. This gives them shelter from the rain and other harsh weather conditions. It can give them enough space to move around, lie down, and rest with all their feline siblings.

If you want something bigger for more than just a couple of cats, you may need to build your own cat house for your herd of cats.

Cat Shelters For Feral Cats

We all know the struggles of strays and feral cats that go about our community without homes. As much as we would like to help them and keep them safe in our own homes, sometimes, it’s just not enough.

Outdoor cat shelters can provide them with the safe space that they need to take a load off and just relax for a bit before going around town again. And, you can still choose the best outdoor cat house designs for feral cats. Much like the outdoor cat house that we have in our yards, we can get an outdoor feral cat house for the cats that need them. These can be a weatherproof outdoor cat shelter for the strays in our community.

In addition to that, these can also be outdoor cat shelters and feeding stations to keep them fed and survive to live in the streets. We must do our part, in our own ways, to help these feral and stray cats.

DIY Cat Houses

If you need more than just a cardboard box at home, you may need to build your own cat house for your cats in your home or around the community. There are many DIY cat houses that you can get inspiration from. If you think that this is gonna be hard, that’s not true. Here are some steps that you might want to take to build your own outdoor cat shelter.

Find the perfect spot

You need to find the best spot in your yard to give your cats the best experience with this cat house. Place it where they can easily access the cat house when they need to. Also, give them enough space to move around the vicinity of the cat house.

Pick  a design

Go ahead and scour the internet for the best outdoor cat house designs inspirations that you can do for your outdoor cat house. Think about what your cat likes doing and consider the weather in your area. Consider if you need a cat house that’s heated, insulated, or weatherproof. Do you need a lounging deck? A set of stairs? How can you make it comfortable for your cat to stay in?

Gather materials

Gathering the materials need is not that difficult. You can have a normal wooden cat house outdoor or build your own insulated and weatherproof outdoor cat house. You may need materials like cedarwood, styrofoam, and some waterproof paint to pull this off. But believe me, it is worth it once you see them enjoying their cat house in any weather.

Get to building

Once you have all the materials you need, you can now start building your own outdoor cat house for your furry friends! Watch how they will enjoy the new cat house that you yourself built.

Our Final Thoughts

Regardless of the best outdoor cat house designs you choose, make sure that you pick what’s best for your furry friend. Choose whether you want outdoor insulated pert houses, heated ones, or stylishly designed cat houses. Outdoor cat houses are just one of the best outdoor cat enclosures that money can buy or build.

If you are ready to choose what cat house you want, click here to check our Best Outdoor Cat House article to pick from a shortlist of what we think is best.

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