How Do I Know What Size Boots To Get My Dog?

Dog Paw Sizing Guide
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Ok, if you are like me, you’ve decided to get dog boots for your pet but you’re not sure how to select the proper size. I found myself in this predicament, asking “what size do I get?” and “How do I measure my dog’s paws?” In this article, I will talk about the best ways to get your dog’s paw measurements and what size bootie should order for your furry friend.

Canine Equipment Ultimate Trail Dog Booties

Why should I consider dog booties for my pooch?

Dog boots are great for protecting your dog’s paws against the elements. They are great for protection in the winter against snow and ice. They are also superb for summertime as they protect your dog’s paws from blistering hot pavement and concrete. I find them helpful for the hikes that I take my dog on. We tend to hike in rocky areas and they are great to eliminate the possibility of small rocks getting caught between her toes, especially as she is an older dog.

Be sure to check out our review of the best dog booties when you are ready to buy a set for your pup.

Why is it important to measure?

One of the things to consider is the bog bootie size that you need to order. If you get the wrong size for your dog, this will feel very uncomfortable and they just might take these off themselves. When you do get the right size though, these boots will allow your dog to feel comfortable in climates or conditions that may otherwise be problematic.

Measuring your dog’s paws is not easy. I know that some dogs do not like their paws being touched or handled. However, getting the right measurement is vital to have the right size boots for your dog to wear. Here are some of the benefits of getting the right dog shoe size.


Boots can work really well if in the right size. They can protect your dog and provide some support for your dog as they walk. If the boots are too big, the boots might twist and your dog might trip and fall causing some injuries that we do not want happening.

Missing a Boot

Often times, pet owners complain about the boots falling off their dog’s paws. Getting the correct measurement and ordering the right size boots are key to not having that happen.

Walking Funny

Do you know those dogs that walk funny with boots on? Yes, that can one day be your dog walking the same way because of the boots that you ordered. Getting the correct size may prevent that from happening. The more comfortable they are, the better they’d walk.

Ways To Measure Your Dog

There are more than a couple of ways to get your dog’s feet size. You can do what is more comfortable for you. These are just some tips to consider for getting the best measurements. I personally use the tape measure approach on my own dog. I fee that this is the best way to get an accurate measurement.

Tape Measure

One tool that you can use is a cloth tape measure. Note – DO NOT attempt to use a metal tape measure (the kind you find in a construction toolbox). While these tape measures are somewhat flexible, they have very sharp edges that can cut your dog’s paw.

measuring dog paw circumference

I find that this is the most accurate way to do this. Not only can I get the width of my dog’s paw, but I can also get the circumference. This is important for bootie manufacturers that size their dog boots in this manner.

Also, you can measure from the tips of their paws to a point up the leg, past their ankle. This is important if you are shopping for dog booties that are taller (higher up the leg). Pet owners with dogs in cold climates with lots of snow may need to do this.

Check out the video below for good instructions on using this method:


Another way to measure your dog’s paws is by tracing it on a sheet of paper. The way you do it is that you place a sheet of blank paper on the floor and you make your dog step on it. Once the paw that you are measuring is on the paper, start tracing your dog’s paw including the toenails. Do it for every paw and measure your traced paw to get the right size. The downside to relying on this method is that you do not get a circumference measurement. That may not be a big deal if the bootie you are considering doesn’t factor that into their sizing charts.

Wet the Paw

An alternative to the tracing method is the “wet paw” method. Here, you will once again need a piece of paper. Wet your dog’s paw and stamp the paw onto the piece of paper. That will leave an imprint on the piece of paper for you to measure.

Not all of these will work for every dog. We are merely suggesting ways on how you can measure your dog’s paws. Do what is best for you and your dog.

Dog Boots Size Chart

Once you get the measurements you need, you now need to compare these measurements to the chart of the brand that you’re buying from. Usually, when you try to order dog boots, the manufacturers will have a chart that you can compare the measurements to and match it up to what size boots you should get for your dog.

Dog Paw Sizing Guide

For your convenience, we have made a generic dog paw size chart for you to compare your measurements. I must warn you that these measurements may not be the same as the brand that you are buying from but to be sure, check both charts to get the perfect size

We have also made a chart showing what breed of dogs classifies into what size. It doesn’t mean that you don’t need to measure your dog’s paws anymore, it is only a guide that may assist you in getting the correct size for your furry buddy.

Our Final Thoughts

Measuring your dog’s paws will not take very long. Take the time to do this step before buying dog boots. Safety is the number one priority that we have as pet owners. Getting these boot will keep them safe from harm. To read more about what best dog boots to buy to protect your dog, click here.

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